Bush's War for Re-Election: Iraq, the White House, and the People

Bush's War for Re-Election: Iraq, the White House, and the People

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by James Moore

Bush's War for Reelection: Iraq, the White House, and the People goes inside the White House and the Pentagon to show how the overthrow of Saddam Hussein was a Bush goal before 9/11'and how 9/11 became the justification. Bestselling author James Moore examines the unprecedented efforts by the Bush administration to suppress and distort intelligence, and

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Bush's War for Reelection: Iraq, the White House, and the People goes inside the White House and the Pentagon to show how the overthrow of Saddam Hussein was a Bush goal before 9/11'and how 9/11 became the justification. Bestselling author James Moore examines the unprecedented efforts by the Bush administration to suppress and distort intelligence, and withhold the truth from the American public, including an in-depth discussion with Joseph C. Wilson, the former ambassador, whose CIA agent wife was allegedly exposed by Bush operative Karl Rove.

Using his deep resources and contacts, Moore takes you inside the war and provides a view of combat in Iraq, which the U.S. government has managed to keep from the American public. Senior officers and troops on the ground tell Moore exactly what happened in the war's opening days, including the real causes of the ambush of the 507th Mechanized Company where Jessica Lynch served. Exclusive interviews and documents also detail how the deaths in Charlie Company at the Battle of Nasiriyah were connected to the tragedy of the 507th, and how an American fighter pilot appears to have killed U.S. Marines.

James Moore also interviews a Lieutenant Colonel from the Texas Air National Guard who claims to have witnessed "embarrassments" being removed from the Guard records of President Bush. And he tells the emotional stories of military families committed to the service of America, and how they are coping with the loss of their loved ones. Bush's War for Reelection carefully explores the moral questions related to pre-emptive war and its effects on the future of all Americans.

Drawing on high-level sources in the Bush administration, the U.S. military, media, political operatives, and the families of soldiers who are doing the fighting and dying, Moore exposes the political and economic underpinnings of the rush to war. In the final analysis, the devotion and trust of American troops have been taken advantage of by a White House that has skillfully manipulated perceptions of the war on terrorism and Saddam Hussein.

Combining the dramatic tension of combat with the intrigue of presidential and global politics, Bush's War for Reelection delivers a version of current affairs and recent U.S. history, which, until now, had gone unwritten.

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"...a compelling expose of the conflict with Iraq and the political effort to help George W. Bush win a second term in office." (Prospect, March 2004)
Matthew Dalleck
Through interviews with soldiers and family members of those who died in battle, Moore conveys the deep resentment toward Bush felt by at least some military families. Moore also conducted revealing interviews with former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson, former Sen. Max Cleland and Bill Burkett, a lieutenant colonel in the Texas National Guard and a frequent Bush critic.
The Washington Post

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Robert Bryce
In November of 2002, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld assured us that the then-looming second Iraq war 'has nothing to do with oil, literally nothing to do with oil.' Since then, we've heard many other assertions about the war from George W. Bush and his cronies. And we've become less willing to believe. In this scathing indictment, Jim Moore adds to our reasons for doubt. He exposes the fibs and half-truths, ranging from Bush's disappearing act during his stint in the Texas Air National Guard, to the doctored intelligence reports that the Bush administration used to justify invading Iraq. He exposes the prevaricators while giving compassionate portraits of the soldiers who've died there. This book will make you mad. It might even make you vote.
—(Robert Bryce author of Pipe Dreams: Greed, Ego, and the Death of Enron and the soon-to-be-released Cronies: Oil, the Bushes, and the Rise of Texas, America's Superstate)
Mark Karlin
Mark Karlin, Editor, BuzzFlash.com
James Moore masterfully details how Bush's war for reelection has real victims: the families of soldiers who have died in Iraq and American citizens who have dared to tell the truth. This exhaustively researched book exposes the dishonest underside of an administration that claims integrity as its calling card. Real young men and women are paying the price for Bush's follies with their lives, Moore reveals, while the man in the White House has used elitist connections to avoid ever risking anything.
Wayne Slater
Wayne Slater, Senior Political Writer, Dallas Morning News
Jim Moore takes you into the minds of the warriors on the battlefield and to the heart of the decisions that put them there. A brilliant, unconventional look at war and its aftermath.

