Cabaret Days

Cabaret Days

by Sophie Tucker

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Release Date:
Sepia Recordings


  1. Cabaret Days
  2. I Wanna Say Hello
  3. After You've Gone
  4. Margie
  5. I'm Living Alone and I Like It
  6. Put Your Arms Around Me Honey
  7. Nobody Loves a Fat Girl
  8. I'm Sorry I Made You Cry
  9. Hello My Baby
  10. Waiting For the Robert E. Lee
  11. Some of These Days
  12. Mister Siegel
  13. Horse Playing Papa
  14. Make Him Say Please
  15. I'm Having More Fun Since I'm Sixty
  16. No One Man is Ever Going To Worry Me
  17. There's a Lot of Little Boy
  18. Mr. Fink
  19. No One Woman Can Satisfy Any One Man All the Time
  20. How Am I Every Going To Grow Old
  21. You Can't Deep Freeze a Red Hot Mama
  22. I'm Starting All Over Again
  23. Some of These Days [From the Jimmy Durante Testimon
  24. Some of These Days

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