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Business Transformed: Master the 17 Questions That Transform Business

Business Transformed: Master the 17 Questions That Transform Business

4.5 2
by Paul Gossen

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Business Transformed 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Look at any highly successful business leader, any great manager, any blue chip sales person, any accomplished engineer or any acclaimed scientist. You will find a master in the art of asking breakthrough questions. Look into any innovative product, any scientific breakthrough or any surge in business performance. Dig deeply and you will find it all began with a breakthrough conversation. What if you could master a powerful conversation which would create a new level of relationship in your team, drive breakthrough results and generate real accountability? What if you could master 17 Questions that would transform your business? Breakthrough questions have a distinctive signature. Paul Gossen and his coaching team conducted a comprehensive search for the everyday questions executives, managers and team leaders use to build relationship, create accountability and drive breakthrough results. They examined the unproductive habits that block business transformation. They worked with hundreds of CEOs, executives and managers and conducted thousands of breakthrough conversations to refine the 17 Questions that form a complete conversation that can transform any business. Business Transformed is a new breed of business book. Funny, light and easy to read, it has a refreshing visual style that allows overloaded managers and executives to ¿get it¿ instantly. WARNING: This book contains seriously fresh business thinking. Business Transformed is loaded with simple tools and questions that managers can use to get results immediately. However, if you ask the questions and begin mastering the conversation, it is the definitive road map to Business Transformed The roadmap to business transformation: This simple and colorful book is designed to be quickly read and understood by anyone. While humorous and light, Business Transformed is also a powerful guide that hundreds of executives and business leaders have already used to accelerate their team and transform their business.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Paul Gossen has a strong take on the time frames that pinch us all. He has very sound ideas about transforming businesses into successful ones and has decided to follow the 'visual' loop from the media and has produced a book that, while it reads like a catalog, gets across his premises as quickly and soundly as anything out there. Gossen's five stages of business transformation (taking a small business mentality and molding it into a highly visible and successful one) are at first glance rather simple: Relationship, Purpose, Transformation, Accountability, and Growth. Where Gossen shines is in the creation of his seventeen questions, the doors he opens with a very human hand. And that seems to this reader to be his gimmick - make the interpersonal relationships of those who represent the business the models of solid communication and the results will be not only a successful encounter between two people, but also the map for metastasizing that experience into the growth of the larger group of individuals (read 'business'). Sound simple? Yes, it is, but it is not simplistic. Gossen's use of photographs and visual aids throughout this little book make it so immediate that the first impression easily moves into the lasting category. This is a manual that could be comfortably (and proudly) placed on the desk of every employee of a business, no matter the rank, and make a positive change in performance. Well worth the investment! Grady Harp