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Burning Emerald (Cambion Chronicles Series #2)

Burning Emerald (Cambion Chronicles Series #2)

4.2 23
by Jaime Reed

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Book 2 of The Cambion Chronicles

Dating the most popular guy in school is every girl's fantasy. But to Samara Marshall, he's a dangerous force come to rekindle their tangled past. Only it's not her past. . .

Samara faces a challenging senior year. Controlling her inner demon is a struggle, even with help from her Cambion boyfriend, Caleb. But her life takes


Book 2 of The Cambion Chronicles

Dating the most popular guy in school is every girl's fantasy. But to Samara Marshall, he's a dangerous force come to rekindle their tangled past. Only it's not her past. . .

Samara faces a challenging senior year. Controlling her inner demon is a struggle, even with help from her Cambion boyfriend, Caleb. But her life takes a turn for the worse when the hottest jock in school begins pursuing her--especially since Malik's anything but what he seems. They share a connection from a forgotten past--a secret that could destroy her and Caleb.

As the attraction becomes harder to resist, Samara is now at the mercy of the demon within her. To break free, Sam must fight a battle where she is the enemy and the prize. . .and victory will come at a deadly price.

Praise for Living Violet

"Sexy and snarky! I dare you not to laugh while reading this fantastic debut." --Kody Keplinger, author of The Duff and Shut Out

"Jaime Reed breathes fresh life into paranormal romance." --Lee Nichols, author of the Haunting Emma series

Editorial Reviews

VOYA - Charla Hollingsworth
Samara's life has undergone a tremendous change recently: she is the host body for a demon named Lilith. Along with her personal succubus, Samara has been introduced to the world of the Cambion and incubi and succubi. One of the Cambion laws holds that demons mate for life. Samara/Lilith believe they have found their perfect mate in Caleb and his demon, Capone. Complications arise when a new demon, Tobias (who does not need a human host), arrives and attempts to kill Caleb/Capone. After learning that Lilith and Tobias were mates decades ago, Samara realizes she must fight to save Caleb/Capone. After Tobias attempts to kill Caleb/Capone, he takes the form of a hot guy Samara previously dated, Malik. Using Malik's body as his human cover, Tobias begins to wreak havoc in Samara's life to win her and Lilith away from Caleb/Capone. After surviving an epic battle, Caleb and Samara think they have succeeded in destroying Tobias, but Lilith has other plans as she takes over Samara's body, soul, and mind. While Burning Emerald can be read as a stand-alone novel, it would cause less reader confusion to first read Living Violet (Kensington, 2011/Voya April 2012), the initial book in The Cambion Chronicles. This novel has minor sexual references and a moderate amount of violence, and treats demons and the occult as common parts of everyone's lives. The cliff-hanger ending will leave many readers eagerly awaiting the third installment. Reviewer: Charla Hollingsworth
School Library Journal
Gr 8 Up—If only Samara's biggest problem were to get through senior year with minimal drama. But biracial Sam is also a Cambion, her body host to Lilith, a demonic parasite that feeds off human energy. Each day is a study in self-control. On top of this is her soul-level link to her Cambion boyfriend. Then a deadly enemy threatens Caleb's life and, by association, Sam's sanity. Tobias, an incubus, is determined to claim Lilith for himself at any cost. Tobias and Lilith have unfinished business, and Sam and Caleb are unfortunate enough to be caught in the crossfire. This sequel to Living Violet (Dafina, 2012) is packed with action and drama, and the ethnic heritage of the characters gives the titles multicultural appeal. Unfortunately, the characters lack dimension, and several plot elements recall other books in the genre. Still, libraries serving a large ethnic population might consider this series to supplement their paranormal fiction collections.—Alissa J. LeMerise, Oxford Public Library, MI
Kirkus Reviews
Adjusting to her new status as a Cambion and the rest of the fallout from Living Violet (2012), Samara learns just how complicated sharing a single body with an extra soul can be. Though she's still grieving the loss of her friend Nadine, Samara thinks she's getting a handle on living as a Cambion; she became a demon-hybrid when Nadine passed her succubus soul, Lilith, to Samara right before dying. While Nadine also transferred many of her memories, there are still unanticipated gaps in Samara's Cambion knowledge, leading to bombshell revelations of important details that affect Samara's life. These bits of information range from olive-oil intolerance to the concrete, permanent consequences should Samara ever consummate her relationship with fellow Cambion Caleb. That one in particular, along with other details of demonic puberty, showcases the drawbacks of being supernatural. The expansion of supernatural creatures and Cambion mythology is neatly knitted in with the other huge ramification of Lilith and Nadine's hidden memories: Romantic baggage from Nadine/Lilith's past coming back to haunt Samara, with potentially grave consequences for Caleb. The solid worldbuilding is complemented by Samara's voice, which reads as more consistent and developed than in the earlier outing, and nuanced racial dynamics. The rock and the hard place Samara ends up trapped between stalls the plot temporarily, but a twist ending sets up the next book. The simultaneous broadening of world, story and character will please fans. (discussion questions) (Paranormal romance. 13-17)

