Brida (Portuguese Edition) [NOOK Book]


A surpreendente história de Brida O’Fern, uma das mais jovens mestras da Tradição das Feiticeiras. Uma grande história de vida contada com sensibilidade e alegria, onde a magia fala todas as línguas do coração do homem.

Um texto anônimo diz que cada um de nós, em sua existência, pode ter duas atitudes: construir ou plantar. Os construtores podem demorar anos em suas tarefas, mas um dia terminam e acabam por ficar limitados às suas próprias ...
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Brida (Portuguese Edition)

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A surpreendente história de Brida O’Fern, uma das mais jovens mestras da Tradição das Feiticeiras. Uma grande história de vida contada com sensibilidade e alegria, onde a magia fala todas as línguas do coração do homem.

Um texto anônimo diz que cada um de nós, em sua existência, pode ter duas atitudes: construir ou plantar. Os construtores podem demorar anos em suas tarefas, mas um dia terminam e acabam por ficar limitados às suas próprias paredes. A vida perde sentido quando a construção acaba. Os que plantam podem sofrer tempestades e poucas vezes descansam. Mas o jardim jamais cessa de crescer e, ainda que exija a atenção do jardineiro, também permite que a vida seja uma grande aventura. Na história de cada planta está o crescimento de toda a terra.
Paulo Coelho

Um livro sobre a liberdade
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Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly

Coelho's brilliant tale of young Brida, an Irish girl who wishes to become a witch, is a compelling and vivid fantasy epic. Sadly, narrator Linda Emond's uninspired and monotonous reading is a disservice to this fantastic tale. Though the story is set in Ireland during the mid-'80s, Emond makes no attempt at a regional dialect or even the slightest shift in tone for any of the characters. Her narrative voice is dull and uninspired, read with a soft whisper that will surely put most listeners to sleep before it ignites their imaginations. The story would be much better served with a narrator more willing to put their performance skills to the test and dive into the story. A Harper hardcover (Reviews, Apr. 28). (July)

Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
Library Journal

Masterful spiritual storyteller Coelho published Brida in 1990, two years following the publication of one of his most popular works, The Alchemist. Here translated into English, Brida follows the mystical experiences of a young Irishwoman named Brida O'Fern as she enters the world of witchcraft. Traveling from Dublin to the wild woods, Brida searches for her first teacher, the Magus, a man who recognizes her as his soul mate. The Magus starts her on her spiritual path through a test of faith before passing her to another teacher, Wicca, who helps further develop her mystical skills. As Brida grapples with lessons challenging her to remember her past lives and find her true path, she must also deal with her current lover and her growing attraction for the Magus from the woods. Blending the beliefs of pagan and Christian religions, Coehlo pulls through the common threads of love, faith, and the journey of the soul. Devotees of his works will spark demand for this interesting novel. Recommended for popular fiction collections.
—Joy St. John

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Product Details

  • BN ID: 2940000227114
  • Publisher: Sant Jordi Asociados
  • Publication date: 6/18/2012
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Sold by: Sant Jordi Asociados Agencia
  • Format: eBook
  • Sales rank: 772,126
  • File size: 375 KB

Meet the Author

Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho is one of the most widely read authors in the world. His books have sold more than 100 million copies worldwide, have been translated into 68 languages, and have been published in 150 countries. He was named a United Nations Messenger of Peace in 2007.

See Paulo's favourite places around the world

Paulo Coelho nació en Brasil en 1947 y es uno de los autores con más influencia de hoy día. Conocido mundialmente por el bestseller internacional El Alquimista, ha vendido más de 100 millones de libros en todo el mundo que han sido traducidos a 68 idiomas y publicados en 150 países. Asimismo, ha recibido destacados premios y menciones internacionales como el Planetary Arts Award, el Cristal Award concedido por el Foro Económico Mundial, la prestigiosa distinción de Chevalier de l'Ordre National de la Légion D'Honneur del gobierno francés y el Bambi 2001 Award de Alemania. En el 2002 se convirtió en miembro de la prestigiosa Academia Brasilera de Letras. A su vez, Paulo Coelho escribe una columna semanal que se publica en los periódicos más importantes de todo el mundo.

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    1. Hometown:
      Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    1. Date of Birth:
      August 24, 1947
    2. Place of Birth:
      Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    1. Education:
      Left law school in second year
    2. Website:

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Chapter One

"I want to learn about magic," said the girl. The Magus looked at her. Faded jeans, T-shirt, the challenging look adopted by all shy people precisely when it's least needed. "I must be twice her age," he thought. And despite this, he knew that he had met his Soul Mate.

"My name's Brida," she went on. "Forgive me for not introducing myself. I've waited a long time for this moment and I'm more nervous than I thought I would be."

"Why do you want to learn about magic?" he asked.

"So that I can find answers to some of the questions I have regarding life, so that I can learn about the occult powers, and, possibly, how to travel back into the past and forward into the future."

It wasn't the first time someone had come to the forest to ask him this. There was a time when he'd been a Teacher who was known and respected by the Tradition. He'd taken on several pupils and believed that the world would change if he could change those around him. But he had made a mistake. And Teachers of the Tradition cannot make mistakes.

