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In most ways Buster is a firefly just like any other. But Buster's one distinguishing characteristic is a doozy�his tail won't light. Buster's mother tells him that he will light up when his body is good and ready, but that doesn't make Buster feel much better. He and his friend, Willie the gnat, even tie a glowworm to his tail so that Buster can at least pretend that he is like everyone else. That was one idea that sure backfired. Then, one evening, Buster's brothers and sisters are captured by a neighbor boy named Chad. It is up to Buster to save the day. Buster's heroics make it a night to remember. Brilliant depictions of light and shadows illuminate this entertaining book. A good bedtime read and a nice addition to any child's library. 2003, Mondo,
— Christopher Moning <%ISBN%>1590344782

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