Broadway's Greatest Gifts: Carols for a Cure, Vol. 8

Broadway's Greatest Gifts: Carols for a Cure, Vol. 8


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Disc 1

  1. Shine On
  2. St. Nick Swing
  3. Bring a Torch/Joy to the World/Go Tell It [Performed by the cast of The
  4. The Birthday of a King
  5. This Little Light of Mine
  6. O Come, O Come Emmanuel
  7. Gospel Hallelujah
  8. The Key to Christmas
  9. Angels We Have Heard on High (On a Theme of Jonathan Larson) [Performed
  10. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [Performed by the cast of Phanto
  11. Lullay, Thou Little Tiny Child
  12. The First Noel
  13. O Come All Ye Faithful
  14. O Holy Night
  15. Go Tell It on the Mountain
  16. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  17. Auld Lang Syne

Disc 2

  1. The Holi-Daze
  2. December's Other, Less Famous Holiday [Performed by the cast of 25th A
  3. Joseph's Dream
  4. Something Must Be Wrong with My Mistletoe [Performed by the cast of Di
  5. The Hanukah Song
  6. Like a Snowman
  7. Rockin' Christmas Angel
  8. Holiday Story
  9. O Little Town of Bethlehem [Performed by the cast of Monty Python's Spa

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Paul Adamy   Bass
Diane Barere   Cello
Shelton Becton   Conductor,Vocals,Musician
Jeffrey Bowen   Track Performer
Pam Bradley   Vocals
Peter Calo   Guitar
Myles Chase   Synthesizer
Brian Collier   Vocals
Clint DeGanon   Drums
Jim Donica   Bass
Steve Gelfand   Bass
Brian Koonin   Guitar
Ronald Kunene   Vocals
John Leone   Soloist
Nicola Lewis   Vocals
Steve Morgan   Vocals
Fred Rose   Cello,Vocals
Larry Saltzman   Guitar
Tim Sessions   Trombone
Stephen Snyder   Keyboards
Alicia Svigals   Violin
John Arbo   Ensemble
Landon Beard   Vocals
Annabelle Hoffman   Vocals
Maurice Murphy   Vocals
Warren Odze   Drums
Ron Tierno   Drums
Nick Corley   Vocals
Ed Hamilton   Electric Guitar
Lindiwe Dlamini   Vocals
Melissa Slocum   Acoustic Bass
Doug Eskew   Conductor,Vocals,Soloist
James Ludwig   Vocals
Howard McGillin   Soloist
David Nyberg   Percussion,Drums
Lenny Wolpe   Vocals
Roderick Roberts   Vocals
Barbara Walsh   Soloist
Carey Anderson   Soloist
Anthony Galde   Vocals
Matthew Scott   Soloist
Jennifer Smith   Vocals
George Lee Andrews   Vocals
Beth Johnson   Vocals
Wendy Bobbitt   Conductor,Keyboards
Mark Jacoby   Ensemble
James Abbott   Conductor,Keyboards,Musical Direction
Martin Moran   Vocals
Christian Hoff   Soloist
J.C. Montgomery   Vocals
Amy Spanger   Vocals
Justin Bond   Track Performer
Michael Henry   Vocals
Rema Webb   Soloist
Jessica Wright   Ensemble
Kenny Mellman   Track Performer
Lori Haley Fox   Vocals
J. Walter Hawkes   Trombone,Ukulele
Sandy Rosenberg   Vocals
Kevin Cahoon   Vocals
Naturi Naughton   Vocals,Soloist
Jose Llana   Vocals
Jennifer Gambatese   Vocals
Dale Hensley   Vocals
Jeanne Lehman   Vocals
Diana DiMarzio   Ensemble
Matt Allen   Vocals
Joanna Hess   Vocals
Ric Molina   Acoustic Guitar
Rob Cunningham   Trumpet,Vocals
Sean McDaniel   Piano,Conductor
Jeff Potter   Percussion
David Hess   Ensemble
Gary Fienberg   Trumpet
Chester Gregory   Soloist
Kevin Massey   Vocals
Ashley Brown   Soloist
Rachel Debenedet   Vocals
Richard Blake   Vocals
Donna Lynne Champlin   Ensemble
Gary Adler   Vocals
Michael Croiter   Percussion,Drums
Christine M. Daly   Vocals
Carla J. Hargrove   Vocals
Jesse Nager   Soloist
Adinah Alexander   Vocals
Christian Borle   Narrator
Polly Baird   Vocals
Lanene Charters   Vocals
Nicolas Dromard   Vocals
Carlos L. Encinias   Vocals
Eric Gunhus   Vocals
Katrina Yaukey   Vocals
Grasan Kingsberry   Vocals
Larry Lelli   Drums
Curtis Cregan   Vocals
Clayton Craddock   Drums
Nicole O. Powell   Vocals,Soloist
Andrew McRae   Vocals
Constantine Maroulis   Soloist
Thomas Cannizzaro   Vocals
Abbey OBrien   Vocals
Brian Shepard   Vocals
Rick Spaans   Vocals
Gavin Gregory   Vocals
Derrick Baskin   Vocals
Sarah Saltzberg   Vocals
Deborah S. Craig   Vocals
Michelle Kittrell   Vocals
Niki Scalera   Vocals
Matthew Aronoff   Electric Bass,Upright Bass
Michael Blanco   Bass
Trevor Braun   Vocals
Felicia P. Fields   Vocals,Soloist
Kimberly Harris   Vocals
Bobby Daye   Conductor,Vocals,Musician
Angie Finn   Vocals
Robert H. Fowler   Vocals
James K. Harkness   Vocals
Matt Loehr   Vocals
Todd Buonopane   Vocals
Greg Reuter   Vocals
Kristin Carbone   Vocals
Heather Ferguson   Soloist
Hunter Bell   Track Performer
Alexander Gemignani   Conductor,Soloist
Gaelen Gilliland   Vocals
Benjamin Magnuson   Ensemble
Tracee Beazer   Vocals
Ashley Amber Haase   Vocals
James Sampliner   Conductor,Keyboards
Christina Sivrich   Vocals
Matthew Stocke   Vocals
Eric LaJuan Summers   Vocals
Stephen DeRosa   Vocals
John Korba   Keyboards,Vocals
Susan Blackwell   Narrator,Track Performer
Heidi Blickenstaff   Track Performer
Michael Aarons   Guitar
Mara Davi   Vocals
Heather Parcells   Vocals
Chryssie Whitehead   Vocals
Gary Seligson   Drums
Yuka Takara   Vocals
Michelle Aguilar Camaya   Vocals
Renée Band Allen   Vocals
Courtney Balan   Track Performer,Soloist
Bobby Baxmeyer   Guitar
Jackie Bayne   Vocals
Michelle Bosch   Triangle
Nikolaï Butchkin   Trumpet,Vocals
Mike Cemprola   Electric Bass
Angel Desai   Violin,Vocals
Stacia Fernandez   Vocals
Andrea Chamberlain   Vocals
Minglie Chen   Vocals
Ben Cohn   Piano,Conductor
Kris Coleman   Soloist
Jim Daly   Vocals
Vinny DellaRocca   Alto Saxophone
Carol Y. Dennis-Dylan   Vocals,Soloist
Katherine Doherty   Soloist
Ken Dow   Bass,Drums,Vocals
Michelle Dowdy   Vocals
Bongi Duma   Vocals,Musician
Benjamin Eakeley   Ensemble
Brandon J. Ellis   Vocals
Mary Faber   Vocals
Matthew Farver   Vocals
Vadim Feichtner   Conductor
Gary Feinberg   Flugelhorn
Barrett Foa   Vocals
Seth Fruiterman   Accordion
Josh Gad   Vocals
Bahiyah Sayyed Gaines   Vocals
Aymee Garcia   Vocals
David Garry   Trombone,Vocals
Ava Gaudet   Vocals
Tracy Generalovich   Vocals
Asmeret Ghebremichael   Vocals
Leena Gilbert   Violin
Justin Greer   Vocals
Peter Gregus   Soloist
Jean Michelle Grier   Vocals
Matthew Gumley   Soloist
Rob Haislip   Vocals,Beat Box
Neal Hampton   Conductor,Drums,Keyboards
Zack Hanna   Vocals
Evan Harrington   Vocals,Belching
Scott Harrell   Trumpet
Eric Schneider   Vocals
Lisa Lambert   Vocals
Alex de Castro   Vocals
Konrad Adderly   Electric Bass

