Building Self-Esteem: Strategies for Success in School and Beyond / Edition 2

Building Self-Esteem: Strategies for Success in School and Beyond / Edition 2

by Bonnie J. Golden

ISBN-10: 0137768990

ISBN-13: 9780137768998

Pub. Date: 02/15/1997

Publisher: Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference

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Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference
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Older Edition
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Table of Contents

(NOTE: Each chapter contains student "Exercises.")
Exercise List.
Defining the "Nontraditional" Student.
The Role of Self-Esteem in Your Life as a Student.

I. Sources of Self-Esteem.

1. Self-Esteem Development.
What is Self-Esteem? The Nature of Self-Esteem. The Circle Model.

2. The Core Circle: Inborn Preferences.
Personality Types. Personality Type, Culture, and Self-Esteem. Learning and Personality Preferences.

3. The Second Circle: The Influence of Family.
Early Family Messages. Family Role Models and Educational Messages. Reading as a Family Value. Cultural Support for Education. First-Generation Students. The Impact of Birth Order.

4. The Third Circle: Messages from the Immediate Environment.
School Peer Group and Class Size. Students' Learning Styles and Teachers' Personality Preferences. Race, Gender, and Minority status in the Classroom. Disabilities and Self-Esteem. Math Anxiety, School Anxiety, and Other Fears.

5. The Fourth Circle: Impact of the Outer World.
Cultural Values: Growing Up "Different." Smith's Theory of Ethnic Identity Development. Prejudice and Stereotypes. Media Stereotypes. Gender-Role Socialization.

II. Symptoms of Low Self-Esteem and Strategiesfor Improvement.

6. Symptoms of Low Self-Esteem.
The Cases of Jorge and Mia. Maggies's story Revisited. A Word of Encouragement.

7. Strategies for Developing Self-Esteem.
Strategy One: Risking. Strategy Two: Removing Internal Barriers. Strategy Three: Assertiveness. Strategy Four: Relieving Stress.

8. Strategies for Success in School.
Time Management Issues. Developing Study Skills. Developing Your Support Systems. Identifying Campus Resources.

9. Success at Hand.
The Nature of Change. Extra Support in Developing Self-Esteem. Congratulations.

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