Broken Vows

Broken Vows

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by Naiomi Pitre

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Curiosity can kill more than just a cat.

What happens when a man's own insecurity sparks a jealous flame? Is it really true that deep down inside, every woman wonders about experiencing a secret rendezvous with another woman? Can a strong marriage survive, despite a tangled web of lies and betrayal?

Dominic and Yvonne are enjoying a loving marriage until Dominic's

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Curiosity can kill more than just a cat.

What happens when a man's own insecurity sparks a jealous flame? Is it really true that deep down inside, every woman wonders about experiencing a secret rendezvous with another woman? Can a strong marriage survive, despite a tangled web of lies and betrayal?

Dominic and Yvonne are enjoying a loving marriage until Dominic's suspicions, fueled by his own self-loathing from lacking a steady job, cause an emotional explosion with more than just two casualties. Infidelity and sexual exploration intertwine and result in an unpredictable twist of fate.

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Broken Vows 2.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I wanted to like this book but I was disappointed. As several plot pieces float around, they either leave us with questions or dredge up more unanswered ones. Rather than bringing the main plot together, the problems distance this story. I couldn't get with the actions of some the characters either. It wasn't consistent with how the author introduced them to readers. This story started with promise but failed miserably.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Like many married couples, Dominic and Yvonne Long have their share of problems, but nothing that a little love, time and understanding can't fix. Or can it? Yvonne has shouldered the financial responsibility of their household as Dominic attempts to make his dream of owning a Christian store a reality. In addition to financial strains, insecurities have crept into their marriage in the form of Yvonne's best friend since childhood, Jamal. Though their relationship is strictly platonic, Dominic can't help but question Jamal's feelings for his wife. And so the drama begins... Unforeseen events, misunderstandings and raging emotions turn the Long marriage upside down and inside out. Author Naiomi Pitre tackles a variety of issues in her debut novel Broken Vows, maybe too many issues as some of them were never fully developed or completed. It's evident that Broken Vows possesses potential and that Naiomi has skills, but some fine-tuning is needed. I recommend not loading the next novel with as many characters and sub-plots. Broken Vows, because of these issues, is just an okay read. Hopefully the sequel will reflect a smoother flow.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Broken Vows tells the story of Dominic and Yvonne Long, a married couple that experiences some marital strife due to insecurities on the part of one mate. That strife blows up when they each seek comfort outside of the marriage. Naiomi Pitre displays her talent by introducing multiple plots and characters - perhaps a little too much of both. The idea of the story was intriguing however, it is lost somewhere among the many open-ended subplots. Even though the Yvonne and Dominic were the main characters, the story branched out and off into a few other characters. Some of those characters were one dimensional and needed to have been better developed as well as their purpose in the book defined. I think with a more focused plot and deeper characterizations, this could have made for a better read. There are some redeeming factors. Broken Vows is not a bad book, but it's in need of an editor both developmental and copyediting. There is an awful lot for readers to read through overshadowing the main plot. I understand that there will be a sequel, but the purpose of a sequel should not be to complete a book. Readers should look forward to continuing on with the lives of the characters or pick up with a cliff hanger, not looking for answers to questions or issues never completely addressed in the first book. I hope that the author learns from her mistakes in her debut and shows growth in the sequel.
Guest More than 1 year ago
After reading this Naiomi Pitre's book, I was disappointed in the writing, the lack of development of the main and subplots. Perhaps, if this self-published author would take a few courses on plot and character development, she could see and understand her flawed plots. Also, I struggled to see what the feet on her cover had to do with broken vows, although an author's cover choice remains her or his decision. I would also recommend that the author employs an editor, because the nagging errors interfered with the novel being a smooth read for me. My advice to Ms. Pitre is to keep trying!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
What has the green eyed devil, Jealousy, made you do? Dominic and Yvonne Long will have to live with the consequences of their actions forever ¿ secrets, lies, illicit affairs, and heated arguments will shake their Christian walk of faith. Hmmm¿will the Long¿s be able to survive their Broken Vows? Dominic and Yvonne are living a fairy tale. Dominic is establishing a Christian clothing and novelty company while Yvonne is a big time insurance broker. They love one another, attend church regularly and the sex is hot. The devil gets busy with Dominic igniting his insecurity and starting domino effect that leads forces the two apart. Dominic commits the ultimate sin that will be part of their lives forever. But don¿t get me wrong Yvonne is not an innocent bystander in regards to the destruction of their marriage. The devil is all up in her ear too. She has an unusual relationship with an elementary school friend, Jamal disrespected and caused a coworker, Sandra, to get fired and had fit of rage that led to spousal abuse. BROKEN VOWS takes you on the journey of issues of miscommunication, envy, and infidelity. The range of emotions, sexual escapades and spiritual renewal will take you to reading euphoria. Pitre develops a story that intrigues you while making you answer tough questions for your own relationships. BROKEN VOWS does have a couple of subplots left unfinished but Pitre has promised a sequel that will take handle these issues. BROKEN VOWS is a must read for those wanting to experience a mounting plot with characters that exude excitement, suspense, and redemption. Reviewed By ¿ Deltareviewer For Real Page Turners
Guest More than 1 year ago
Naiomi Pitre's debut novel, Broken Vows is definitely a must read for readers everywhere! Mrs. Pitre has molded characters so vivid that it feels as though you've known them all your lives. What others may fear to write, Naiomi brings it to you raw and holds nothing back. Through the trials and tribulations of Dominic and Yvonne's marriage, Mrs. Pitre sheds light on many issues that most people can't find the courage to discuss. We look forward to reading more by Naiomi in the near future and definitely preparing ourselves for the heat that she will be bringing. ---The Writer's Inn
Guest More than 1 year ago
I liked the concept of this book but there were some parts of the book where I thought the author should have gone into alittle more depth. The main characters, Dominic, Yvonne & Jamil were the typical characters. Again I must say the book was good BUT I think there should have been more descriptions about the location of the storyline, more info as to the reasoning or perceived reasoning 'why' Dominic felt his actions were warranted. This was an entertaining read for me though.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In Broken Vows we meet a slew of characters, which are in some way entangled in the Long marriage. Dominic and Yvonne are happily married. Yvonne is the breadwinner of the family who has nothing but faith and trust in her husband. Dominic is a little too flirtatious, but he loves his wife. Now trust, that's a different story all together. Jamal King is Yvonne's boy. They've been down for one another since the fourth grade. To Yvonne, he's like a brother and they have no secrets. To Jamal, she's the perfect woman. Dominic doesn't trust this so-called platonic friendship. What happens when doubt, fear, infidelity and opportunity all make their way to your door? BROKEN VOWS a tolerable read though very inconsistent. It appears that newcomer Naiomi Pitre may have gotten in over her head as she introduces characters, sub-characters and plots that she never revisits. Are we to assume that she'll eventually get back to them?