Cafe Roma, Vol. 2

Cafe Roma, Vol. 2


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Water Music Records

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Disc 1

  1. Tema de la Onda  - Nicola Conte
  2. 3Zooi2  - Guido Pistocchi
  3. Siempre  -  Monorama
  4. Café Caldo  -  Mazachigno
  5. Good Bye  -  Spira
  6. From Paris to Rio  -  Latin Vibe
  7. Spirit in the Yellow Sound  -  Do Mori
  8. Ilusoes  -  Barriere
  9. Jet Set  - Daniele Luppi
  10. It's a New Day  -  Time Passing
  11. The Last Flight To Rome  -  Mazachigno
  12. By Night  -  Vibraphile
  13. Electrostaic  -  Urban Chill
  14. Magic Soleil  -  Cool Water

Disc 2

  1. Maracana'  -  Bungalove
  2. St. Denis Ceara  - Mona Gadêlha
  3. Fly in the Sky  - Pauline London
  4. Salsera  -  Barrio Jazz Gang
  5. Love Can Sing  - Pauline London
  6. Espuma Bossa  -  Liliana Gimenez
  7. Tropical Man's Revenge
  8. La Clave  -  Led
  9. What a Difference a Day Makes  -  Dynamic 4
  10. Blues Bossa Balanço  -  Banda Nova
  11. Spectrum  -  Barrio Jazz Gang
  12. Cosmic Odissey  -  Spacestar
  13. Walkin Sofa  -  Led

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Evandro Reis   Guitar

Technical Credits

Aldemaro Romero   Composer
Stanley Adams   Composer
Nelson Ângelo   Arranger,Composer
Sandy Solomon   Mastering
Dom Scuteri   Composer,Producer
Roby J.C.   Concept
Brad Pressman   Executive Producer
Luca Leonori   Composer
Gino "Woody" Bianchi   Composer
Ricky Rocco   Arranger,Producer
Daniele Luppi   Composer,Producer
Mishael Levron   Composer
Pierluigi Zito   Composer
Giacomo Bondi   Composer,Producer
Mazachigno   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Urban Chill   Producer
Liliana Gimenez   Composer
Stefano Micarelli   Composer
Maria Grever   Composer
Roberto Colella   Composer
Paola Fortini   Composer
Andy Sartori   Arranger,Producer
Andrea Cecchini   Composer,Producer
Toni Soddu   Producer
Solange Mattioli   Composer
Sebastiano Forte   Composer
Sara Luna   Composer
Mauro Andreoni   Composer

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