The Busy Woman's Pocket Guide to Safety

The Busy Woman's Pocket Guide to Safety

by Carla Thompson

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The Busy Woman's Pocket Guide to Safety, is filled with safety tips that teach women how to “think safe” in everyday situations. This book is unique because it goes beyond giving women safety tips to live by, it teaches them how to create their own safety tips and empowers them to think critically about their surroundings. Ladies First Publishing is


The Busy Woman's Pocket Guide to Safety, is filled with safety tips that teach women how to “think safe” in everyday situations. This book is unique because it goes beyond giving women safety tips to live by, it teaches them how to create their own safety tips and empowers them to think critically about their surroundings. Ladies First Publishing is committed to giving women information in a quick, easy to read, inexpensive format. This book is great for women of all ages and practically sells itself.

Here is a snapshot of what you will see in the book:

...Having to let strangers into your house can make your skin crawl. It's not a good feeling to have someone in your place of refuge whom you don't know, but it happens to all of us. Air conditioners have to be installed or repaired. Plumbers have to unclog the toilet. Contractors have to rip out the kitchen cabinets. But if we have to do it, then let's do it safely.

You want to give the illusion that you've got a busy house with lots of people coming and going and people looking in or calling frequently.

Before anyone comes over

Workers who came to my place When I lived alone (and this is still largely the case), workers who came to my door must have thought I had an army of people looking after me. I took some simple precautions before any repairpersons or other people ever showed up at the door.

- Put away your purse, keys, mail, financial statements and any other personal information. Keep the items you'll need, such as cash or a checkbook, close at hand. That way you won't need to fumble around or search for anything while someone is in the house. Try to have cash, or whatever you'll be paying with, nearby. If you are using cash, don't have a lot of it in your hands. The person in your house could snatch the whole wad and run.

- If you're a single woman, wear a wedding band so that you'll look as though you have a husband—which means you have a man in the house.

- One touch I thought was particularly creative was my keeping bunches of photos of my friends and family liberally sprinkled all over the place. Prospective attackers probably thought twice because I had so many photographs displayed in my apartment. I didn't appear to be a lonely

Editorial Reviews

Barbara Morris
Most of us understand that we should be aware of what's going on around us when when out and about.

We realize that most people are good; however, among the good people there are "the others" who may look just like us (or maybe not) whose mission is to do harm to others.

A friend was shopping at the supermarket. Her purse was in her basket one minute and gone the next as she turned her back to peruse the shelves. I am constantly surpirised that so many women leave their purse
Jacqueline Carr
By reading, The Busy Woman's Pocket Guide to Safety empowered me to make better decisions about my travel safety. I knew I had to register with the U.S. Department of State just in case I become ill, in an accident, or caught off guard in a crime or civil unrest. To have my fingerprints on file with my local police department is a excellent idea. This maybe the only resource to identify a person.
Jim Harrold
I read Carla Thompson's book, The Busy Woman's Guide to Safety, while I was waiting for an appointment. I could tell that this book was written with Ladies in mind, however, even a MAN can benefit from this excellent book.
I found it was easy to read and very informative. I travel from rural Virginia to Washington, D.C. and I will use these tips every time from now on. In this day and age, it is always wise to make these safety tips part of your daily routine. I live alone and I found Ms. T
Kelly Ann Evers
As an advocate and founder of a domestic violence organization, I work with woman whose lives are in constant danger. The helpful hints and ideas written in The Busy Woman's Pocket Guide to Safety will be a book I recommend to these women. This little pocket guide is an excellent reminder of being alert to your surroundings. Whether you are walking to your car, to your home, in a parking lot, in a store, or jogging - look around--notice the people around you. Though it wasn't said, Carla implied
Suzanne Grosser
My life has taught me to be very conscious of personal safety issues. As a result, I've spent a lot of time searching both print and online resources for useful information. The Busy Woman's Pocket Guide to Safety is the best compilation of safety tips I have seen. It is packed with good advice covering situations that most women encounter regularly.

The author creates a mindset that promotes safety, without succumbing to fear. She empowers her readers with a combination of situation s

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Meet the Author

Carla M. Thompson is a Christian author and a native of Metro Detroit. Her work experience consists of multiple supply chain management jobs in the automotive industry. Her experience with living alone, traveling abroad, attending evening classes to complete undergraduate and graduate coursework lead her to think seriously about personal safety. Her research on female victims of crime helped her formulate the safety tips in the book. She is also the owner of Ladies First Publishing, LLC.
The Busy Woman’s Pocket Guide to Safety has received a lot of media attention since its publication in January 2010. The book has been featured on Fox 2 News Detroit, in the Detroit News, just to name a few. This book has been ordered in bulk by sexual assault prevention centers, police stations, and individual who work for churches, schools and professional organizations. The author has conducted numerous crime prevention workshops in Michigan and plans to travel to other states this year.
Ladies First Publishing will publish other books under The Busy Woman’s Pocket Guide series.

Here is what people are saying:

“This book little book is so valuable because the content it holds. Lives can truly be saved, and protected. Many crimes can be prevented because of lack of opportunity. The advice in this little book is awesome! In this book I am told:
• The things I need to do for safety.
• I am reminded of the importance doing the things I already know to do.
• It gives me some new things to do for safety that I never would have thought of.
I learned so much in such a short time such as:
• New Ideas to protect myself -"waiting until the garage door close before getting out of the car."
• Things you should find out before appointments such as repair - "Make and model of vehicle, Name and description of representative"
• When you have to let someone in to do work what to put away, and what to Keep out and ready.
• Having the "ICE" numbers in place for easy and ready access.
The List just goes on and on. You just will be amazed at how much powerful information is packed in this little dynamo of a book!
I definitely would recommend this book to everyone especially women." Minister Carolyn Thornton

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