A Brief History of Western Civilization: The Unfinished Legacy / Edition 5

A Brief History of Western Civilization: The Unfinished Legacy / Edition 5

by Mark Kishlansky, Patrick Geary, Patricia O'Brien

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ISBN-10: 0321431049

ISBN-13: 9780321431042

Pub. Date: 10/27/2006

Publisher: Longman

A Brief History of Western Civilization: The Unfinished Legacy, Fifth Edition

Mark Kishlansky / Patrick Geary / Patricia O’Brien

Balanced in coverage and beautifully written, A Brief History of Western Civilization explores everyday occurrences and ordinary people as well as major events and powerful elites. Noted for its exceptional visual program


A Brief History of Western Civilization: The Unfinished Legacy, Fifth Edition

Mark Kishlansky / Patrick Geary / Patricia O’Brien

Balanced in coverage and beautifully written, A Brief History of Western Civilization explores everyday occurrences and ordinary people as well as major events and powerful elites. Noted for its exceptional visual program of images and maps, the book is designed specifically to engage students actively in the study of the West.

Features of the Fifth Edition

  • New! “The West and the Wider World,” illustrated two-page essays, place the history of the West in context with the rest of the world so that students get a broader picture of the evolution of “the West.”
  • New! “Map Discovery” features in each chapter encourage students to study and analyze the maps and connect them with the chapter content.
  • Three new “The Visual Record” pictorial chapter openers are included. All openers contain a section entitled “Looking Ahead” that links the subject of the opener to the major topics and themes of the chapter.
  • New! Key terms and a glossary have been added to alert students to important concepts and provide them with a reference tool as they read the text.

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A Brief History of Western Civilization, Fifth Edition, is available in three formats:

Single-Volume Edition (Chapters 1-30) 0-321-43104-9
Volume I: To 1715 (Chapters 1-16) 0-321-44997-5
Volume II: Since 1555 (Chapters 14-30) 0-321-44996-7

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MyHistoryLab Series
Edition description:
Single Volume Edition
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8.44(w) x 10.98(h) x 0.96(d)

Table of Contents

Maps and Geographical Tours.
Chronologies, Genealogies, and Figures.
About the Authors.
Introduction: The Idea of Western Civilization.

1. The First Civilizations.

The Visual Record: Otzi's Last Meal.

Before Civilization.

Mesopotamia: Between the Two Rivers.

The Gift of the Nile.

Between Two Worlds.

Nineveh and Babylon.

DOCUMENT: The Code of Hammurabi.

2. Early Greece, 2500-500 B.C.E.

The Visual Record: Hecuba and Achilles.

Greece Iin the Bronze Age to 700 B.C.E.

Archaic Greece, 700-500 B.C.E.

A Tale of Three Cities.

The Coming of Persia and the End of the Archaic Age.

DOCUMENT: Hector and Andromache.

3. Classical and Hellenistic Greece, 500-100 B.C.E.

The Visual Record: Alexander at Issus.

War And Politics in the Fifth Century B.C.E.

Athenian Culture in the Hellenic Age.

From City-States to Macedonian Empire, 404-323 B.C.E.

The Hellenistic World.

DOCUMENT: The Two Faces of Athenian Democracy.

The West and the Wider World: Representing the Buddha: From Apollo to Christian Saint

4. Early Rome and The Roman Republic, 800-146 B.C.E.

The Visual Record: Eternal Rome.

The Western Mediterranean to 509 B.C.E.

From City to Empire, 509-146 B.C.E.

Republican Civilization.

The Crisis of Roman Virtue.

DOCUMENT: Polybius Describes the Sack of New Carthage.

5. Imperial Rome, 146 B.C.E.-192 C.E.

The Visual Record: The Altar of Augustan Peace.

The Price of Empire, 146-121 B.C.E.

The End of the Republic.

The Augustan Age and the Pax Romana.

Religions from the East.

TheCulture of Antonine Rome.

GEORGRAPHICAL TOUR: A Tour of the Empire.

DOCUMENT: The Reforms of Tiberius Gracchus.

6. The Transformation of the Classical World, 192-500.

The Visual Record: A Bride's Trousseau.

The Crisis of the Third Century.

The Empire Restored.

Imperial Christianity.

A Parting of the Ways.

DOCUMENT: Tacitus on the Germans.

7. The Classical Legacy in the East: Byzantium and Islam.

The Visual Record: From Temple to Mosque.

The Byzantines.

The Rise of Islam.

The Byzantine Apogee and Decline, 1000-1453.

DOCUMENT: The Qur’an.

The West and the Wider World: Industrial Espionage in the Sixth Century

8. The West in the Early Middle Ages, 500-900.

The Visual Record: The Chapel at the Waters.

The Making of the Barbarian Kingdoms, 500-750.

Living in the New Europe.

The Carolingian Achievement.

GEOGRAPHICAL TOUR: Europe in the Ninth Century.

After The Carolingians: From Empire to Lordships.

DOCUMENT: From Slave to Queen.

9. The High Middle Ages, 900-1300.

The Visual Record: From the Syrian Desert to the Welsh Marshes: A King and His Castles.

The Countryside.

Medieval Towns.

The Invention of the State.

Document: Pope Urban II Summons a Crusade.

10. The Later Middle Ages, 1300-1500.

The Visual Record: Webs of Stone and Blood.

Politics as a Family Affair.

Life and Death in the Later Middle Ages.