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Meet the Author

JAMES MOORE is an Emmy Award—winning TV news correspondent with more than a quarter century of print and broadcast experience. Moore is also the author—along with Wayne Slater—of the New York Times bestseller Bush's Brain, also published by Wiley. He has traveled extensively on every Presidential campaign since 1976. His reports have appeared on CNN, NBC, and CBS. His professional honors include: an Emmy from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the Edward R. Murrow Award from the Radio-Television News Directors Association, and the Individual Broadcast Achievement Award from the Texas Headliners' Foundation.

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Bush's War for Re-Election: Iraq, the White House, and the People 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a riveting account of Bush¿s war against Iraq, its causes and consequences. Veteran journalist James Moore vividly shows the courage and patriotism of American soldiers in battle and the heartache of the casualties¿ families. He contrasts this with the cold-hearted lying of those who abuse their trust. In particular, he examines the doctored military records of a certain congressman¿s son, who managed to evade serving in the war against Vietnam. In 2000, outgoing President Clinton told George W. Bush that the terrorist threat from bin Laden was `the top priority¿, followed by Israel-Palestine, North Korea, India-Pakistan and Saddam Hussein. Bush replied, ¿I think you¿ve got your priorities wrong. I¿m putting Saddam at the top of the list.¿ From the first, Bush targeted Iraq, which has oil, not Al Qa¿ida, which doesn¿t. So Bush had to lie that Iraq, not Al Qa¿ida, was the main threat to the American people. Fortunately for him, the US state has decades of experience of deceiving people into aggressive wars. Moore examines several of these tested techniques. For example, Bush alleged that Iraq had bought aluminum tubes to help develop nuclear weapons. Here¿s how it works. Ignore the facts ¿ the experts at the Department of Energy¿s Oak Ridge National Laboratory unanimously found that the tubes were not for nuclear weapons. Plant the story with a pliant journalist ¿ in this case, Pulitzer Prize-winning Judith Miller of the New York Times. Order the intelligence and scientific communities not to dispute the administration¿s claims, implying that any dissent would be treated as treachery. Do a media blitz, and use the silence from the spooks and scientists as proof of the claims. Get an administration stooge - Colin Powell - to tell the lie to the UN. Get another stooge - Blair - to repeat the lie around the world. Moore also shows how the US Army censored reports from Iraq ¿ that¿s what `embedded journalism¿ means ¿ so Judith Miller reported what the Army told her. She got most of her WMD stories from Ahmad Chalabi, who told the same tales to the Army and the White House, which then confirmed their truth to Miller. Moore recounts how, eight days after Joseph Wilson wrote that the White House `twisted intelligence to exaggerate the Iraqi threat¿, `senior administration officials¿ released his wife¿s identity as a CIA agent. Divulging such information is a criminal offence. Using known forgeries is another technique. Although even Berlusconi¿s tabloid paper Panorama turned down an article based on forged documents alleging that Iraq bought uranium from Niger, Blair published the story as fact in his September 2002 dossier, and Bush used it in his State of the Union address. Bush also has techniques for stealing elections: his new one, electronic touch screen voting, beats `hanging chads¿ and postal voting any day. Georgia was the first state to conduct an election using only electronic voting: as a result, the Republican candidate¿s votes rose by 16% in the four days after the last opinion poll, producing the first Republican governor of the state in 130 years. Nebraska¿s Republican Senator Chuck Hagel owns the firm that counted 85% of the votes in the state election that he won with 83% of the vote, the largest electoral victory in Nebraska¿s history. November¿s Presidential election is scheduled to be conducted electronically.