Bury Me in a Free Land

Bury Me in a Free Land

4.4 21
by Frances Harper
The famous poem "Bury Me in a Free Land" by Frances E.W. Harper.


The famous poem "Bury Me in a Free Land" by Frances E.W. Harper.

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Bury Me in a Free Land 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Thelonius Hawk the third. Animal: Hawk. Gender: male. Looks: brown feathers with a white streak on his head and blue eyes. Personality: formal, but that is his way of disguising his fear. Family: father: Thelonius Hawk the second. Mother: Andrea Hawk. Siblings: none. Facts about bird starclan: birds believe that when they die they go to meet the Seven Wanderers, bird gods. The Wanderers: Eagle; Owl; Raven; Hawk; Robin; Goose; and Vulture. Powers: none, but is descended from the Hawk god.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name:Century. Gender:Female. Age:4 moons. Kin:Mama:Quily. Dad:Piccasso. Siblings:Tia mamacita Waddles((sisters)) Brook Crumble Apple((brothers.)) Species:wolf. Apperance:a close to the ground,pure white,thick furred wolf with gray eyes. Medium long build. She has long graceful legs that are great for jumping and running! Personality:funny jokster loving loyal friendly cheerful bright kind smart, great fighter... lets just say you wouldnt want to come across her in a battle, and fun. Birth place:Arctic,North Pole. Crush:none. Mate:none. Pups:maybe later? History:long. Too long. Maybe in a story? Favorite meal:Fish. Visible scars:nick in ear, scar on chest. Scars:has other smaller scars hidden under her thick white pelt. ~Century
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Nope she just got up
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Go to next result and post there
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Gender: female---Age: 14 moons---Type: white tiger---Eyes:azure blue---Accessories: wears a blue agite shaped like a tiger on a gold chain around her neck---Powers: has the ability to control ice, wind and rain. Can shapeshift into a cat or a white owl with black feathers here and there.---Story: doesnt remember much of her past, but as far as she can remember, she grew up in a cluster of bushes alone, fed by the kind forest animals that lived nearby.---Scars: one long scar trailing down her right hind leg and 'flank.'---Kin: mother and father are unknown. Solace(brother, unknown if alive), Hexion (brother, unknown if alive), Neon (sister, unknown if alive), Ansonis (brother, unknown if alive), and Flurry (sister, unknown if alive).---Personality: loyal, protective, persistent. Has a tendency to suddenly fall quiet in a reverie(daydream). Loving, kind, playful.---Mate: none.---Cubs: none.---Crush: dunno yet. Just got here :/---Likes: good, brave animals, deer meat, making friends.---Dislikes: cowardly animals, moles, snakes, dogs, and jerks.---
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name:Mania {} Age:Ageless. {} Gender:Female, but appears genderless {} Species:Who the heck knows? {} Looks:Always changing. However, a favorite form is a furless cat whose eyes and mouth are sewed shut. {} Personality:Queer and sort of bipolar, Mania is insane(literally), and most of what it says is pure nonsense. However, you can guarantee that if it gets along with you, it is extremely loyal to you. Can seem intelligent at times, and at others completely stupid. Mania is ever changing. {} History:Mania has existed since the beginning, as in THE beginning. Its history could fill thousands of books. Lets just say Mania can give yo the exact details of the Stone Age. {} Mate:Who would be mates with a thing? {} Crush:Has none, knows better. {} Kits:Nope nope nope. {} Powers:If you want to get technical, she is insanity. She'll mess with you, make you go crazy. She's made tons go insane. {} Signature:|\/|ania
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: piper that plays in the wind (piper) |•| Gender: she-wolf |•| Species: artic wolf |•| Age: 10 mooms |•| Description: a really tall black she wolf with amber eyes. She has a long scar on her tail. |•| Personality: happy, fun, strong, out-going, always smiling, and when it come to battle... she always wins. |•| Mate: Talonclaw |•| pups: Talon, flash, claw, stone, and amber. |•| Family: Frost (father, dead), Calia (mother), Polar, pete, and paul (brothers) |•| Powers: telathanesis, water, fire, earth, ice, snow, light, darkness, magic, telaportarion, and shadowcontrol |•| History: was abandoned as a pup and then later raised by a she-wolf. She joined the freedom chasers and later mated with talonclaw |•| Fun facts: you can never make her sad. Plus, she is the princess of all wolves |•| P.s: You can never kill her, she is immortal.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Starr Species: wolf Pelt color: white Age: 26 moons Family; none living Crush: Wing Powers: she doesnt say Other: she gets really mad when she doesnf get her way and might use her powers. Signature: *****
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Bonemask Animal: Mountain lion Gender: Male Rank: Fighter Appearance: A majestic-looking mountain lion with only one good eye. His other eye was ripped out in a fight to the death with an aggressive lion. True to his name, he has a bone mask hiding his face. There are four holes in the mask to able him to see, smell, and eat. Personality: Despite his ghastly and slightly unnerving appearence, he is caring, extremely loyal, protective, and 'cool under fire', which means he is almost always calm and collected. Crush: He just got here, for the spirits' sake! Mate: None Cubs: Take a guess Other: Thinks no one will love him for who he really is behind the mask... :(
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Aeiro Gender/Species: Female/Wolf Age: 13 moons Rank: Leader Personality: Caring, wise, smart, and loyal. Her battle-hungry, wild side has been passed on to her only surviving kits, Wick and Echo. Appearance: A scrawny, dark reddish shecat with white paws and silver eyes. A nicked ear and a permanent tinge of sadness in her voice. Kin ((living)): Wick (son) and Echo (daughter) Crush: Why does it matter? He doesn't even notice her... Powers: Can shapeshift, but only into a cat ((her birth form)) and lioness. Other: Would lay down her life for any Freedom Chaser. Name: Wick Gender/Species: Male/Cat Age: 7 3/4 moons Rank: Fighter Personality: Friendly, a jokester, out-going, likes to meet new animals and never lets his emotions affect his behavior. Level-headed. Appearance: A strong gray tabby tom with muscular legs and shoulders, which enable him to leap high and climb easily. Has bright, glowing yellow eyes and a thin scar over one eye. Kin: Aeiro (mother) and Echo (sister) Crush: Chaia :3 It's so obvious! Powers: Can control and summon fire, lightning, storms, and other forms of electricity. Other: Would like kits and a mate someday... X3 Name: Echo of Lonely Cries ((just Echo)) Gender/Species: Female/Cat Age: 6 moons Rank: Healer in Training Personality: Quiet and solemn, but if you get her to trust you- not "warm up to you" she doesn't do that- she's funny and carefree. Appearance: A pretty, jet-black shecat with a white tail-tip. Piercing amber eyes. Has a large, grotesque injury across her chest. Her eyes always seem dull, and shimmer with sorrow. Kin: Wick (brother) and Aeiro (mother) Crush: Umm... not telling so easily! Powers: Can control and summon ice, water, shadows, and darkness. Has the ability to communicate with deceased spirits outside of StarClan, the Spirit Den, the Tribe of Endless Hunting, etc. Other: Would like some friends, but does little to gain any.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago