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BUNDLE: Bolman: Reframing the Path to School Leadership, 2e + Johnson: Data Strategies to Uncover Hidden Inequities + Downey: 50 Ways to Close the Achievement Gap + Lehr: Graduation for All

BUNDLE: Bolman: Reframing the Path to School Leadership, 2e + Johnson: Data Strategies to Uncover Hidden Inequities + Downey: 50 Ways to Close the Achievement Gap + Lehr: Graduation for All

by Lee G. Bolman, Ruth S. Johnson, Carolyn J. Downey, Camilla A. Lehr

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Meet the Author

Lee G. Bolman is the Marion Bloch/Missouri Chair in Leadership at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. An author, teacher, con­sultant, and speaker, he has written numerous books on leadership and organizations with coauthor Terry Deal, including best-sellers Leading With Soul: An Uncommon Journey of Spirit (1995, 2001) and Reframing Organiza­tions: Artistry, Choice, and Leadership (1991, 1997), as well as The Path to School Leadership (1993) and Becoming a Teacher Leader (1994). Bolman holds a BA in History and a Ph D in Organizational Behavior from Yale University. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri, with his wife, Joan Gallos, and the two youngest of his children, Christopher and Bradley.

Ruth S. Johnson is a professor emeritus at California State University, Los Angeles. She has served in a variety of educational settings in New Jersey and California. Ruth received her Ed.D. in 1985 from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Her dissertation was titled An Exploratory Study of Academic Labeling, Student Achievement and Student Ethnographic Characteristics. At the K–12 level, she served as a classroom teacher, an instructional consultant, a director of elementary education, an analyst, an assistant superintendent of schools in the areas of curriculum and business, and as a superintendent of schools. She initiated efforts that resulted in raising academic standards and student achievement in low performing school districts. She served as an education consultant for the New Jersey Department of Education and as a director for two non-profit organizations in California which focused on raising student achievement in underserved student populations. Her major scholarly interests and publications focus on processes related to changing the academic culture of urban schools, with an emphasis on access and equity. In addition to her four published books, she has written numerous book chapters, articles, editorials, research reports, and manuscript reviews. As a recognized speaker, she has presented nationally to scholarly and professional audiences and serves as a consultant to schools and districts.

Carolyn J. Downey is professor emeritus of educational leadership in the College of Education at San Diego State University. She formerly was the superintendent for the Kyrene School District, Phoenix-Tempe, Arizona. Downey has written several books and numerous articles. She is the author of the training program "The Three-Minute Walk-Through and Reflective Feedback for Higher Student Achievement." Her most recent book with Betty E. Steffy, William K. Poston Jr., and Fenwick W. English is 50 Ways to Close the Achievement Gap. She was the major architect of the CMSI Individual School Audit using the 50 Characteristics for Higher Student Achievement. She is the author of several of the Principal-Teacher Series for Higher Student Achievement training materials. She received her MS from the University of Southern California and her Ph D from Arizona State University.

Camilla A. Lehr, Ph.D., is a Research Associate with the Institute on Community Integration (University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities) at the University of Minnesota. She is the Principal Investigator and Director of the Alternative Schools Research Project, a three-year federally funded project studying alternative schools across the nation and the role they play in preventing dropout, providing quality education for students at risk, and serving students with disabilities. Prior to directing the Alternative Schools Research Project, she co-directed a truancy prevention/student engagement project for children and youth in elementary and middle schools (Check & Connect). She has held interim and adjunct faculty positions at the University of Minnesota (School Psychology Program) and at Hamline University (Education Department) respectively. Prior to returning to the University in 1988, Dr. Lehr worked as a licensed school psychologist in a large suburban school district. Dr. Lehr has worked in the educational arena for nearly 20 years. Her research interests are focused in the areas of dropout prevention, engaging children and youth placed at risk in school, and promoting positive school climates. She is lead author on several recent products in the area of dropout prevention including an integrative review of interventions focused on dropout described in the professional literature, and an Essential Tool on Dropout Prevention published by the National Center on Secondary Education and Transition. Dr. Lehr has presented at a variety of local and national conferences. She has co-authored research reports, journal articles, book chapters, and other documents with national impact.

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