The Spirit of the Later Middle Ages.

Document: Convivencia.

11. The Italian Renaissance.

The Visual Record: A Civic Procession.

Renaissance Society.

Renaissance Art.

Renaissance Ideals.

The Politics of the Italian City-States.

Document: On the Family.

12. The European Empires.

The Visual Record: Astride the World.

European Encounters.

GEOGRAPHICAL TOUR: Europe in 1500.

The Formation of States.

The Dynastic Struggles.

DOCUMENT: The Halls of Montezuma.

13. The Reform of Religion.

The Visual Record: Sola Scriptura.

The Intellectual Reformation.

The Lutheran Reformation.

The Protestant Reformation.

The Catholic Reformation.

DOCUMENT: The Eternal Decree.

14. Europe at War, 1555-1648.

The Visual Record: The Massacre of the Innocents.

The Crises of the Western States.

The Struggles in Eastern Europe.

The Thirty Years War, 1618-1648.

Document: War Is Hell.

15. The Experiences of Life in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1650.

The Visual Record: Haymaking.

Economic Life.

Social Life.

Private and Community Life.

Document: The Devil's Due.

16. The Royal State in the Seventeenth Century.

The Visual Record: Fit for a King.

The Rise of the Royal State.

The Crises of the Royal State.

The Zenith of the Royal State.

Document: A Glimpse of a King.

17. Science and Commerce in Early Modern Europe.

The Visual Record: Rembrandt’s Lessons.

The New Science.

Empires of Goods.

The Wars of Commerce.

Document: Encountering Pirates.

The West and the Wider World: The Nutmeg Wars.

18. The Balance of Power in Eighteenth-Century Europe.

The Visual Record: A Dashing Officer.

Geographical Tour: A Grand Tour of Europe in 1714.

The Rise of Russia.

The Two Germanies.

The Greatness of Great Britain.

Document: Childhood Traumas.

The West and the Wider World: The British Raj in India.

19. Culture and Society in Eighteenth-Century Europe.

The Visual Record: Happy Families.

Eighteenth-Century Culture.

Eighteenth-Century Society.

Document: Love and Marriage.

20. The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era, 1789-1815.

The Visual Record: Eighteenth-Century Revolution.

The French Revolution and the Fall of the Monarchy.

Experimenting with Democracy, 1792-1799.

The Reign of Napoleon, 1799-1815.

Document: The Civil Code of the Code Napoléon (1804).

21. Industrial Europe.

The Visual Record: An Iron Forge.

The Traditional Economy.

The Industrial Revolution in Britain.

The Industrialization of the Continent.

Document: Exploiting the Young.

22. Political Upheavals and Social Transformations, 1815-1850.

The Visual Record: Potato Politics.

Geographical Tour: Europe in 1815.

The New Ideologies.

Protest and Revolution.

Document: Flora Tristan and the Rights of Working Women.

23. Statebuilding and Social Change In Europe, 1850-1871.

The Visual Record: The Birth of the German Empire.

Building Nations: The Politics of Unification.

Reforming European Society.

Changing Values and the Force of New Ideas.

Document: Mistress of the House.

24. The Crisis of European Culture, 1871-1914.

The Visual Record: Speeding to the Future.

European Economy and the Politics of Mass Society.

Outsiders in Mass Politics.

Shaping the New Consciousness.

Document: Constance Lytton.

The West and the Wider World: African Art and European Artists.

25. Europe and the World, 1870-1914.

The Visual Record: The Politics of Mapmaking.

The European Balance of Power, 1870-1914.

The New Imperialism.

The Search for Territory and Markets.

Results of a European-Dominated World.

Document: Joseph Chamberlains Speech to the Birmingham Relief Association.

26. War and Revolution, 1914-1920.

The Visual Record: Selling the Great War.

The War Europe Expected.

A New Kind of Warfare.

Adjusting to the Unexpected: Total War.

The Russian Revolution and Allied Victory.

Settling the Peace.

Document: All Quiet on the Western Front.

27. The European Search for Stability, 1920-1939.

The Visual Record: The Harsh Lessons of Hyperinflation.

Geographical Tour: Europe After 1918.

Crisis and Collapse in a World Economy.

The Soviet Union’s Separate Path.

The Rise of Fascist Dictatorship in Italy.

Hitler and the Third Reich.

Democracies in Crisis.

Document: Adolf Hitler on “Racial Purity.”

28. Global Conflagration: World War II, 1939-1945.

The Visual Record: Precursor of War.

Aggression and Conquest.

Racism and Destruction.

Allied Victory.

Document: President Franklin Roosevelt's Request for a Declaration of War on Japan, 8 December 1941.

29. The Cold War and Postwar Economic Recovery, 1945-1979 .

The Visual Record: Europe in Ruins: Warsaw, 1946.

The Origins of the Cold War.

Postwar Economic Recovery in Europe, Japan, and the Soviet Union.

The Welfare State and Social Transformation.

Youth Culture and the “Generation Gap.”

Toppling Communism in the Soviet Union.

Document: The Marshall Plan.

The West and the Wider World: Made in Japan.

30. The End of the Cold War and New Global Challenges, 1970 to the Present.

The Visual Record: The Berlin Wall Comes Down.

The End of the Cold War and the Emergence of a New Europe.

Ethnic Conflict and Nationalism.

The West in the Global Community.

Document: A Woman Reporter Behind the Lines of the War in Chechnya.


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