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Publication date:
Cambion Chronicles Series , #2
Sales rank:
Product dimensions:
5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.10(d)
Age Range:
13 - 17 Years

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The Cambion Chronicles

Dafina KTeen Books

Copyright © 2012 Jaime Reed
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-7582-6925-6

Chapter One

When you're a Cambion, balance is paramount.

Never lose control, never allow emotions to run wild, and never, ever forget who you are and what lives within you. Such discipline requires a sound mind, a thick skin, and a high tolerance for all things weird, because one wrong move and it's over. No matter how tempting it is at first, in the end there's nothing more tragic, more excruciating, than losing yourself.

Well, except maybe high school.

I swam against the rough current of swinging backpacks, sharp elbows, and whipping ponytails, all in hopes of reaching the auditorium in one piece. The corridors overflowed with foot traffic, disorganized chatter, and the rowdy boom of slamming lockers. The floor rumbled from the stampede fleeing the fourth class of the day.

The varsity team hooted victory chants to the trophy gods behind the glass case in front of the main office. Teenyboppers huddled together in tight clusters, sharing magazines and gushing over the latest fad. Straight ahead lay the obstacle course of shameless make-out bandits who needed to rent a hotel room and stop blocking the hallway. The only thing missing was the cheesy pop soundtrack and the CW logo in the bottom corner. TV high school looked a lot cleaner though, and I bet it didn't reek of bleach and dried ketchup.

I hid my face behind my compact mirror while trying to ignore the dagger stares aimed in my direction, especially if the owners of those eyes had a boyfriend nearby. Even Lilith, my "internal roommate," bristled at the laser beam of hate that shot my way.

My peers had dubbed me the freak of James City High School, not because of the red and white stripe in my hair or my butterball figure, but because of the avid attention from the males who crossed my path. 'Twas the curse of the dreaded possession, I'm afraid.

I wouldn't have been able to explain what a Cambion was three months ago, or known such a thing as human-demon hybrids existed. But now I knew from firsthand experience what it meant to have a soul of a succubus inside me, draining my energy, and luring unsuspecting males to their death to get more. Nothing much I could do about the long, hungry glances and the not-so-subtle whispers. All I could do was avoid eye contact, stay out of trouble, and pray for June to come quickly. I only had eight months to go.

Flashing lights attacked my retinas as soon as I entered the auditorium. Two murky gray backdrops were stationed in the center of the stage, where hired photographers captured our final year for posterity. Two lines ran at opposite ends of the platform steps and leaked into the aisles.

I trotted down the steep incline where teachers directed students to the photo table. I found my name on the list, grabbed my ticket and one of those cheap plastic combs nurses use to check head lice, and then got in line. A good number of students stood ahead of me, fixing their hair and retouching their makeup. The rest sat in the rows of seats, in no rush to go to class.

Not even a moment after I stood in line, my best friend rested her head on my shoulder, her whole body trembling with laughter. "Girl, did you see what Courtney G. is wearing? It's what you would call 'a piping-hot mess.'"

I blotted my nose and chin. "Now, now, Mia. Be nice. We all can't be a fashionista like you."