Technical Credits

Shelton Becton   Arranger,Music Direction
Mark Grant   Engineer
Hugh Martin   Composer
Michael Weiner   Composer
Tom Kochan   Producer
Stephin Merritt   Composer
Ralph Blane   Composer
Doug Eskew   Arranger,Music Direction
Scott Erickson   Arranger,Vocal Engineer,Instrumentation
Wendy Bobbitt   Arranger,Music Direction
James Abbott   Arranger
Traditional   Composer
Alan Zachary   Composer
Tom Viola   Liner Notes
Sean McDaniel   Arranger,Music Direction
Gary Adler   Composer
Will Juhans   Engineer
Sarah Saltzberg   Composer
Bobby Daye   Arranger,Music Direction
Alexander Gemignani   Arranger,Music Direction
James Sampliner   Arranger,Music Direction
Susan Blackwell   Composer
Heidi Blickenstaff   Arranger
Atta Girl Gregus   Contributor
Phoebe Kreutz   Composer
Ben Cohn   Arranger,Music Direction
Bongi Duma   Arranger,Music Direction
Vadim Feichtner   Arranger,Music Direction
Neal Hampton   Arranger,Composer,Music Direction
Greg Morrison   Composer
Michael Patrick Walker   Composer
Lisa Lambert   Composer

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