Broken Silence

Broken Silence

4.8 11
by Foxy Brown
Alongside her rap nemesis Lil' Kim, the teenage Foxy Brown emerged in the mid-'90s as a designer-clad neo-feminist rhyme temptress on her debut Ill Na Na. Then, as Kim reconstructed herself as a Black Barbie and cover-girl fashionista with blonde weaves and blue contact lenses, Foxy's rap cache dwindled after


Alongside her rap nemesis Lil' Kim, the teenage Foxy Brown emerged in the mid-'90s as a designer-clad neo-feminist rhyme temptress on her debut Ill Na Na. Then, as Kim reconstructed herself as a Black Barbie and cover-girl fashionista with blonde weaves and blue contact lenses, Foxy's rap cache dwindled after her solid sophomore effort, Chyna Doll, was overshadowed by her headline-grabbing run-ins with the law and a stint in drug rehab. But with her ambitious third disc, Broken Silence, a more focused Fox Boogie is back to reclaim her title as one of hip-hop's dopest female MC's. The Brooklyn native name-checks her borough with the subterranean bass-thuds of "BK Anthem." Rapping in a patois style, she also big-ups her Caribbean heritage on several dancehall reggae-flavored tracks, including the bass-booming single "Oh Yeah," featuring Spragga Benz. Broken Silence is not, however, entirely a reggae sunsplash affair. A self-proclaimed "in the streets bitch," Foxy keeps her lyrics as grimy as ever on the new wave-tinged ode to oral sex, "Candy," featuring Kelis, and "730," where Foxy threatens her ex-boyfriend's (rapper Kurupt) new girlfriend (Natina Reid of the R&B girl group Blaque) with venomous lyrics like "I might not kill you/But I'll hurt you till you're dead inside," over spiraling electro-synths. Her thug life tendencies aside, Foxy does mark her maturity. On the soul-baring "The Letter" (featuring Ron Isley), she apologizes to her family for her past transgressions -- "Dear Mommy I apologize/I know it's 'cause of me that your life is traumatized" -- making it clear that Fox has learned from some of her early missteps. And fans will be grateful that she has finally broken her silence.

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All Music Guide - Jose F. Promis
Foxy Brown is up to her old tricks on her third album, Broken Silence. She is still the undisputed queen of materialism, evident on "Fallin'," where she drops names of countless designer brands, rapping about Range Rovers, Gucci, Prada, etc. She is still taking aim at legions of triflin' ex-friends, including other rappers, ex-boyfriends, etc., etc. Brown is as hood and street as ever but, on this album, she extends her musical wings and embraces other styles to fine effect, making this her most entertaining and musically adventurous album to date. Reggae and dancehall influences abound, most notably on the terrific single "Oh Yeah" and "Tables Will Turn." The most interesting song, however, is "Hood Scriptures," which, like Jay-Z's "Big Pimpin'," incorporates Eastern influences, adding a whole new dimension to hip-hop possibilities. "The Letter" is a sparse, mini-masterpiece, where Brown apologizes to her mother (in what could be interpreted as a thinly veiled suicide note) for the hell she's put her through, accompanied by a tinkling piano and Ron Isley's angelic vocals. Brown gets as sensitive and introspective as is possible, while still remaining as explicit as ever, as she reminisces over her defunct relationship with rapper Kurupt on "Saddest Day." Yes, Foxy Brown is street and she is the center of her world's rumor mill, but this album, ripe with tasteless materialism, explicit sexual references, and violent raps, can honestly be called a musical step forward, and is a compelling testament to the life of a girl from the hood.

