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C87 [Deluxe Boxset]

C87 [Deluxe Boxset]


Product Details

Release Date:
Cherry Red


Album Credits

Performance Credits

John Reed   Compield
Neil Taylor   Compield

Technical Credits

Oliver Jackson   Composer
Phil Wilson   Composer
Cath Carroll   Composer
Paul Clark   Composer
Shamen   Composer
Gary Baker   Composer
John Bentley   Composer
Guy Chadwick   Composer
Mark Chatfield   Composer
Bob Collins   Composer
Sean Dickson   Composer
Tim Gane   Composer
David Gedge   Composer
Martin Gilks   Composer
Steve Goodwin   Composer
Steve Gray   Composer
Mark Matthews   Composer
Gary Newby   Composer
Chillum Roxborough   Composer
Malcolm Treece   Composer
John Williamson   Composer
Martin Wright   Composer
Leslie Carter   Composer
Kev Hopper   Composer
Paul MacNeil   Composer
Robert McKahey   Composer
Chris Salmon   Composer
Peter Astor   Composer
Amelia Fletcher   Composer
Andy Moor   Composer
Dan Treacy   Composer
Colin Angus   Composer
Paul Court   Composer
Graham Crabb   Composer
Steve Dullaghan   Composer
Clint Mansell   Composer
Richard March   Composer
Adam Mole   Composer
Duglas T. Stewart   Composer
Andrea Lewis   Composer
Alan Brown   Composer
Graham Lambert   Composer
Rob Jones   Composer
Clint Boon   Composer
Julian Swales   Composer
Alan Stirner   Composer
Eugene Kelly   Composer
Frances McKee   Composer
Keith Curtis   Composer
Raw Herbs   Composer
Rick Aitken   Composer
Patrick Fitzgerald   Composer
Colin Gregory   Composer
Simon Henry   Composer
Nick Hobbs   Composer
Vince Hunt   Composer
Kevin McMahon   Composer
Mick Murphy   Composer
Tony Horsfall   Composer
Eddie Connelly   Composer
David Westlake   Composer
Malcolm Eden   Composer
Tim Vass   Composer
Richard Blackborow   Composer
Dean Leggett   Composer
Martin Mittler   Composer
Angus McPake   Composer
Andrew Tully   Composer
Mike Dunphy   Composer
William Potter   Composer
Carl Puttnam   Composer
Alan McGee   Composer
Andy Bolton   Composer
Frank Stebbing   Composer
Simon Armstrong   Composer
Mark Side   Composer
Gregory Webster   Composer
Andrew Jarrett   Composer
Phil Roberts   Composer
John McGuire   Composer
John Procter   Composer
Simon Vincent   Composer
David "Scottie" Scott   Composer
John Reed   Contributor,Annotation,Licensing
Ian Binns   Composer
Peter Gilmour   Composer
Bill Charnley   Composer
Derek Moir   Composer
Jim Bob   Composer
David Woodward   Composer
Mark Grebby   Composer
Julian Hutton   Composer
Frank Iero   Composer
Simon Barber   Composer
Dave Goldsworthy   Composer
Matt Ingham   Promoter
Neil Sabatino   Composer
Nivens   Composer
Phil Hartley   Composer
Bill Prince   Composer
Martin Whitehead   Composer
Kevin Hyde   Composer
Ian Hoxley   Composer
Neil Taylor   Contributor,Annotation
Norman Blake   Composer
David Hennessey   Composer
Michael Ryan   Composer
Jon Kent   Composer
Dave Couse   Composer
Spencer Birtwistle   Composer
Tracy Spencer   Composer
Ian Reynolds   Composer
Eddy Ball   Licensing
Stuart Clarke   Composer
Martin Cotter   Composer
Robert Dimery   Composer
Jack Hoser   Composer
Brendan Holden   Composer
Dominic Manns   Composer
Johnny Johnson   Composer
Margarita Vasquez-Ponte   Composer
Steve Musham   Composer
Tim Sales   Composer
Nick Roughley   Composer
Steve Ridder   Composer
David Walmsley   Composer
Robert Sekula   Composer
Fran Schoppler   Composer
Paul Turnbull   Composer
Mick Lynch   Composer
Ron Caine   Composer
Mike Bryson   Composer
Chris Fenner   Composer
Mark McQuaid   Composer
Tris King   Composer
Nik East   Composer
Will Rippingale   Composer
Nick Platten   Composer
Manny Lee   Composer
Timothy Gudgeon   Composer
Stephen Ellcock   Composer
Rachel DeFreitas.   Composer
David Platten   Composer
Gary Weir   Composer
Paul McDermott   Composer
Michael Kerr   Composer
Geraint Farr   Composer
Kevin Hand   Composer
Shaun Simon   Composer
Tim Hagevik   Composer
Alistair Donald   Composer
Scott Taylor   Composer
Lindsey Lowe   Composer
Chris Henman   Composer
Malcolm Kergan   Composer
Jonathan Muir   Composer
Iain Beveridge   Composer
Mick Ricketts   Composer
Tommy Cherry   Composer
Brad Strickland   Composer

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