The Bride Wore Blue Jeans

The Bride Wore Blue Jeans

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by Marie Ferrarella

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Between raising his three siblings and running a successful business, Kevin Quintano's hectic life left no room for love. But when his sister announced her upcoming wedding, Kevin headed to Hades, Alaska, to ensure she made it down the aisle. Of course, Kevin didn't count on getting bitten by the love bug--or his own dreamy thoughts of marriage!

Even in blue

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Between raising his three siblings and running a successful business, Kevin Quintano's hectic life left no room for love. But when his sister announced her upcoming wedding, Kevin headed to Hades, Alaska, to ensure she made it down the aisle. Of course, Kevin didn't count on getting bitten by the love bug--or his own dreamy thoughts of marriage!

Even in blue jeans, June Yearling was irresistible but had refused every bachelor in town. After a tumultuous past, she swore she'd never surrender her heart. Still, that didn't stop her and Kevin from stealing passionate kisses whenever they could...and it didn't stop his fantasies about leading her to the altar.

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The Bride Wore Blue Jeans

By Marie Ferrarella

Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd.

Copyright © 2003

Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd.
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0-373-24565-3

Chapter One

He missed them.

Kevin Quintano carefully placed the framed eight-by-ten photograph he'd been looking at for the past ten minutes back
on his coffee table and sighed. He could almost hear the laughter in that photograph, taken at Jimmy's graduation from
medical school. It was of the four of them. Alison, Lily, Jimmy and him.

He truly missed them.

Missed the sound of their voices, missed the good-natured bickering between his younger siblings that he'd once thought
would send him up a wall. Missed life the way it used to be.

There were times when the silence became overwhelming. To get away from it, he'd turned on a radio or a television set
in every room of the house, just to hear people talking, just to see images.

But the silence wasn't the worst of it. The loneliness was.

You'd think now, at thirty-seven, with no debts and more money than he knew what to do with, for the very first time in
his life he'd kick back and enjoy himself.

"Damn, Kevin, you can live the high life now," Nathan had said enviously at his recent farewell party. The big,
strapping black man and the other cab drivers who used to work for him had come together and thrown a party just for

Trouble was, Kevin mused, moving into the kitchen to prepare a lunch he had no desire to eat, he had neither wanted the
high life, nor known what to do with it should he ever wind up stumbling across it.

What he wanted was the busy life. The life that barely gave him enough time to draw two breaths together in succession.

Kevin stared into the refrigerator. It was nearly empty. He'd forgotten to go grocery shopping. Again. Lily used to
take care of that for him because he was always too busy to do it himself.

Too busy.

That's the way it had been ever since he'd turned seventeen and, through some creative doctoring of his birth
certificate, had gotten himself placed in charge of his orphaned brother and sisters. Overnight he'd become both mother
and father to three kids without the comforting benefit of having a spouse or ever having procreated.

And now, he thought, he was experiencing the empty-nest syndrome under the same set of circumstances.

Big time.

That was probably why, in a moment of weakness - because Nathan and Joe had talked him into thinking that perhaps a
huge change might shake him out of his doldrums - he'd sold his taxicab service. The very same service that had seen
his fledgling family through the hard times. The same service that had allowed him to put food on the table and take
out a loan so that Jimmy could go to medical school and graduate as something more than a pauper with an incredible
debt to repay.

It was Kevin who had shouldered the debt. And he who'd been so damn proud of his brother at graduation.

In its time, the taxicab service had also allowed him to put Alison, the baby of the family, through nursing school and
to set Lily up in her very first restaurant when they'd all decided that she had an incredible gift for creating meals
but no capacity for taking orders.

And where had all that loan-incurring finally gotten him?

Alone, that's where.

Alone while the rest of them, the three people who mattered most in his life, had gone off, one by one, to live in
Alaska, in some godforsaken place aptly labeled Hades.


Wandering back into the living room, Kevin dropped down into the sofa and stared blankly at a woman trying vainly to
escape a horde of rampaging twelve-foot spiders. Midday programs were hellish, too.

That was where he felt he was right now. In hell. And he'd discovered something these past few weeks. It wasn't fire
and brimstone that created a hell, it was bare-bones loneliness. Loneliness comprised of slick, glasslike walls that
sent him sliding back to the ground no matter how quickly he tried to scale them.

He knew he should be proud of his siblings and the selflessness they'd exhibited to varying degrees. Alison had gone
first, because Hades needed a nurse and she needed to get certified as a nurse-practitioner by putting time in a place
like that.

Only problem was, she'd put in her heart as well and so had remained.

When Jimmy had gone to visit her, he'd lost his heart as well. Not to the region, but to April Yearling, the
granddaughter of Hades's postmistress. Hades and the surrounding region badly needed another doctor and Jimmy had found
his true calling.

Lily's broken engagement had brought her to the same place to recover, Alaska being the only place that could withstand
the heat of her anger without frying to a crisp. Intending to stay only two weeks, Lily found solace for her wounded
pride and chipped heart with Hades sheriff, Max Yearling, who just happened to be April's brother.

It was as if the Fates were conspiring to bring his family to a place that spent six months of
every year in a deep freeze, cut off from civilization except by air travel.


Excerpted from The Bride Wore Blue Jeans
by Marie Ferrarella
Copyright © 2003 by Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd..
Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Meet the Author

Prolific romance author Marie Ferrarella swears she was born writing, "which must have made the delivery especially hard for my mother."

Born in West Germany of Polish parents, she came to America when she was four years of age. For an entire year, Marie and her family explored the eastern half of the country before finally settling in New York. It was there that she was to meet the man she would marry, truly her first love. Marie was only 14 when she first laid eyes on her future husband, Charles Ferrarella.

From an early age, Marie's parents would find her watching television or tucked away in some private place, writing at a furious pace. "Initially, I began writing myself into my favorite shows. I was a detective on 77 Sunset Strip, the missing Cartwright sibling they never talked about on Bonanza, and the Girl from U.N.C.L.E. before there was a Girl from U.N.C.L.E., not to mention an active participant in the serialized stories on The Mickey Mouse Club."

Marie began to write her first romance novel when she was 11 years old, although she claims that, at the time, she didn't even realize it was a romance!

She scribbled off and on, while dreaming of a career as an actress.

During her days at Queens College, acting started to lose its glamour as Marie spent more and more time writing. After receiving her English degree, specializing in Shakespearean comedy, Marie and her family moved to Southern California, where she still resides today.

After an interminable seven weeks apart, Charles decided he couldn't live without her and came out to California to marry his childhood sweetheart.

Ever practical, Marie was married in a wash-and-wear wedding dress that she sewed herself, appliqués and all. "'Be prepared' has always been my motto," the author jokes. This motto has been stretched considerably by her two children, "but basically, it still applies," she says.

Marie has one goal: to entertain, to make people laugh and feel good. "That's what makes me happy," she confesses. "That, and a really good romantic evening with my husband." She's keeping her fingers crossed that you enjoy reading her books as much as she's enjoyed writing them!

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Guest More than 1 year ago
this about a man who refuses to accept that all his 3 other siblings all have grown up and married. He been taking care of them ever sine he was 18 when his parents and he helped them through college. HEs just feeling empty nest sydrome. Thats when he decides to sell the family business and move to Alaske closer to his family. That when he he meets June a girl way younger than him. June believes that she may be young in age but she is very mature in the heart and refuses to believe that this man is telling her that shes too young.