Building the International Criminal Court / Edition 1

Building the International Criminal Court / Edition 1

by Benjamin N. Schiff

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ISBN-10: 0521694728

ISBN-13: 9780521694728

Pub. Date: 05/28/2008

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

About the Author:
Benjamin N. Schiff is professor of politics at Oberlin College


About the Author:
Benjamin N. Schiff is professor of politics at Oberlin College

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Cambridge University Press
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New Edition
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6.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Preface     ix
Acronyms     xi
Introduction     1
The Court     3
Theoretical Perspective     4
Conundrums     9
River of Justice     14
Law: Divine, Natural, and Positive     15
International Humanitarian and Criminal Law     19
Swelling Streams of Justice     29
End of the Cold War and Resurfacing of Interest in an ICC     37
Explaining the Gathering Tide     39
Learning from the Yugoslavia and Rwanda Tribunals     42
The Tribunals' Mandates     43
Organization and Leadership     45
Tribunal Tribulations     48
Operational and Legal Innovations     58
Constructivism, Realism, Neoliberal Institutionalism     65
The Statute - Justice versus Sovereignty     68
Brief Negotiating History     69
The Preamble: Sovereignty, Perfectibility, and Identity     72
The Crimes     74
Taking Sovereignty Seriously     77
Old and New Justice Paradigms in the Statute     85
Why Do States Join?     89
Conclusions     92
Preamble of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court     92
Rome Statute Crimes     93
Building the Court     102
From Statute to Court     104
Cranking Up the Engine     109
Internal Frictions     120
New Justice Innovations     128
Coordination and Planning     134
Conclusions     141
NGOs - Advocates, Assets, Critics, and Goads     144
International Relations Theory and NGOs     145
Growth of NGO Involvement     146
NGOs and the Statute     147
Advocacy, Advice, and Outreach     151
The NGOs and ICC Operations     155
The Evolving NGO-ICC Relationship     160
Conclusions     163
ICC-State Relations     165
The Court's Supporters and Opponent(s)     167
States' Policy Oversight     181
Stateside Complementarity: Cooperating with the Court     189
Conclusions     192
The First Situations     194
Uganda     195
Congo     210
Sudan     226
The Central African Republic     242
Other Possible Situations     244
Conclusions     245
Conclusions: The Politics of the International Criminal Court     248
Mandate     248
Structure     249
Operations     250
NGOs     253
States     254
The Situations     255
Building Justice     257
Web Sites for Further and Ongoing Information     261
Bibliography and Sources     263
Index     293

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