Burnt Bones

Burnt Bones

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by Michael Slade

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With over two million copies in print, the bestselling author of Headhunter presents his most terrifying, and twisted, villain ever. Meet Mephisto...

He buries his victim alive, just for the fun of it. No real harm...yet. He's waiting for the two detectives who are on his trail. Waiting for the real fun to begin...

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With over two million copies in print, the bestselling author of Headhunter presents his most terrifying, and twisted, villain ever. Meet Mephisto...

He buries his victim alive, just for the fun of it. No real harm...yet. He's waiting for the two detectives who are on his trail. Waiting for the real fun to begin...

"Top-Drawer Suspense."--Booklist

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A cross-border investigation brings together Canadian Mountie Robert DeClerq and American detective Jenna Bond. They're searching for a madman calling himself Mephisto who has abducted and tortured two men in his search for an ancient treasure--a silver Druid medallion that is reported to reveal the secrets of Stonehenge. Mephisto lives on a remote island between Seattle and Vancouver with his sexy consort, Donella Grant, and three henchmen, known as the Druids, who rape, torture, kidnap and murder for Mephisto. Impatient with searching for the treasure by himself, Mephisto lures DeClerq and Bond into the hunt by kidnapping Nick Craven, a fellow Mountie and close friend of DeClerq. Slade (Primal Scream) intersperses the contemporary thriller with accounts of Roman gladiators, battles between Picts and Romans in ancient Britain and clan fighting in 17th-century Scotland to trace the history of the medallion. Overly didactic asides often interrupt the flow of the narrative--everything from the story of the Mounted Police to the history of doo-wop music is covered. The graphic descriptions of rape and torture will turn many stomachs, and the plot is more gruesome than scary or suspenseful. (Mar.) Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.|

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Criminal lawyer Michael Slade has acted in over a hundred murder cases. He specializes in the law of insanity, and argued the last hanging appeal in the Supreme Court.

Slade was guest of honor at both the Bloody Words Crime Convention in 2011 and the World Horror Convention in 2001. He teaches "How to Write a Mystery Thriller" at Simon Fraser University.

Slade was guest speaker at the international Police Leadership Conference and several RCMP regimental dinners. Reader’s Digest says: "The Slade books have developed a strong following among police officers because of their strict adherence to proper police procedure."

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Burnt Bones 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was exciting enough, but I found the the plot was shallow, predictable, and cliche. Think twice before buying this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I did enjoy this book, with Slade's usual blend of grisly horror and unique historical events. He mixes the history excerpts with the present events very well in all of his writings. However, I did miss a sense of the personal grit that I feel from a Slade novel. With the tragic loss of DeClerq's wives and daughter (the second of which was a tragic shock), to Zinc Chandler's escapades (who is only mentioned once in this novel), I always felt that Slade had a deep feeling of closeness to these characters. In this novel, we only get a few glimpses of the character's emotions and inner demons. These glimpses feel somewhat external and shallow this time around however. I would like to feel more passion in Slade's next novel than just the fine historical mix of horror and mystery. It feels that Slade may be starting to depend on his historical knowledge and ignoring DeClerq and his cohorts a little too much.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Can Slade do wrong?? This thriller has everything you want...lavish history, great characters and some scientific know-how and a plot to die for!!! Slade's genius is the way he's able to use aincient history and battles...in this case Roman History mixed with Stonehenge, Druids and Celtic myths and legendss...and reflect all of this into a coherent plot that makes sense logically. I loved the meditations on cults and this new science called geoprofiling...just an intense ride with a master of storytelling. As a proud Sadist, I say buy this and enjoy a unique reading experience. A warnign though: it helps if you have read some/all of the Special X novels...these are all Slade writes, so start with HEADHUNTER and enjoy it all!
harstan More than 1 year ago
Even as a child he accompanied his father on trips that enabled him to see many of the wonders that spice up the mundane world. He has been to Stonehenge, Salisbury, and other centers of power throughout the British Isles. He believed his father when he was told residents of Atlantis who had colonized much of their current world built these monuments. He also listened to his father who told him about the Hoard, a key that opens up the secrets that the Ancient Ones built into these artifacts. When they reach Hadrian¿s Wall, the boy learns finds out that the Hoard is the silver skull of a Roman soldier with a Druid medallion inside his forehead.

The boy grew into a ruthless cruel psychopath named Mephisto. His only desire is to find the Hoard in order to uncover the secrets of the Ancients. Mephisto has traced the Hoard to the Campbell clan living on San Juan Island. He abducts the members and tortures them in order to reveal their information. Though that plan fails, the clever Mephisto continues his onslaught by obtaining, through a diabolical and deadly plan, the services of the Canadian and American police forces.

Michael Slade has written an exciting, enthralling, and eerie chiller that is not for the faint of heart since it contains graphic violence. Readers who liked Harris¿ Silence of the Lambs will enjoy this work. The fast-paced story line is filled with descriptive details and complex heroes and villains. BURNT BONES is a complicated thriller that provides insight into Scottish and Roman history, a situation that though rare for this sub-genre, triumphantly works.

Harriet Klausner