Breaking Through: Transforming Urban School Districts / Edition 1

Breaking Through: Transforming Urban School Districts / Edition 1

by John Simmons

ISBN-10: 0807746576

ISBN-13: 9780807746578

Pub. Date: 12/22/2005

Publisher: Teachers College Press

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Teachers College Press
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New Edition
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6.12(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.66(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction : the challenge of changing a complex system1
1School reform in Chicago, 1988-200511
2Drawing the new map : the three organizing principles24
3Focus here : four necessary strategies33
4In the driver's seat : lessons from big-city superintendents55
5Create more effective leaders at every level67
6Transform the structure and culture of the system91
7Improve the quality of instruction148
8Build effective support with parents and funding186
9When "best practice" is not enough : three studies209
10The high-performance paradigm shift215
11The Z process for leading change : how you do it is even more important than what you do224
12Don't let this book sit on a shelf : a call to action236

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