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Burger's Daughter

Burger's Daughter

4.7 7
by Nadine Gordimer

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This is the moving story of the unforgettable Rosa Burger, a young woman from South Africa cast in the mold of a revolutionary tradition. Rosa tries to uphold her heritage handed on by martyred parents while still carving out a sense of self. Although it is wholly of today, Burger's Daughter can be compared to those 19th century Russian classics that make a


This is the moving story of the unforgettable Rosa Burger, a young woman from South Africa cast in the mold of a revolutionary tradition. Rosa tries to uphold her heritage handed on by martyred parents while still carving out a sense of self. Although it is wholly of today, Burger's Daughter can be compared to those 19th century Russian classics that make a certain time and place come alive, and yet stand as universal celebrations of the human spirit. Nadine Gordimer, winner of the 1991 Nobel Prize in Literature, was born and lives in South Africa.

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Meet the Author

Nadine Gordimer is the author of eleven previous novels, as well as collections of stories and essays. She has received many awards, including the Booker Prize (for The Conservationist in 1974) and the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1991. She lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Burger's Daughter 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Malya vixon ran breathlessly down the alley. Her fthers formar gang was chasing her down to take her with them. After her dads murder a coyple yr ago malya has been on her own trting to survive in the tough neighboor hood she lives in.... continue at next book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love is a powerful... surprizingly powerful, really. In the begining of time, a certain man was so loving and kind that he was given the honorable duty of protecting the gift of love. It was his life's duty to keep it safe, and when he grew too old to protect it, he would pass the sacred duty to whoever he thought was most worthy of it. As centurys have passed, new protectors have taken over and the world's precious gift of love has remained safe........."Aaron! Breakfast! You can't be late for the first day of your first job!" Mrs. Clark called her youngest son. She sighed as she walked to the kitchen to check her bacon. Aaron had never been like her two other sons. Aaron was lazy, but he could smooth-talk his way out of anything. He had gotten to age 19 before his parents finally made him go to a job interview. He had said that he felt devoted to school, and he wanted to focus on studying and keeping his grades up during high school. But...as with everything else...he had let everyone down. He barely graduated. He averaged Ds all the way across..... Aaron rubbed his eyes as he looked around his room. "Gosh..." the mess was worse than ever. His parents would surely kick him out soon if he couldn't pick the place up sometime. He took his time going down the winding stairway to the kitchen. This was a big day. He needed this job. And lucky for him Lauren Smith works at History Unfolded, the museum/library where he was going to start work. Lauren had been his crush since 4th grade. The other girls he dated didn't compare..... After breakfast Aaron put his new work uniform on. It felt weird and stiff, "probably just because l'm used to pajamas all day..." he mused to himself. Driving to the new job was hard without his favorite Eagles CD, and he wanted a smoke. Why? What did his dad see wrong with a simple CD and a pack of cigarettes? Once at History Unfolded, Aaron slowly went in. "Big day, Aaron. Don't ruin it." He mumbled to himself. "Hi!", a friendly lady at the desk greeted him as he walked in. "You must be Aaron Clark! Oh, we've needed extra help for quite awhile! Yay!" She said very upbeat and peppy. He nodded. "Where do l go?" He asked simply. This was obviously not the question the lady was expecting. She narrowed her eyes and pointed to the hall just to the left of her desk. Aaron said thank you and walked down the hallway wondering at the lady's reaction at his simple question. "Aaron?" A sweet voice called from behind him. "You're my trainee?" It was Lauren. "Ah- yeah- l mean, l think...l guess- er...yes. You're my trainer...unless you dont want to be, because really, l mean it's up to you, but they told me it was you...l dont know....hi." he was visibly nervous. "I don't mind training you," Lauren giggled. "Follow me...l'll show ya around." She said with a smile. At the end if the work day Aaron didn't feel so bad about the job. $10 an hour to spend time with Lauren! Just as he was about to clock out, Louren walked up to him. "Can l show you something?" "Sure!" Aaron replied excitedly. "This way..." she led him into a closet. She slid back a wooden pannel and revealed a staircase leading down. She went first and Aaron followed. At the bottom of the stairs there was a long path. They traveled the path for what felt like miles using only Lauren's flashlight as light. Finally they could see something up ahead. A wall? No... a door? Yes! A door! To what?...Lauren looked up at Aaron with her big eyes, "You can never tell anyone..."