Brigadier: Gentle Hero

Brigadier: Gentle Hero

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by Judy Andrekson, David Parkins

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The true story of a gentle hero who won hearts and affection for his commitment to “serve and protect.”

A big boy right from the start, Brig was a Belgian draft cross, or grade horse, with just the right temperament to earn his place on the Mounted Unit of the Toronto Police Department. Brigadier was a golden chestnut with four white socks, and his size


The true story of a gentle hero who won hearts and affection for his commitment to “serve and protect.”

A big boy right from the start, Brig was a Belgian draft cross, or grade horse, with just the right temperament to earn his place on the Mounted Unit of the Toronto Police Department. Brigadier was a golden chestnut with four white socks, and his size alone was imposing. But that wasn’t why Sergeant Graham Acott chose this horse above all the others with such certainty. The animal’s large, intelligent, and gentle eyes were what struck him. This was a horse, and a partner, perfectly suited to the job for which he’d been bred.

Brigadier never let Graham or anyone else down for a moment, and his years of service with the force were happy ones. When, on that last night, he turned into the path of an oncoming car and took the full force of its impact, he did what he was trained to do and he did it with the heart of a gentle hero.

Thousands wept and were outraged by the senseless cruelty that ended Brig’s life. For his selfless act, Brigadier received full honors, a police funeral, and tributes from around the world. But his days of willing service, the smiles he brought, and his gift of companionship are what he will always be remembered for.

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Praise for JB Andrew: Mustang Magic:
“This is a gripping story, full of tension and real life descriptions. . . .” — Highly Recommended, Canadian Review of Materials

Praise for Miskeen: The Dancing Horse:
“Andrekson really embraces the storytelling heart of her material . . . with a high degree of emotional engagement, complicated relationships and issues, and a well-realized personality.” — Quill & Quire

Praise for Little Squire: The Jumping Pony:
“This is a lovely book, and I would recommend it not only to horse lovers, but to young readers who enjoy historical fiction.” — Highly Recommended, CM Magazine

Children's Literature - Jody J. Little
Graham Acott sees something special in the golden chestnut horse known as Danny Boy, and he selects the horse to be part of the police-horse training program in Toronto, Ontario. After two weeks of initial training, it is clear that Danny Boy has the potential to be a great police horse. He has all the basic equitation skills required, and he quickly adapts to the Universal Trooper Saddle used by the policeman. Soon, he is given a new name, Brigadier. Once his training is completed, Brigadier's first rider is Ted Gallipeau. Ted is immediately impressed with Brigadier's gentleness toward all people, particularly children. Brigadier quickly becomes a favorite of many both inside and outside the police department. Several years later, a tragedy occurs. One evening, while Brigadier and his new rider, Kevin Bradfield, are on patrol, they approach a man at an ATM machine who is acting aggressively toward other drivers. Kevin asks the man to pull over so they can talk, but the man refuses. Just a moment later, the man speeds his van toward Kevin and Brigadier. The impact throws Kevin off the horse, and Brigadier collapses to the street. Kevin is rushed to the hospital, but Brigadier remains on the street in obvious pain and shock. Less than an hour later, the grueling decision to put Brigadier out of his misery is made. Brigadier's death affects everyone deeply, both the policemen who rode and cared for him and the citizens who were touched by his gentleness. Horse and animal lovers will be angered by this true story of a senseless death, but they will also be touched by Brigadier's heroic life, his kindness, and all the people who cared so deeply for him. Reviewer: Jody J. Little
School Library Journal
Gr 5–8—Brigadier, a member of the Mounted Unit of the Toronto police force, was killed when a reckless driver plowed his van into the horse, causing injuries so severe that he had to be put down. The officer survived. This tragedy sparked a lot of media coverage when it happened in February of 2006. A large portion of the book focuses on finding and training the animal, and the author pays special attention to his gentle, comical, smart, and endearing personality. Children will fall in love with Brigadier, as did so many Torontonians. The author mentions the fight to bring "Brigadier's Law" into existence—the man responsible for the death of this amazing horse got a "slap on the wrist." Illustrations include occasional sketches that are quite lovely. All in all, a good story, tenderly told.—Corrina Austin, Locke's Public School, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

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True Horse Stories
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Judy Andrekson grew up in Nova Scotia with a pen in one hand and a lead rope in the other. At the age of twenty, she moved to Alberta, where she could pursue her great love of horses, and there she found her dream job managing a thoroughbred racing/breeding farm. By her thirties, Judy had also begun to write seriously. Now she combines both of her passions in her new series for young readers, True Horse Stories. Judy also works as an educational assistant. She, her husband, John, and their daughter, Kate, live in Sherwood Park, Alberta, along with a constantly changing assortment of animals.

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