"Of course not, but I expect the basic principles of coordination. I mean, really?" Mia shook her head, her whiskey-brown eyes widened in dismay. "Another thing, when are these kids gonna learn that you don't keep wearing your new clothes the first few weeks of school? You slowly blend it into your existing wardrobe."

There was the fashion police and there was the one-man Gestapo called Mia Moralez. How she passed dress code with the getups she wore was the magic trick of the century. And today's eye-popping number was no exception. She showed more breast and thigh than an eight-piece combo meal, yet never got called to the office. How did that work? I envied her bravery and her slim physique, but as of late, I envied her ability to ace pre-cal without breaking a sweat. The girl was a walking Pentium chip with expensive taste.

"Ohmigod! What happened to your face?" She spun me around and pinched my cheeks between her fingers. "Sam, who did this?"

Why do people feel the need to poke and prod at a victim's injuries? Ducking her curious fingers, I answered, "Stray dodgeball to the dome." I took a deep breath, knowing I wouldn't get two feet without telling her the whole story.

Female aggression had reached critical mass today when the girls in third period gym decided to use me for target practice. A simple game of dodgeball had led to a thirty-minute death match, and even the gym teacher had turned a blind eye to the ambush.

Caleb, my main squeeze and fellow Cambion, had experienced his share of rabid females. He'd warned me about our powerful allure and told me to expect hostility from other girls, especially the insecure ones. But oh no, I had to be hardheaded and shrug it off. The daily dose of haterade was bitter and hard to swallow, leaving my thirst for female camaraderie unquenched.

Well, almost.

"Those evil bitches!" Mia shrieked again after hearing my tale of woe. "Of all the days to get a black eye—Picture Day! These are our senior pictures, the ones that are going into the yearbook, for the world to see. Now look at you, a shell of what you once were. Don't worry, I'll take 'em down." She searched around the auditorium as if one of my attackers lurked in the shadows.

And the award for best actress in an over-dramatization goes to ...

It wasn't that bad, nothing a little concealer couldn't fix, and the swelling had gone down considerably—a little puffiness near my cheekbone. "Forget it. I can take care of myself," I assured.

"I know, but they can't just—"

"Let it go, Mia. I don't want any more trouble. I want to survive the year without further bloodshed."

It took a few minutes, but she finally let the subject drop. Folding her arms, she studied me from head to toe. Her long, dark locks rested over her right shoulder in one enormous curl, accenting her exotic, island features. "You're not gonna wear those contacts for your picture, are you? It would add a little flare to the aesthetics, but it might draw more attention to your shiner."

I froze mid primp. I knew I'd forgotten to do something when I left the house this morning, but I'd been running late and pretending to be normal took a lot of prep work. For the sake of appearances, I'd had to order a lifetime supply of brown contacts to pass as my old color, thanks to the sentient being living inside me. Lilith's occupancy made my eyes extremely sensitive, and she hated weird window dressing obstructing her view. To give her peace, I switched up every few days and I took them out as soon as I got home. As far as anyone knew, my emerald-green eyes were fake, not the other way around.

"Well, I wanted to make my mark," I replied with a bit of sass.

"Suit yourself. I'm out. Catch you later," she said just as I caught Malik Davis entering the auditorium from over her shoulder. I knew as soon as he saw me, he would try to spark a conversation.

I turned to Mia in a rush of panic. "You're done?"

"I was the first in line. Had to get it over and done with. It's hard work to look this good all day." Mia sauntered away before I could grab her and use her as a shield.

Normally, I wouldn't be so clingy, but I so didn't feel like having another run-in with Malik. It was bad enough my black eye would be immortalized in eight-by-ten gloss; I didn't need him rubbing it in.

Malik Davis, a senior and my new shadow, fueled the wet dreams of every girl in school. As if he needed more attention, Malik had become an overnight celebrity when his truck wrapped around a tree last month and he walked away without a scratch, a heroic tale that he never grew sick of telling. Who wouldn't want to hang on the arm of the sexy basketball captain who cheated death? Oh yeah, that would be me.

"How you doin', Shorty?" he drawled in that smooth, magnolia tone that could melt butter. The solid wall of his body brushed my back.

