Buddha-Bar, Vol. 5

Buddha-Bar, Vol. 5

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Release Date:
George V


Disc 1

  1. Nie Kantshaietsa  - Bielka Nemirovski
  2. I've Kept a Hold of My Life
  3. Road  -  Refractory
  4. Far Away
  5. Gesso's Guitar Song  -  Mystic Rhythms Band
  6. Iemanja
  7. Baadima  -  Elie Karam
  8. Tamtra Tibet
  9. Loucura
  10. Maskaremeni  - Maria Papadopoulou
  11. Indra Story  - David Visan
  12. Silk Road  - Laurent Dury
  13. Sen Gelmez Oldun  - Alihan Samedov
  14. Princess W. Cheng
  15. Mon Amour

Disc 2

  1. La Notte Etterna
  2. Just You and I
  3. Muel  -  Sarma
  4. Egyptian Disco  - DJ Disse
  5. Salaam - Duet With Anoushka
  6. Meglio Stasera
  7. Blue
  8. Gia
  9. Sphynx  -  Giampiero Ponte
  10. Blinded
  11. Czardas
  12. Wunderlande  - Rubin Steiner
  13. Laurence d'Arabie  - Richie Lawrence

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Gordon Matthewman   Trumpet
Lucia   Vocals
Robert Le Gall   Mandolin,Violin
Mick Winters   Guitar
Franck Gelibert   Piano
David Visan   Bass,Guitar
Adam Routh   Keyboards
Franck Amseli   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Bielka Nemirovski   Vocals

Technical Credits

John Lennon   Author
Graeme Revell   Producer
Fredrick Rousseau   Remixing
Gregor Theelen   Arranger,Producer
Emma Shapplin   Producer
Mick Winters   Producer
Dzihan   Arranger,Producer
David Visan   Arranger,Producer,Artistic Director
Franck Amseli   Arranger
Acel Neiluj   Text
Marco Lamioni   Producer
DJ Disse   Arranger,Producer

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Buddha-Bar, Vol. 5 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have played this cd so much people in my office are starting to complain. It is a great double album. Again divided into Dinner and Drink. I think Drink is the more sexy of the 2 cd's.
Guest More than 1 year ago
My first introduction to the Buddha Barname was the "Living Theatre" cd. Then later I bought "Chill Out in Paris 2" but it wasn't until "Buddha Bar V" did I get seriously into this type of music. Sure the price of the cd was a little more than what a lot of people would want to pay for but I felt it was well worth the money considering the dime a dozen chill out compilations that are constantly churned out by major record labels nowadays. What made me fall in love with "Buddha Bar V" was the blend of Asian, new age, and dance music. The music took my breath away. It was nothing I had ever heard before up until that point. I love both the dinner and drink cds but I am leaning more towards the dinner cd which the music is simply the most beautiful music that I