Bruised Fruit

Bruised Fruit

by Amy Ephron

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Bruised fruit is frequently on display, frequently handled and usually unwanted very much like Kate Bailey, the central character in Ephron's second novel, a southern California story of decadence, betrayal, murder, and alienation. Kate is a beautiful, restless, distracted young woman in the midst of a very successful career as a model/actress. She is found at the scene of her lover's murder and although strongly suspected of committng the deed is not immediately arrested. Her career is nevertheless brought to an almost complete halt over the next two years as a result of the scandal. Did she kill her lover? If not, who did? And why? Ephron's novel seems not quite long enough to explore the confused and complex motivation of the characters, and her descriptions of people and places, though intriguing, seem incomplete. Although occasionally repetitive this shows much potential. Jean B. Palmer, Andover, Mass.

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