"Don't you think you're rather young?"

"I'm twenty-one," said Brida. "If I wanted to start learning ballet, I'd be considered too old."

The Magus made a sign for her to follow him. They set off together through the forest, in silence. "She's pretty," he was thinking as the shadows cast by the trees rapidly lengthened and shifted as the sun sank lower on the horizon. "But I'm twice her age." This, he knew, meant that he might well suffer.

Brida felt irritated by the silence of the man walking beside her; he hadn't even deigned to respond to her last remark. The forest floor was wet and covered in fallen leaves; she, too, noticed the shadows changing and the rapid approach of night. It would be dark soon and they didn't have a flashlight with them.

"I have to trust him," she told herself. "If I believe that he can teach me magic, then I also have to believe that he can guide me through the forest."

They continued walking. He appeared to be wandering aimlessly, from one side to the other, changing direction even when there was no obstacle in his path. More than once they walked in a circle, passing the same place three or four times.

"Perhaps he's testing me." She was determined to see this experience through to the end and tried telling herself that everything that was happening...including those circular walks...was perfectly normal.

She had come a very long way and had hoped for more from this encounter. Dublin was over ninety miles away, and the buses to the village were uncomfortable and left at absurd times. She'd had to get up early, travel for three hours, ask the people in the village where she might find him, and explain what she wanted with such a strange man. Finally, someone had told her in which part of the forest he could usually be found during the day, but not without first warning her that he'd already tried to seduce one of the village girls.

"He's an interesting man," she thought to herself. They were climbing now, and she found herself hoping that the sun would linger a little longer in the sky. She was afraid she might slip on the damp leaves.

"Why do you really want to learn about magic?"

Brida was pleased that the silence had been broken. She gave him the same answer she had given before.

But he wasn't satisfied.

"Perhaps you want to learn about magic because it's mysterious and secret, because it provides answers that few human beings ever manage to find in a whole lifetime, or perhaps because it evokes a romantic past."

Brida said nothing. She didn't know what to say. Afraid to give an answer the Magus might not like, she rather wished he would lapse back into his earlier silence.

At last they came to the top of a hill, having crossed the entire forest. The ground there was rocky and bare of vegetation, but at least it was less slippery, and Brida could follow the Magus without difficulty.

He sat down on the highest point and asked Brida to do the same.

"Other people have been here before," said the Magus. "They, too, came to ask me to teach them about magic, but I've taught everything I needed to teach. I've given back to humanity what it gave to me. Now I want to be alone, to climb mountains, tend plants, and commune with God."

"That's not true," replied the girl.

"What isn't true?" he asked, surprised.

"You might want to commune with God, but it isn't true that you want to be alone."

Brida regretted having spoken. She had spoken on an impulse, and now it was too late to correct her mistake. Perhaps there were people who wanted to be alone. Perhaps women needed men more than men needed women.

The Magus, however, showed no sign of irritation when he spoke again.

"I'm going to ask you a question," he said, "and you must be absolutely honest in your answer. If you tell me the truth, I'll teach you what you ask. If you lie, you must never again return to this forest."

Brida gave a sigh of relief. He was going to ask her a question. She simply had to tell the truth, that was all. She had always assumed that a Teacher would demand really difficult things of someone before taking them on as a pupil.

"Let's suppose that I do start teaching you what I've learned," he said, his eyes fixed on hers. "Let's suppose that I start to show you the parallel universes that surround us, the angels, the wisdom of nature, the mysteries of the Tradition of the Sun and the Tradition of the Moon. Then one day, you go into town to buy some food, and in the middle of the street, you meet the love of your life."

Brida. Copyright © by Paulo Coelho. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.
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First Chapter

Brida SPA

Capítulo Uno

—Quiero aprender magia—dijo la chica.

El Mago la miró. Jeans descoloridos, camiseta, y el aire de desafío que toda persona tímida acostumbra a usar cuando no debía. «Debo tener el doble de su edad», pensó. Y, a pesar de esto, sabía que estaba delante de su Otra Parte.

—Mi nombre es Brida—continuó ella—. Disculpe por no haberme presentado. Esperé mucho este momento, y estoy más ansiosa de lo que pensaba.

—¿Para qué quieres aprender magia?—preguntó él.

—Para responder algunas preguntas de mi vida. Para conocer los poderes ocultos. Y, tal vez, para viajar al pasado y al futuro.

No era la primera vez que alguien iba hasta el bosque para pedirle esto. Hubo una época en que había sido un Maestro muy conocido y respetado por la Tradición. Había aceptado varios discípulos, y creído que el mundo cambiaría en la medida en que él pudiese cambiar a aquellos que le rodeaban. Pero había cometido un error. Y los Maestros de la Tradición no pueden cometer errores.

—¿No crees que eres muy joven?

—Tengo veintiún años—dijo Brida—. Si quisiera aprender ballet ahora, ya me encontrarían demasiado vieja.

El Mago le hizo una seña para que lo acompañase. Los dos comenzaron a caminar juntos por el bosque, en silencio. «Es bonita—pensaba él, mientras las sombras de los árboles iban mudando rápidamente de posiciónporque el sol ya estaba cerca del horizonte—. Pero le doblo la edad.» Esto significaba que posiblemente iba a sufrir.

Brida estaba irritada por el silencio del hombre que caminaba a su lado; su última frase ni siquiera había merecido un comentario por parte de él. El suelo del bosque estaba húmedo, cubierto de hojas secas; ella también reparó en las sombras cambiantes y la noche cayendo rápidamente. Dentro de poco oscurecería, y ellos no llevaban ninguna linterna.

«Tengo que confiar en él—se alentaba a sí misma—. Si creo que él me puede enseñar magia, también he de creer que me puede guiar por un bosque.»

Continuaron caminando. Él parecía andar sin rumbo, de un lado para otro, cambiando de dirección sin que ningún obstáculo estuviese interrumpiendo su camino. Más de una vez anduvieron en círculos, pasando tres o cuatro veces por el mismo lugar.

«Quién sabe si me está probando.» Estaba resuelta a ir hasta el fin con aquella experiencia y procuraba demostrar que todo lo que estaba ocurriendo—inclusive las caminatas en círculo—eran cosas perfectamente normales.

Había venido desde muy lejos, y había esperado mucho aquel encuentro. Dublín quedaba a casi 150 kilómetros de distancia, y los autobuses hasta aquella aldea eran incómodos y salían en horarios absurdos. Tuvo que levantarse temprano, viajar tres horas, preguntar por él en la pequeña ciudad, explicar lo que deseaba con un hombre tan extraño. Finalmente le indicaron la zona del bosque donde él acostumbraba estar durante el día, pero no sin antes alguien prevenirla de que él ya había intentado seducir a una de las mozas de la aldea.

«Es un hombre interesante», pensó para sí. El camino ahora era una subida y ella comenzó a desear que el sol se demorase aún un poco más en el cielo. Tenía miedo de resbalar en las hojas húmedas que estaban en el suelo.

—¿Por qué quieres aprender magia?

Brida se alegró de que el silencio se rompiera. Repitió la misma respuesta de antes.

Pero a él no le satisfizo.

—Quizá quieras aprender magia porque es misteriosa y oculta. Porque tiene respuestas que pocos seres humanos consiguen encontrar en toda su vida. Pero, sobre todo, porque evoca un pasado romántico.

Brida no dijo nada. No sabía qué decir. Se quedó deseando que él volviese a su silencio habitual porque tenía miedo de dar una respuesta que no gustase al Mago.

Llegaron finalmente a lo alto de un monte, después de atravesar el bosque entero. El terreno allí tornábase rocoso y desprovisto de cualquier vegetación; pero era menos resbaladizo, y Brida acompañó al Mago sin ninguna dificultad.

Él se sentó en la parte más alta, y pidió a Brida que hiciese lo mismo.

—Otras personas ya estuvieron aquí antes—dijo el Mago—. Vinieron a pedirme que les enseñase magia. Pero yo ya enseñé todo lo que necesitaba enseñar, ya devolví a la Humanidad lo que ella me dio. Hoy quiero quedarme solo, subir a las montañas, cuidar las plantas y comulgar con Dios.

—No es verdad—respondió la chica.

—¿Qué no es verdad?—Él estaba sorprendido.

—Quizá quiera comulgar con Dios. Pero no es verdad que quiera quedarse solo.

Brida se arrepintió. Dijo todo aquello impulsivamente y ahora era demasiado tarde para remediar su error. Tal vez existiesen personas a quienes les gustase quedarse solas. Tal vez las mujeres necesitasen más a los hombres que los hombres a las mujeres.

El Mago, no obstante, no parecía irritado cuando volvió a hablar.

—Voy a hacerte una pregunta—dijo—. Tienes que ser absolutamente sincera en tu respuesta. Si me dices la verdad, te enseñaré lo que me pides. Si mientes, nunca más debes volver a este bosque.

Brida respiró aliviada. Era tan sólo una pregunta. No precisaba mentir, eso era todo. Siempre consideró que los Maestros, para aceptar a sus discípulos, exigían cosas más difíciles.

Se sentó enfrente de ella. Sus ojos estaban brillantes.

—Supongamos que yo empiece a enseñarte lo que aprendí—dijo, con los ojos fijos en los de ella—. Comience a mostrarte los universos paralelos que nos rodean, los ángeles, la sabiduría de la Naturaleza, los misterios de la Tradición del Sol y de la Tradición de la Luna. Y cierto día, vas hasta la ciudad para comprar algunos alimentos y encuentras en mitad de la calle al hombre de tu vida.

«No sabría reconocerlo», pensó ella. Pero resolvió quedarse callada; la pregunta parecía más difícil de lo que había imaginado.

—Él percibe lo mismo y consigue acercarse a ti. Os enamoráis. Tú continúas tus estudios conmigo, yo te muestro la sabiduría del Cosmos durante el día, él te muestra la sabiduría del Amor durante la noche. Pero llega un determinado momento en que ambas cosas ya no pueden seguir andando juntas. Necesitas escoger.

Brida SPA
. Copyright © by Paulo Coelho. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.
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