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ok i am going to redo my story i didnt like it lol it was ghe short version of one of my stories...imma do a diff one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A small man, fifteen, stood waiting for his girlfriend at a quaint place called Victorian Diner. His girlfriend was usually early, but he waited anyway. Eventually he gave up and walkes inside, turning his back on the hiden stranger. The stranger, a little girl around ten, stood looking innocint with bobbing curls in her flaming red hair. But the girl had a secret. She is the youngest of the town, but the smartest. She wore a dress of silk and cotton, decorated with little sequins of various colors. She stepped onto the road, people turning and looking at the child prodigy as she smirked and walked as if she had all the time in the world. A voice echoed that made the girl stop. "Kathrine!! Kate?" The voice belonged to her dad, an old and grumpy man. He was miserable. Kate simply walked further down the street until she got to Victorian Diner, then she opened the door and walked in, slowly. The kid was spoiled, but she took her education very seriously. She waited until her favorite waiter, Maureen, was standing in front of her, smiling and asked, "Key Kate! What was today like?" Kate responded with a confident "Well, everything was the same. But, i as i walked my daily stroll, i found a squirrel. It had a broken arm, so i took it home." As devious as the girl was, she was surprisingly loving and caring. Maureen usually was a caretaker of the girl, she said her parents were boring and lousy. Kate liked Maureen. Maureen was her role model. The two were the perfect duo, but Kate still had secrets. As Maureen walked Kate to her table, Kate thought about that boy at school. Drake... Kate had a crush on him. And she had a way of getting her way. Kate pushed the thought away and ordered her dinner, the regular, a tray of meatloaf with Spanish spices and ketchup. She waited for her meal, and looked around to see who was here today. The regular waiters for a Friday, a couple of older people, but one face made Kates heart leap. There, at the table across from her, sat Drake. Drake looked over at her and gave her a wink, but Kate, instead of blushing, walked to where Drake and his family sat, and gave him a hug from behind him. Drake was embarrased, his older brother was making the moment worse by mocking him with kissy lips. Kate sat down after that, face beet red. Maureen had come with the food, and Kate slowly picked at it, ate a couple of bites, then stared at Drake for about a minute. Maureen had caugt Kate staring at the boy, and asked about him, but by that time she had finished and paid, then set off to her house. Again, as she turned onto Main Street, everyone in the market stared. Kate ran home, turning up on 31St street and ran up into 1324, her home. She raced into her room, heart racing. She calmed down by listening to music and reading, two hobbies. When that was found boring, she examined the squirrel. Bob, she had named him. She poured out the day to Bob, as if the squirrel was a journal. Minutes later, the doorbell rang. Kate went out to see who it was. There stood the boy, brown hair combed, smiling at himself, that was Drake. His self-centered sense of humor enlightened everybody. Kate hid behind the door, heard racing. She opened the door slowly, peeking to see what Drake would do. Kate simply said, "Come in." Nerves racked her. Had this been the moment she dreamed so vividly about for the past month? Drake walked in casually, and gave Kate a big hug. He whispered in her ear, and Kate blushed. She hugged back. This was it, now.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Maybe I am going crazy. Although I am not going to admit it, even to myself. It's just that Hazel does not see the men in dark trenchcoats. She does not see the lone teenage boy who will always bother me. Yeah, ok. I am going crazy. Being locked up in a cell does that to a person. It doesn't help your mental state of mind. Not for the reason I am in here, anyways. Hazel Brony is my cellmate in the Clark County Jail. She is a sixteen year old, smooth talking girl. She was put into the young adult ward for manipulating her mother into killing her father. Hazel is not your perfect American girl. I was put into this small and cramped cell for knowing to much. I wish I had never entered the family business. Being a spy is extremely dangerous work. Especially if you are a fifteen year old girl all alone in Las Vegas, going up against the mob. Nope. Not safe. But necisary if I want to eat. My parents were killed when I was three. My dad was an assassin. My mom was a part time secret agent. My brother was secret service. My sister was going to be a Marine. All were killed. I am the only one left. A guard bangs on the door of the cell, making Hazel jump. The guard laughs. "Calm down, Hazel." The guard is only eighteen. He knows Hazel from school. She told me that they were once good friends. His name is Tyler. Tyler turns his eyes on me. I see the warmth seep out of them. His mouth forms a tight lipped frown. Tyler does not the same compassion for me that he has for Hazel. "Bree, I heard you talking to yourself last night," He smirks. "You're going crazy, aren't you?" I laugh haughtily. "Me? Crazy? I don't think so." I flip my blonde braid behind my back. "You are the crazy one." Tyler glares at me, his brown eyes alight with hatred. I wink sarcastically at him. He pulls out the keys to the cell door, keeping watch on me. I also do not break our eye contact. I have a plan. I wait until he opens the door, just a crack. Then I pounce on him. His screams are quickly sienced by Hazel, who quietly begs him to not shout. I giggle at her antics and kick him in the side of his head, knocking him out. "C'mon, Hazel! Let's get out of here." Stepping out of the cell, I grab Tyler's pistol. Hazel has his knife. *That is all i am going to write*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cam we do poems?