The nickname grated my ears and made my skin crawl. True, the top of my head barely reached to his shoulders, but I wasn't a garden gnome, and pointing out someone's faults was not a good way to spark a conversation.

"Great, thanks. And yourself?" I stepped away as the line moved forward.

"It's a good day, especially after seeing you," Malik whispered in my ear.

"You give me too much credit. You shouldn't need a girl to make you happy. If so, you have plenty to choose from."

"Maybe so, but you've got my undivided attention, girl. I don't know why I never noticed you before; we've got a bunch of classes together and all that. But I like light-skinned girls, and your contacts are hot. They look so real."

Here we go. If I had a quarter for every time someone mentioned my eye color—

"Let me ask you something. What's a fine sistah like you doing with that white boy? You know he's using you, right?"

I stopped. "For what?"

His gaze slid down my body at leisure. "What you think?"

I wasn't even going to dignify that with an answer, but it served to remind me why I couldn't stand him in the first place. Since tenth grade, Malik had made my mixed race a subject of ridicule, judging my choice of friends, my vocabulary, my taste in music, and now my boyfriend. The words sellout, Oreo, and zebra were commonly used in our brief exchanges. "Fine sistah" had never been included, but was a new moniker, courtesy of my roommate's influence, no doubt.

"I don't mean no harm by it," he said. "I just—"

"Just what, Malik? 'Cause I don't like your tone."

"That Caleb guy will never take you seriously, Samara. He's just gonna take what he wants, then leave."

"And let me guess, you're so much better for me, because we all know you would never get with a girl and leave her high and dry," I bit back.

The photographer's perky assistant yelled for the next pair to approach the stage, which was Malik and me.

After handing the assistant his ticket, the cause of my growing headache turned to me. "Look, I'm just watching out for you. How could you even stomach being with somebody like that?"

That did it. Evidently, people didn't get anywhere in life by being polite in this school. Turning on the balls of my feet, I glared up at him. He looked amused, but that didn't last long.

"Look here, there's no nice way to put this, so I won't even try. It's none of your damn business what I do with my boyfriend. I'm sure it eats you up inside that I'm not sniffing behind you like the rest of the herd, or that you will never in life get to sample any of this luscious I got going on, but seriously, you need to get off my ass, or else I'll break my foot off in yours." I strolled to the stage, leaving Malik standing with a stunned look on his face.

The assistant directed me to the stool and ordered me to sit up straight. Malik sat in the station to my left, his stare burning at my profile, but I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of caring.

There was just something about him that didn't sit well with me, even more than usual. An air of danger loomed around him, an unnatural aura that gave me the willies. Lilith felt it as well, voicing her disquiet with sharp tingles up my spinal cord, and worrying the network of nerves lining my midsection. While the photographer arranged my chin and shoulders in the right position, I snuck a glance at Malik.

He was good-looking, hotter than my boyfriend, though I would never whisper that to a living soul. It shamed me to admit that I'd had a few fantasies of him, most involving a hot tub and a vat of cookie dough ice cream, but that secret will follow me to the grave. Besides, looks meant nothing if you were an asshole, a self-righteous tool who turned into a skeleton in sharp lighting.

Wait, what the—?

I blinked and spun my stool completely in Malik's direction. Did I just see what I thought I did? As soon as the camera flashed, his clothes, skin, and all external material vanished, leaving a framework of bones sitting on the stool. The weird X-ray vision only lasted a second, but that was enough to freak me out.

When the photographer finished, Malik rose to his feet and strolled to the opposite side of the stage. He spared me a fleeting glance and smiled with more humor than the occasion called for. A quick glint of gold flickered in his dark brown eyes, then disappeared.

"Face this way, hon. Shoulders straight." The voice of my own photographer snapped me back to attention.

My heart tapped Morse code against my ribs as I tried in vain to make sense of what I'd just seen. Forcing the worst smile in history, I waited for the camera flash.

Nothing outside of the natural surprised me anymore, but my curiosity would never die. The events of the summer had taught me well never to ignore those feelings, but to embrace them and expect the unexpected. Maybe I wasn't the only freak getting their learn on at James City High School. Perhaps it was a new power I had acquired that I was just now tapping into, an ability to foresee danger, like in those Final Destination movies. More than likely, it was my overactive mind running wild, something that happened a lot lately.

