Britannica's Student Atlas

Britannica's Student Atlas

by Encyclopaedia Britannica Publishers, Inc. Staff

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Gr 5-8

This colorful, well-organized atlas is designed to appeal to the Google generation. It adopts the clean, graphics-heavy look of a good Web site, right down to the tabs running across the top of each page, which highlight the current map and show the topics that precede and follow it. "About Our World" provides physical and political overviews and includes a staggering number of specialty maps that show everything from world forest cover to land use and from distributions of religions to major mineral deposits. Each continent receives its own series of more detailed presentations. The largest such section, covering the United States, features 11 entries that illustrate energy resources, per capita income, and more; and a detailed chart that lists each state's population, capital, largest city, and even postal abbreviation and nickname. "International Data" provides more information about each country, as do fact boxes sprinkled throughout. The real marvel of this information-packed resource is that its creators have managed to make it so accessible and visually interesting, while keeping the page count backpack-friendly. Consider purchasing copies for reference and circulating collections.-Kathleen Kelly MacMillan, Carroll County Public Library, MD

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