Bushmaster Fall

Bushmaster Fall

by Carl A. Posey

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
The frightening purpose of a U.S.-funded experiment in the Bolivian rain forest unfolds to powerful effect in Posey's ( Prospero Drill ) outstanding thriller. Ostensibly intended to measure the absorption of radiation, the Amecos project has been over for several years, and all that remains are shacks and a British naturalist, Joly Goodpasture, who is studying the flora and fauna. Goodpasture is horrified to discover that a recent meteor shower has left no physical evidence of a meteorite but has instead saturated the area with a radioactive substance. His mission to map the ``hot spots'' involves, variously, a KGB agent posing as a Canadian astronomer, a State Department operative, a drug lord, a Shining Path guerrilla, a member of Greenpeace. Each of these characters operates according to complicated, idiosyncratic but credible motives, all of which Posey orchestrates into a surreal, and very satisfying, resolution. (Feb.)
Library Journal - Library Journal
Posey ( Prospero Drill ; Red Danube , both St. Martin's, 1985, 1986) combines ecological concerns with espionage and drug wars in a timely and provocative ``eco-thriller'' set in the Bolivian rainforest. Dr. Joly Goodpasture, a British naturalist working in the rainforest, witnesses an unexpected symmetrical meteor fall (described as ``a perfectly thrown rock''). Shortly after, a monkey dies from radiation poisoning. Viktor Krylov, a Soviet nuclear inspector (and covert KGB agent), joins Goodpasture in his search for the source of the radiation. As this unlikely pair proceed, it appears that more than ``outer space'' is involved and that a radioactive isotope has been deliberately sown into nearby coca crops. This leads to danger for Goodpasture and Krylov from both sides of the drug war. Filled with romance, intrigue, and deception, this thriller also has rich, colorful imagery, deeply drawn characterizations, and a well-researched premise. Highly recommended.-- Stacie Browne Chandler, Plymouth P.L., Mass.

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