I only knew that this was a warning of some sort, a whisper too faint too make out the words.

Chapter Two

Despite everything that had changed in my life, things stayed the same at Buncha Books, much like how cartoon characters never aged or changed clothes. I found it refreshing.

Fusion jazz pumped through the speakers. A group of girls giggled and read steamy paperbacks from the erotica section. Young entrepreneurs hovered over their laptops, abusing the free Wi-Fi the store provided. Old men who had mistaken the bookstore for a rest home hogged all the sofas while reading the newspaper. Yep, business as usual at Buncha Books, set under a thick aroma of fresh cookies and hot espresso.

Alicia Holloway was on duty with me at the café, perky and animated as ever, which put a damper on my afternoon. Her elfin face, hopeful brown eyes, and twisty braids always reminded me of a black woodland sprite who couldn't find her way home. She stood by the barista machine, watching a tin of hot milk bubble with foam.

"I'm not judging or anything, but it's just weird," she began, concerning the unlikely attraction between Caleb and me. "Isn't there, like, a rule somewhere about not dating your coworkers?"

"Isn't there, like, a rule about minding your own business?" I mocked while toweling off my wet hands, taking extra care to dry the gold bracelet on my wrist. I rotated the chain so the nameplate stood face up, and Lilith hummed when she recognized her name engraved on it in elegant script.

Alicia let out a shrill meow and set a row of fixed drinks on the coffee bar. "Somebody forgot to bring their charm to work. I'm just saying, you should be more low-key. People talk, you know."

I watched her rush to the register to ring up the next customer. "Yeah, like people are talking in school about your tragic romance with Garrett Davenport."

"What!" she squeaked, dropping the customer's change. She quickly apologized, then turned to me with alarm. "What did you hear?"

Shifting my lips from left to right, I crooned, "Oh, stuff. Like you and him secretly dating before he died and now all three Courtneys want your head on a platter, that's all. You're making enemies in high places. Be careful. Girls in our school are vicious."

Lifting her chin high, she poured coffee mix and ice in the blender. "I'm not scared of them."

My gaze wandered to the book floor and I smiled. "Oh, so if, say, Courtney B. rolled up right now, you wouldn't be scared?"

"Not at all."

"Good to know, because she's heading to the counter right now."

By the time I turned around, Alicia was a ghost with the blender still running. Only the swinging door of the back kitchen told me where she'd disappeared to. After finishing the drink order for her, I took my time going to the register and prayed for patience while in contact with the redheaded diva.

The three Courtneys were renowned in my school for their reign of tyranny, and Courtney B. ruled as the bloodsucking queen of the damned. The recent death of Garrett Davenport had shot the trio to stardom, and they milked the sympathy vote by wearing all black the first week of school. Telling by Courtney B.'s ensemble, the period of mourning was over.


