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Breathing Room: Open Your Heart by Decluttering Your Home

Breathing Room: Open Your Heart by Decluttering Your Home

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by Lauren Rosenfeld, Melva Green

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Cleaning out your cupboards isn’t just about a tidier kitchen. Find peace, repair your past, and live a more fulfilled life with this uplifting guide to the spiritual practice of decluttering.

Bless your clutter. Yes, you heard right: Bless it. Bless everything in your life that is superfluous, broken, burdensome, and overwhelming—because it is


Cleaning out your cupboards isn’t just about a tidier kitchen. Find peace, repair your past, and live a more fulfilled life with this uplifting guide to the spiritual practice of decluttering.

Bless your clutter. Yes, you heard right: Bless it. Bless everything in your life that is superfluous, broken, burdensome, and overwhelming—because it is all here to teach you an important lesson, perhaps the most important lesson there is: what really matters.

Everyone’s lives could use some serious decluttering. But decluttering isn’t just about sorting junk into piles and tossing things in the trash. Decluttering can inform us of our burdens, help us to understand our attachments, and aid us in identifying what is truly valuable in our lives.

Written by a medical doctor and a spiritual intuitive, with case studies of people just like you, Breathing Room takes you on an enlightening room-by-room tour where each room in your home corresponds to a “room” in your heart, and where declutter­ing will not just make space but improve the spirit.

So, if it’s weighing you down, if it’s become an obstacle, if it’s making it near impossible for you to find the things you really love—it’s time for you to let it go and find a little breathing room.

Editorial Reviews

author of The Invitation - Oriah Mountain Dreamer
"Who knew that clearing your physical space of unnecessary clutter could be a path of self-reflection and deep learning? Well Lauren Rosenfeld & Dr. Melva Green—that's who! In Breathing Room these two wise women guide us in how to learn from the spaces where we live and create rooms that reflect a nourished and nourishing heart. With compassion and humor they help us find a way to let the beauty we are shine through the inevitable messiness of being human."
author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind, and Inner Peace for Busy People - Joan Borysenko
"With clarity, compassion, and humor, Lauren Rosenfeld and Dr. Melva Green help us see the deep connection between living space and heart space—guiding us toward freedom and ease within both. With both spiritual lessons and easy to do exercises, this book is a perfect blend of theory and practice. Readers of Breathing Room will soon find themselves rejoicing in the wide open spaces of both home and heart."
author of The Woman's Comfort Book and The Life Organizer - Jennifer Louden
"This book is genius. If you shut down when faced with your clutter, if clutter is stopping you from living the beautiful life that is your birthright, read this book! It has what you need to change your relationship to clutter forever!
creator and executive producer of A&E's series Hoarders - Matt Chan
"Breathing Room is a fascinating blend of the spiritual, practical and personal stories about how we can all declutter our lives. The book provides a clear guide to accomplish the inner work you need to do not only to declutter your physical world, but also to accomplish this in mind and spirit."
author of Life is a Verb - Patti Digh
"[Breathing Room] has helped me deeply understand that clearing space is not just about the 'stuff' in my house, but, more importantly, the 'stuff' in my heart."
author of Mind Body Home - Tisha Morris
"Breathing Room puts the Om into your home and the grease into your elbows! This is where the spirituality of clutter meets practicality with a big dose of compassion. Well done!"
author of The Joy of Less and A Minimalist Living Guide - Francine Jay
"A compassionate guide to clearing out your clutter, and inviting space, light, and peace into your home and heart."
Dorothy The Organizer
"Melva Green in soft, super creative and direct. If anyone can provide the necessary 'breathing room' in our space or in our life it's her! This book is just fantastic!"

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Meet the Author

Dr. Melva Green is a board-certified psychiatrist, TV personality, and spiritual healer. She is an expert doctor on the popular and critically acclaimed A&E show Hoarders. Dr. Green travels nationally and internationally assisting spiritually awakening souls who have committed to detoxing and decluttering—mentally, emotionally, and spiritually—so that they might live their best lives and awaken into their full potential. She lives in northern California with her son.

Lauren Rosenfeld, M.A., M.Ed., believes that the mundane details of our life are the stepping stones on our intimate path of the spirit. She is a professional Soul Declutterer who helps her clients let go of physical and emotional clutter that are preventing them their Breathing Room. She coauthored Your To Be List and blogs at LGRosenfeld.com, where she shares lessons on how our daily lives shine with spiritual lessons. She is an unapologetic hippie-peacenick-pluralist-dreamer who resides in Asheville, North Carolina, with her husband and four children.

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Breathing Room: Open Your Heart by Decluttering Your Home 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
quaintinns More than 1 year ago
This was my first book by Melva Green or Lauren Rosenfeld – what a dynamic duo! I loved Breathing Room: Open Your Heart by De-cluttering Your Home, from the first page, and prior to finishing the first chapter found myself bookmarking each page, as so inspiring! (loved reading their background). Two wise and passionate women, guide readers with clarity-- how to learn from spaces where we live, and create rooms that reflect peace and nourishment. They offer sensitivity and humor as each demonstrate the connection between living and heart space. There are fabulous spiritual exercises throughout the book, with valuable information and stories, as you create a more healthy and balanced life of self-reflection and learning. For me, it was not about the stuff in my house; however, more importantly my heart, mind, and spirit offering a clear guide for your inner self, not just your physical world. Sometimes it is hard for me to be still long enough to meditate, and this engaging book was so Zen, to help me on my journey. Step One: Stop and Listen; Step Two: Intend, Step Three: Clear the Energy. Final section covers Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life (how to stay in in this attitude). The spiritual method is called SLICE an anagram for Stop and Listen. Intend. Clear the Energy. A holistic approach to de-cluttering. You have to de-clutter both your home and heart as they work hand in hand together. Breathing Room was so much more for me than about de-cluttering the home, since this has been achieved. However, this book is about uncluttering your mind spiritually and emotionally (as failed to do this step). With social media, technology at our finger tips 24/7, and tons of websites to update daily, demands, feeling overwhelmed, and stress - this is another example of clutter within in our minds. We need to disconnect totally at times. Love this quote from the book: “The heart is often a forgotten sacred space. The heart is meant to be touched by joy, laughter, happiness and innocence. Instead it often carries suffocating burdens, anxiety, fear, and worry.” We live in a world of stress, burnout and breakdown. This book was SO for me in this regards. As a Type A, high achiever, and perfectionist, it is hard to stop working and achieve balance with personal life. Breathing Room was so helpful, as a guide to train you to take care of yourself and learn to say, NO to things which take away your time and energy and what is best for you. Keep a journal – of those emotional blockages --it works! This is not just a, “read once”, kind of book. Breathing Room is a continued resource guide with a wealth of critical and healthy information, as you find your own breathing room. I am also a vegan, which I find a very healthy choice for myself and my lifestyle. It is a way of life and with the help of these two fine authors and this brilliantly written book, I can now start de-cluttering my mind and attitude for life, in order to open up new and endless possibilities. I highly recommend for any woman or man of any age. A special thank you to Atria Books/Beyond Words and NetGalley, for a complimentary ARC, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
BLUEFISH99 More than 1 year ago
Brilliant book about de- cluttering your home, your life and your work and how each room corresponds within your heart.it shows you how to improve your life with exercise, guidance and by de cluttering  your mental and physical world making space for you and your family