Bull dozer Learns to be a Friend

Bull dozer Learns to be a Friend

by Kathy Hughes

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Sam is a fish put into a new home and he finds himself being bullied by a larger fish that soon learns what it is like to make new friends and friendships that last a lifetime.  See more details below


Sam is a fish put into a new home and he finds himself being bullied by a larger fish that soon learns what it is like to make new friends and friendships that last a lifetime.

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Bull Dozer

Learns to be a Friend
By Kathy Hughes


Copyright © 2012 Kathrine Hughes
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4772-2379-6

Chapter One

Bull Dozer is a Goldfish that lives in a large fish tank with his tank-mate Buster the sucker fish. He loves his tank, it was all his to do as he wished. Bull Dozer got his name because he loved to pick up the rocks in his tank with his mouth and move them to one spot one day and then move a different way the next day. It is his way of having fun. He loved to move his rocks!

Dozer loved to swim around his tank and find new things every day. One day as he was swimming in his tank he swam right into a new fish in his tank! What!! Who was this fish in his home? This was his home! How did this happen?? How did this fish get in his home?

The new fish was a little gold fish. The little gold fish saw Dozer and he smiled and said "Hello, my name is Sam. What is your name?"

Well Dozer was so mad; he said back to Sam "This is my home! You need to go away!" And Dozer started to chase Sam until Sam found a rock to hide under that Dozer could not get under.

Well, little Sam was so sad because he had been enjoying his new home. He loved the big colorful rocks, and the pretty plants that he could swim back and forth in. How could this be?? Poor little Sam was so sad. He did not know why the big goldfish did not like him and was being so mean to him. If he would only give Sam a chance he would find out what a great friend he could be. Sam thought of all the friends that he had back in his old home and he grew very very sad.

Sam stayed under the large rock for the rest of the day because he was too scared to go out and play. The next day Sam was still too scared to go out and play again, but he knew that he had to go out. So, Sam decided to swim around the tank again but he stayed very close to his big rock. As he was swimming around he saw a really large fish and he was scared again and he started to turn and swim back to his new home. Oh No! Another fish and he was bigger than the goldfish yesterday! What would he do? He was such a tiny fish.

Buster saw Sam too. He swam up to Sam, "Hello" he said in a big and yet friendly voice.

Well, Sam stopped and turned back around. What a friendly voice he had just heard and from such a BIG fish. "Hi" he said "My name is Sam, what's your name?"

Buster said "My name is Buster." Buster looked like a really nice fish and Sam thought that he would love to be friends with him.


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