Excerpted from BURNING EMERALD by JAIME REED Copyright © 2012 by Jaime Reed. Excerpted by permission of Dafina KTeen Books. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Burning Emerald 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Best book good cambion triligy
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was an awesome book I think everybody that likes mystery and adventure will love it
ReadingismySolace More than 1 year ago
This book was a great follow up from the first one! I found it much better and it was a page turner for me from the beginning.
Sweet-Tea1 More than 1 year ago
If you read the first book you are automatically drawn into this one. Keep reading it gets good.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm not one to read boks about normal life bull crap but ever sense I started reading paranormal romance was hooked, there was no going back. Lately though it's been a lot of I'm dating a friggin vampire this and oh hey guys I was just bitten by a werewolf just to let you know. I'm not saying those books aren't good , cause lately all I have been reading are good books, but he fact the first book has me hooked from the beginning this book had the same effect. Finally an author who writes about something other than vampires. Good for you. Keep writing your masterpiecesl
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
NWIStacey More than 1 year ago
No! No, no, no! What an ending to this novel! I almost threw it across the room! I know the author wants to keep me in suspense, and they did an excellent job and now I’m counting down the days until the next novel! Sam is no longer ‘just Sam.” She’s Caleb’s girlfriend and the controller of Lilith, the demon she inherited during Living Violet. She can no longer hide out without being noticed while Lilith lives inside her. As she learns to attempt to control Lilith, all hell breaks loose for Caleb and his demon, Capone. Capone takes over and tries to coax Lilith out into the open to wreck havoc on the ‘normal’ world. Reed has done a fantastic job drawing me into this story! My heart breaks, my laughter flows, and I feel like I’m right there beside the characters, cheering them on! I’m not fond of the cliff hanger ending, but it has kept me on my seat to say the least.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I agree with a few reviewers, but i actually liked this book more. My first reason being that it didn't seem like the author was trying too hard to make sure we knew Samara was a teen character, she wasn't using lingo from like a decade ago in this book, a lot. But in this book she did good, i will admit that the end sucked because we didn't get to see any of Caleb's plans go into effect and they didn't really interact like the couple we knew and loved or liked.! But know that i will be checkin' the next book out.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read the first book and really got into it but after reading this one it was like everything was being so dragged out... Not to mention that the ending was so disappointing
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Suspense and romance, two great things in any book. Can't wait for the next book. I could hardly put the book down, and when I was done, I read it over again.
ChelseaW More than 1 year ago
I'm not really sure how to go about reviewing this book. I was able to get into the first book, Living Violet, easily enough. It had a great female character with Samara, and a smoldering guy love interest with Caleb. But it also deals with demons living inside you. One of those paranormal elements that I just don't enjoy, no matter what the story is. However, I was still interested enough to want to read the second book in the Cambion Chronicles. The first book finishes with such a wide-open ending and I was desperate to see what would happen to Sam next. Unfortunately, Burning Emerald wasn't as good as the first book. It was still very interesting in a few places, such as those scenes where Sam and Caleb are together and reveling in their love, but for the most part I thought it was way too over the top. Again, this is just my personal tastes, but I don't find pleasure in reading about demons inhabiting bodies, or any other incubus-type beings. I just don't find them very alluring or attractive. Bonus points for Jaime Reed's writing. Sam is a totally geeky female character, who works at a bookstore (although we see less of this in Burning Emerald) and knows all sorts of nerdy pop-culture references. Her dialog sounds the same across all of the characters though, making me quickly bored with the banter. After this second book, I will not be checking out the third in the series, Fading Amber. But if you're one of those girls that likes Demons in your beautiful men, be sure to include this series in your reading list!
BooksWithBite More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! So action packed, Burning Emerald is awesome! What I liked about this book, is the tension between the characters. What started off as a match made in heaven, the reader now sense the problems arising between them. I like this. It makes the characters easy for the reader to understand the characters. Jealousy and mistrust, leads the reads down a road of unanswered questions and raging war about ready to explode. The plot itself is interesting. I didn't think that there will be a love triangle, but not really. It's hard for me to explain this since I will be giving a major spoiler away if you haven't read the book. Let just say, that Sam's is in for a very interesting time of her life. The best of the part, I felt was the end. I really like who like that little plot twist made me want more. It definitly left me hanging and so excited to read the next book. Burning Emerald has so much action in it. The heroic aspect of it makes me root for Sam even more. The plot races forward as Sam is on limited time to save the one she loves. The thrilling journey to solve the mystery of the Cambion chases the reader to read till the end. The dark fantasy that Burning Emerald gives is great!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
She is a wonderful writer - as good as Stephanie Meyer! I really enjoyed both of her books so far. I am not a teenager but I think her imagination is amazing and I love authors who can encourage my daughter to read. Keep up the great work!!!
AmandaSchmidt More than 1 year ago
I'm not part of the YA demo but... Living Violet was so much fun that I ordered Burning Emerald, the second installment in The Cambion Chronicles. Another winner! I love when author's can inject humor (tons of it, in this case) into terrifying situations.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I did not see that coming. Another great, fast pace, roller coaster ride. She spins a world full of new rules and politics that sam just seems to get pulled into. Sam the strong-headed nobody is now getting pushed and pulled in every direction, and a breakdown is coming. Sam's life is going to get messy fast, but on the bright side it's entertaining to watch.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago