Bright Dark Madonna: A Novel

Bright Dark Madonna: A Novel

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by Elizabeth Cunningham

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The sequel to the best-selling novel The Passion of Mary Magdalen.See more details below


The sequel to the best-selling novel The Passion of Mary Magdalen.

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Third in Cunningham's irreverent chronicle of Mary Magdalen (Magdalen Rising, 2007, etc.). Maeve (aka the Healer Woman, aka Mary of Magdala) is back, as unapologetically lusty and smart-mouthed as ever. This installment considers the aftermath of Mary's marriage to Jesus. Christ is always with her, but in less corporeal form. Newly resurrected, he's left a motley crew behind to cobble together Christianity: pregnant Maeve, fractious Apostles, mother-in-law Miriam and friends Martha, Mary of Bethany and Lazarus. Knowing that Peter and James are scheming to appropriate Jesus' offspring, Maeve flees Jerusalem for her sacred bordello/Temple of Isis in Magdala, Galilee. After giving birth to a girl, Sarah, with golden eyes identical to her father's, Maeve heads for Celtic territory, Galatia, where she hides out in a mountain shack with baby Sarah and the endearingly loopy Miriam, who hears angel voices and croons litanies to herself. Androgynous Sarah does not welcome puberty. Itinerant, self-appointed Apostle Paul, battered by stoning, is deposited on Maeve's doorstep, and she administers her healing touch, which includes a brief hook-up with the puritanical future saint. When he orders the Galatian women to be silent and quashes a snake-worshiping fest honoring fertility goddess Brigit, Paul triggers a major brouhaha. Sarah embarks on the trail of her absent-though-omnipresent father, and Maeve follows, too late: The Apostles, fooled by Sarah's male attire, tried to circumcise her, and now she's gone to sea. Maeve, sought after by sailors for her ability to manipulate the wind, traverses the Mediterranean in fruitless pursuit. Then, with Miriam, Maeve journeys to Ephesus, shrine ofhuntress-deity Artemis, the logical place for a band of neo-Amazon pirates led by Sarah to wash up. In Ephesus, Miriam prepares for her Assumption; Paul once again sets precedents for Church-sanctioned sexism; and 50-something Maeve takes a lover-John the Evangelist. Gleefully iconoclastic. For that dwindling demographic with a sense of humor about religion, Maeve's profane skewering of the all-too-human foibles of the Church fathers is a hoot. Author tour to San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, Asheville, N.C., Kansas City, New York City, upstate New York, Cleveland, Toronto, Boston, Madison, Wis.

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Best know for her pagan novels, The Return of the Goddess and The Wild Mother, (Station Hill), Elizabeth Cunningham is the direct descendant of nine generations of Episcopal priests. She was ordained as an interfaith minister in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. She balances writing with a counseling practice.

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