Business Research Methods (Book Only) / Edition 8

Business Research Methods (Book Only) / Edition 8

by William G. Zikmund, Barry J. Babin, Jon Carr, Griffin

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ISBN-10: 0324320620

ISBN-13: 9780324320626

Pub. Date: 08/27/2009

Publisher: Cengage Learning

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Cengage Learning
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Table of Contents

About the Authorxx
Part 1Introduction1
Chapter 1The Role of Business Research2
Chapter 2Information Systems and Knowledge Management20
Chapter 3Theory Building40
Chapter 4The Research Process: An Overview52
Chapter 5Ethical Issues in Business Research77
Part 2Beginning Stages of the Research Process91
Chapter 6Problem Definition and the Research Proposal92
Chapter 7Exploratory Research and Qualitative Analysis109
Chapter 8Secondary Data135
Part 3Research Methods for Collecting Primary Data173
Chapter 9Survey Research: An Overview174
Chapter 10Survey Research: Basic Methods of Communication with Respondents197
Chapter 11Observation Methods234
Chapter 12Experimental Research256
Part 4Measurement Concepts291
Chapter 13Measurement and Scaling Concepts292
Chapter 14Attitude Measurement307
Chapter 15Questionaire Design329
Part 5Sampling and Fieldwork367
Chapter 16Sample Designs and Sampling Procedures368
Chapter 17Determination of Sample Size: A Review of Statistical Theory401
Chapter 18Fieldwork434
Part 6Data Analysis and Presentation451
Chapter 19Editing and Coding: Beginning to Transform Raw Data into Information452
Chapter 20Basic Data Analysis: Descriptive Statistics472
Chapter 21Univariate Statistics498
Chapter 22Bivariate Analysis: Tests of Differences519
Chapter 23Bivariate Analysis: Measures of Association549
Chapter 24Multivariate Analysis573
Chapter 25Communicating Research Results: Report, Presentation, and Follow-Up597
Part 7Video Cases
Video Case 1Polaroid I-Zone628
Video Case 2WBRU629
Video Case 3Ben & Jerry's629
Video Case 4Fossil--A Watch for Every Wrist630
Video Case 5IBM: Enterprise Resource Planning631
Video Case 6Fisher-Price Rescue Heroes632
Video Case 7Upjohn's Rogaine633
Video Case 8Trading Cards Focus Group633
Video Case 9V8634
Video Case 10Furniture.com634
Video Case 11The Census Bureau: Census 2000635
Video Case 12Burke Inc.636
Video Case 13The Walker Information Group637
Part 8Critical Thinking Cases
Case 1The Atlanta Braves638
Case 2Harvard Cooperative Society639
Case 3Tulsa's Central Business District (A): Developing a Research Project640
Case 4Hamilton Power Tools (A)642
Case 5Middlemist Precision Tool Company646
Case 6EZPass646
Case 7Today's Man647
Case 8Behavioral Science Research of Coral Gables, Florida648
Case 9Tulsa's Central Business District (B)649
Case 10The Greeting Card Study653
Case 11The Evergreen Company654
Case 12Tulsa's Central Business District (C)655
Case 13The Pretesting Company656
Case 14Professional Recruiters658
Case 15Hamilton Power Tools (B)659
Case 16The Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Jacobs Field660
Case 17Flyaway Airlines663
Case 18Wall Street Journal/Harris Interactive Business School Survey665
Case 19Omar's Fast Freight667
Case 20Canterbury Travels670
Case 21United States Postal Service673
Case 22Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna678
Case 23The Business Forms Industry680
Case 24Zagorski Field Services686
Case 25The Multiplex Company687
Case 26Survey on Americans and Dietary Supplements690
Case 27Old School versus New School Sports Fans695
Case 28Fidelity Investments696
Case 29LastDance Health Care Systems697
Case 30Sunbelt Energy Corporation702
Case 31Employees Federal Credit Union705
Case 32Values and the Automobile Market710
AppendixStatistical Tables713
Endnotes and Photo Credits721
Glossary of Frequently Used Symbols733
Glossary of Terms734

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