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Def Jam

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Foxy Brown   Primary Artist,Vocals
Wayne Wonder   Track Performer
Joe Davi   Guitar
Mystikal   Track Performer
Spragga Benz   Background Vocals
Baby Cham   Track Performer
Darius   Vocals

Technical Credits

Axel Niehaus   Producer
Tony Smalios   Engineer
Rick Patrick   Art Direction
Pharrell Williams   Contributor
Ez Elpee   Producer
Dameon Beckett   Composer
Dave "DasKyz" Hummel   Engineer
DJ Clue?   Producer
Robert "Shim" Kirkland   Producer
DJ Envy   Producer
Erik Steinert   Pro-Tools

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Broken Silence 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
she was able to express herself and be more intimate with the different cultures that there are today that don't get as much attention or at least what they deserve. she brought dancehall music artist out and incorporated them in her her style while adding there taste. MAking a great compostion completly superb and extravagent giving props where needed and keepin it real in this album unlike other artist who forget where and who they were before they hit it big she did this one for the fans and the streets and we are truely grateful to her for that big up to her and everyone in her crew and all her fans past, present, and future.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Foxy did it! She showed that you can grow and mature and do it with class. I give her props for being as mature as she is. I admire her because she has gone through some problems and still came out with her head held up high. It is reflected in her music.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Foxy is back and with a vengenance, she lyrically attacks all those who dissed her after her album Chyna Doll came out, including all the ''industry b***hes'' and even Jay-Z. This album is far better than the second, so for those of you who are debating whether or not to buy it based on the success of the second, and even first album, get beyond that because this album does what the others didn't - represent!!! Foxy has shown us that she is a more mature and lyrically-developed artist in this album that is full of dope beats and clever rhymes. The first single off the album, ''Oh Yeah'' is definitely off da hook and the best choice for bringing Foxy back to life - good thinking out in the NYC Def Jam! We shall be hearing more from Miss foxy Brown in the near future.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This year Foxy's coming out harder than before with smash hits like Oh yeah, Bk Anthem, Candy, 730, Broken Silence, and Tables if you don't have the album, then your ''730''. Don't get the bootleg.....Cop the ORIGINAL........
Guest More than 1 year ago
I can honestly say Boogie Brown is one of a kind. She is true to herself and is one for being fierce, which I love about her. She definately doesn't tolerate such nonsense. She puts Lil KIm to shame, talkin about Barbie dressed up, you just my successer. I'm not to fond of Lil KIm anyways. She has matured alot and basically gives her soul out to the world. Which takes guts, something Lil Kim would never do. So if you don't have the album ''Broken Silence'' Baby dolls get it, you won't regret it, I promise
Guest More than 1 year ago
Foxy's is back, more fierce than ever ! Anybody that crosses her path-Beware of danger- is how I see it. I can honestly say she is one of kind, not to be messed with. Boogie Brown basically gives her soul out for everyone to hear, something Barbie dressed-up could not do. Foxy's classy, not trashy!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
From beats, to production to just raw lyrical content, this latest album is by far the best of Foxy. It skillfully depicts her growth and struggle through an industry marred with deciet and fraudulency. Furthermore, It establishes a benchmark in the plight of this talented lyricist (her ascension into womanhood) and a standard by which future fem-cee albums will be measured. After hearing this masterpiece, you too will see why she is the most ''critically acclaimed rapstress in the game.''
Guest More than 1 year ago
foxy brown is one of the best hip hop female artists out right now i think she is so much better than lil favorite song on this cd is the song with her and jayz .this is a must have cd whoever that doesnt have this cd is crazy.........
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album is a Classic,Brown has always out shined the rest of the over sexed sex pots. Theletter takes you on a journey and makes you feel like your there with her going thru it all.Fox has perfected the art of story telling and thats something that the barbie dressed up could neva touch. Start a movement and beg for the fever so boogie can reclaim her thrown..cause folks startin ta say missy hot and la bella mafia is a classic.WHAT A JOKE
Guest More than 1 year ago
Its goes without saying that Foxy has delivered her BEST work to date, BUT she still has a little more maturing to do, career wise anyway. Yes she's hood, and that may be an acceptable way of expression, but when you think outside the box, or outside the block I should say, what do you have, "Black girl lost!" So, to compare her to an industrialized, CAREER-MATURED, and entrepreneur Lil Kim, hate it or love it, is impossible. Face it, Kim has done to Foxy's career what R.Kelly has done to Aaron Halls. I, backed by many music executives, believe that Foxy still needs to go as an artist and a person. She's ill, just not equal ( to Kim).