Buttercup Baby

Buttercup Baby

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by Karen Fox
"Readers will stand up and cheer Karen Fox." (Maggie Swayne)

Ariel of the Fae has never seen a baby before. But when the king sends her to the mortal world to check on his new grandson, she falls instantly in love with the sleeping babe-and decides she must have one too.


"Readers will stand up and cheer Karen Fox." (Maggie Swayne)

Ariel of the Fae has never seen a baby before. But when the king sends her to the mortal world to check on his new grandson, she falls instantly in love with the sleeping babe-and decides she must have one too.

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Buttercup Baby 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed Ms. Fox's last book PRINCE OF CHARMING and was expecting something like that. I was mistaken. The story starts off really well: Ariel, dethroned queen of the flower faeries, is watching over the high king's baby when she decides she wants one. This is where the story begins to falter. Ariel is similar to those troubled teen girls who want babies because it will be someone who will always love them, little realizing that it's a lot of hard work to care for one. Along comes Rand Thayer, who will be Ariel's partner in making her dream come true, but she won't let him take care of 'her' child. Ariel is really starting to push my buttons now. She's selfish too, huh? Even Rand lets her get away with misleading him! It's really bad. But I will give Ms. Fox some credit, since she has more stories about faeries planned. Maybe she'll do better next time
harstan More than 1 year ago
Queen of the Fae Titania bans from court subordinate Queen of the Pillywiggins Ariel for daring to defend Robin Goodfellow to her Highness. Though upset after centuries of loyalty to Titania, Ariel realizes she crossed the line because the biased Titania hates all half-breed Fae. Still King Oberon eases some of Ariel¿s anger and hurt by asking her to check up on his grandson while she is in the mortal plane.

In the realm of the Fae, babies just do not exist so Ariel is surprised by her reaction to seeing the infant. She wants her own baby and she chooses a friend of the Goodfellow family Rand Thayer as the sire. Not knowing the ways of humans, Ariel bluntly asks Rand to father a child with her. He rejects the idea at first, but soon cannot resist their attraction. However, a pregnant Ariel causes unique problems when her hormones go wild.

BUTTERCUP BABY is a humorous fantasy romance starring two warm characters. The essence of this tale and its predecessor (see Prince Charming) is that the audience believe in the realm of the Fae so that everything that occurs to and done by Ariel works in support of that concept. The fun story line provides the audience with humorous escapist material but also contains a serious subtle sub-theme of prejudice against an entire subspecies that stands as a reminder to the reader that Arab-Americans must be allowed and encouraged to join in our collective grieving.

Harriet Klausner

Guest More than 1 year ago
In Prince Of Charming we read the magical love story of Robin Goodfellow who was half Mortal and half Fae. He gave up his magic and immortality for the love of Kate. Oberon, King of the Fae, was Robin's father. Thus, he kept an eye on his son's life in the mortal realm. Now, in Karen Fox's second novel, we (the readers) are treated to witness another magical love story between a Mortal and a Fae.

Ariel had been Queen of the Pillywiggins (the flower faeries) since the beginning of time, until she defended Robin from Titania, Queen of all the Fae. In a fury, Titania banished Ariel from her court and stripped her of her rank. Feeling useless and unneeded, Ariel jumped at the task Oberon gave her. Robin and Kate had a newborn child (who was mortal). Ariel was to check on Oberon's grandchild and send back a magical report.

From the first sight, smell, and touch of the baby Ariel was enthralled! She decided this was what she needed! A baby! A baby of her own would make her needed again! But the Fae could not impregnate each other. She would need a mortal for that. Once pregnant, Ariel and her baby could return and live in the magical realm! She chose Robin's brother-in-law, Rand Thayer. But when she asked him to impregnate her, he refused!

Rand had ten sisters, zero brother, and a tribe of nieces and nephews. No matter how great he was with kids, he did not want any of his own, until he met Ariel LeFay. He had not meant to get her pregnant, but it happened. It did not take much to convince him she was a fairy either! One thing he knew for sure, she was NOT going to deliver his baby and then disappear with the infant forever! She was stuck in his realm until delivery (one month). He had that long to think up a plan.

***** I would never have guessed that tears of the Fae turned into opals! Or that each hic-cup made a buttercup fall into their lap! Or that green Jell-O could ... well, you get my point. This is one love story readers will NEVER forget! Karen Fox's pen brings magic to life! Not many authors could make Faeries and magic seen REAL! I kept forgetting this was a work of fiction. Highly recommended! It gets no better than this! *****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch