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Bush en Guerra (Bush At War)

Bush en Guerra (Bush At War)

by Bob Woodward

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Renowned Washington Post journalist Bob Woodard, most famous for exposing the Nixon-Watergate scandal, has published eight New York Times best sellers, including All the President's Men (Todos los hombres del presidente, Argos Vergara, 1977) on Watergate, and The Commanders (Los comandantes, Ediciones B), an account of the first Bush administration's use of military power. Woodward returned to the White House and Pentagon in the three months following the September 11 terrorist attacks to get the inside story on Bush Jr.'s war on terror for Bush en guerra. He sat in on more than 50 National Security Council meetings and conducted hundreds of interviews with administration officials, including a lengthy discussion with President Bush that he disperses throughout the book. Woodward focuses on the tension between the multilateralist and diplomatic Colin Powell and the hawkish Donald Rumsfeld, as National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice tries to work out a compromise position for the president. Powell comes off as noble yet marginalized by the rest of the Cabinet, while Rumsfeld appears hasty and somewhat paranoid about the Pentagon being blamed for failure. Bush, who rarely says much during the National Security Council meetings, has a slight advantage: Woodward allows him his own take on the events almost a year after they occurred. Surprisingly, Woodward, the man who brought down Nixon, remains uncritical of Bush's confident portrayal of his performance, painting a picture that contradicts the images of the shell-shocked president most of us observed in the weeks following 9/11. Still, this book provides the first behind-the-scenes account of the American government's response to theworst terrorist attack in the nation's history. Recommended for academic libraries and bookstores.
—Rahul Mukhi, Boston, MA Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

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