Buddhist Spirituality: Indian, Southeast Asian, Tibetan, Early Chinese

Buddhist Spirituality: Indian, Southeast Asian, Tibetan, Early Chinese

by Yoshinori

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This in-depth survey of Buddhist spirituality focuses on early Buddhism and Theravada Buddhism. It emphasizes meditation as the expression and means of spirituality, focusing on the rise of Mahayana and early Chinese developments. Twenty-one scholars contribute sections that are authoritative, clear, comprehensive, and yet concise. A second volume, comprising later Chinese developments, Japanese and Korean Buddhism, new Buddhist religions, and Buddhist cosmology, will supplement the current volume. Useful in its entirety or as a reference work, this is essential for all libraries.
Mary Deeley
Crossroad has added another gem to its series of books on world spirituality. This first volume on Buddhism (the eighth of the series) explores the twin cores of Buddhist spirituality--meditation and emptiness. It also documents the early development of Buddhism as it spread across the Far East. A second volume will deal with later trends and new Buddhist religious movements. Casual readers may find the length of the book a bit daunting, but individual contributors have made an effort to break down the many complex components of Buddhism in such a way that the reader can move through each chapter as slowly or quickly as desired and come away knowing a bit more than before. Bibliographies following each chapter direct the reader who desires further study on a particular topic. This book is highly recommended for reference and for collections in world religions.

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