Buried in Bargains (Good Buy Girls Series #3)

Buried in Bargains (Good Buy Girls Series #3)

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by Josie Belle

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By Jenn McKinlay, author of the Library Lover's mysteries and the Cupcake Bakery mysteries, writing as Josie Belle

Maggie Gerber and those discount divas, the Good Buy Girls, are gearing up for their first big holiday thrift shop sale. But one of the Girls—Joanne Claramotta, pregnant with her first child—is acting less than festive. It could…  See more details below


By Jenn McKinlay, author of the Library Lover's mysteries and the Cupcake Bakery mysteries, writing as Josie Belle

Maggie Gerber and those discount divas, the Good Buy Girls, are gearing up for their first big holiday thrift shop sale. But one of the Girls—Joanne Claramotta, pregnant with her first child—is acting less than festive. It could be hormones. Or it could be Diane Jenkins, the young knockout her husband, Michael, hired as his new deli assistant.

Calming Joanne’s nerves proves impossible when Maggie finds Michael unconscious on his deli floor—and with Diane next to him, strangled to death with her apron strings. Then Maggie discovers something even more disturbing.

There’s no record of Diane having been hired. In fact, she has no history at all. It’s as if she never even existed. Now Maggie fears that unwrapping Michael’s secrets could really kill her holiday spirit.


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Praise for 50% Off Murder

“If you love to shop ’til you drop, watch out for Josie Belle’s first entry in a new mystery series—because murder’s no bargain.”—Leann Sweeney, author of The Cat, the Wife and the Weapon
“Maggie Gerber runs the Good Buy Girls, made up of four women who are master shoppers and coupon clippers. That...premise launches an engaging mystery full of humor, a layered plot, and even a little romance.”—Amy Alessio, author of the Alana O’Neill Mysteries
50% off Murder is a great deal: there’s mystery, romance, and humor wrapped up in one entertaining package. As a bonus, there’s no extra charge for those laugh-out-loud moments. I look forward to many more adventures from Maggie and her friends...Meanwhile, bring on those money-saving tips!”—Mary Jane Maffini, author of the Charlotte Adams Mysteries
“100% fun. It’s the real deal!”—B. B. Haywood, author of Town in a Pumpkin Bash

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Buried in Bargains 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
judiOH More than 1 year ago
this is the third story in this series. deli owner michael hires a young pretty girl that is a stranger to the town. no one knows who she is and they are secretive. is he having an affair? his wife is worried. then all too soon michael is found in the back of the deli, bleeding from a head would and unconscious. nearby is the body of his new hire. the gbg's (good buy girls) rally around. while the murder is being investigated, sam, (the local sheriff) and maggie,(they have a history) renew their friendship. who is this girl named diane? is that even her real name? why would someone want her dead? is michael involved? oh my! and what about sam and maggie? a very good read that doesn't take long to get you involved in the story. two thumbs up!
Tarri More than 1 year ago
Buried in Bargains is the third installment in cozy mystery series about a group of four good friends who bond over their love of bargain shopping. Maggie Gerber is the main character and she is a curious widow with a grown daughter and a new relationship with her high school boyfriend. Sam has recently returned to town after 20 years away and is the sheriff. I liked the first two books in the series more than I liked this one, but it could have just been the subject matter (young woman found murdered). I'm not sure, but I do really like the characters and I love the way the author moves the relationship between Sam and Maggie along at the speed it would happen in real life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
PidjacMBA More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this book because of the writer's delightful prose and ability to make you feel as if you know these characters. I hope that you all enjoy the adventures of Maggie Gerber and the rest of the GBGs.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Justpeachy1 More than 1 year ago
The Good Buy Girls are back in the third installment of the series, Buried in Bargains. Author Josie Belle (aka. Jenn McKinlay) has created a series that is refreshing in the cozy sub-genre. It isn't a culinary mystery series this time, but a shopping series. In this economy who doesn't need tips on finding a good bargain? Belle enchants readers with the cozy town of St. Stanley and the ladies of the Good Buy Girls group. Readers will be scratching their heads with this mystery. Who is she and where did she come from? A great addition to the series! First of all Jenn McKinlay has a lot of irons in the fire. She is the author of not one, but five different cozy mystery series'. Now that's impressive. As Josie Belle, McKinlay writes about one of most women's favorite pass times, shopping. I loved the whole theme of the series and Buried in Bargains is set during the Christmas season, when bargains really matter. So I thought that was a great plot point. I liked the fact that the author also put that great hot chocolate in a jar gift in the back of the book as well. Cute and a lot of fun to make and give as a gift, and quite economical too boot.  When one of the Good Buy Girls isn't in a festive mood. Everyone believes it's hormones, but more than likely it's the sexy new assistant her husband has hired to work at their family deli. At first that looked like a pretty cut and dried plot. The wife gets framed for either the murder of the husband or the assistant. Well it turns out it was the assistant, but that's just the beginning of this story. The assistant wasn't really an assistant. In fact she doesn't really exist, at least as far as anyone can figure out. She has no past, but she is dead. I liked the whole plot there were several interesting aspects to it. The wife being pregnant. How the girl was associated with the husband. Who was she and where did she come from? It will definitely keep you guessing. Maggie once again steals the show. She is a wonderful amateur sleuth. She has that subtle charm that helps her get information out of people with ease. She has ins with the local police as she once dated the Sheriff in high school. But most importantly she has good friends and townspeople to back her up. I love her store, My Sister's Closet and the ideas she has for selling her gently used clothing. I liked the hunt for gift wrap and the jovial friendship that is apparent with the Good Buy Girls. There is a lot to love about Maggie and I think readers will find her captivating and very easy to identify with. I loved the growing attraction between Maggie and the Sheriff and how Belle is letting it work itself out as the series goes along. It's not easy to be an amateur sleuth when you love interest is the head of the police department. I fear there will be struggles a head for these two, but the beginnings of their relationship is fun to read and anticipate. Readers get a good dose of romance, a well thought out mystery and a great theme with Buried in Bargains.  I am looking forward to seeing what the Good Buy Girls get into next. The preview in the back of this book for the next book in the series, was excellent. It's got my curiosity up, don't forget to check it out when you finish the book.
chefdt More than 1 year ago
Buried In Bargains is the third book in the A Good Buy Girls Mystery series. I think it is the best yet. The holidays are getting near and things are busy for Maggie at home and at her shop, My Sister's Closet. Everyone is also busy getting ready for the Holiday Ball to held at Bianca's fashionable home. Joanne, one of the Good Buy Girls, is in the early term of her pregnancy and is feeling jealous of the new girl that her husband Michael has hired at their deli. When Maggie overhears a private conversation between Michael and the girl, Maggie begins to wonder if something is going on. The next day Maggie goes to the deli to order additional food for holidays and finds the young lady has been strangled and Michael lying in a pool of blood from a head injury. So it's time for the Good Buy Girls to put their heads together and to make sure the police don't continue to look at Joanne and Michael as the murderer. All the character we have learned to love and hate are back. Summer is back to reek havoc on Maggie's sanity. Also Britney's obnoxious self is back. Also Laura, Maggie's daughter, is home from school and is a joy for Maggie to have help out at the shop. Oh, yes, and Maggie has seemed to have made a decision of who the love of her life will be. Definitely looking forward to this next book.