Cajun Folktales

Cajun Folktales

by J. J. Reneaux

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Nationally acclaimed storyteller J.J. Reneaux has compiled highly engaging animal stories, fairy tales, ghost stories, and humorous tales from her native Cajun culture.


Nationally acclaimed storyteller J.J. Reneaux has compiled highly engaging animal stories, fairy tales, ghost stories, and humorous tales from her native Cajun culture.

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
While the tales of African Americans and Native Americans have been much anthologized, the vibrant oral folk tradition of the Cajun has been more or less neglected by American publishers. This excellent anthology by Reneaux helps plug that inexplicable gap. Reneaux, a noted storyteller and a Cajun herself, retells 27 tales she heard in childhood from relatives or has heard since from fellow Cajuns. Their folklore is as spicy and interesting as their famed food and reflects a variety of flavors and influences. The story of Lapin and his theft of honey from Bouqui, for instance, is a Cajun favorite and is clearly recognizable as one of the contests between Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox. Likewise, the aetiological tale of why alligators hate dogs is reminiscent of Native tradition. The author tells a wide variety of tales--animal stories, ghost stories, fairy stories. One of the best relates the Hansel and Gretel-like story of Catafo and his brothers, who out-smart their devilish host. Another perhaps also familiar one tells of the ghost of the renowned pirate Jean Lafitte trying to free himself of his cursed treasure. (Oct.)
Children's Literature - Leila Toledo
These six folktales of the Louisiana bayous have been orally handed down from generation to generation. They are about the adventures of a rabbit, a wolf, and some of their friends. It is fortunate that Soper has preserved the tales so they will not be lost to future generations.

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American Storytelling Series
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1st ed
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J.J. Reneaux Bio:Singer-songwriter, humorist, and author J.J. Reneaux combined her music, folklore, superstition, customs and true-life stories in her books and live performances. Cajun, Creole, Spanish, Irish, and Native American voices speak throughout her songs and stories, reflecting her own multicultural heritage and creating a colorful tapestry of life in the Deep South. Sassy and poignant, her performances were rooted in tradition yet remained surprisingly fresh.
A natural comedienne, Reneaux lampooned modern culture with music, wit and honest-to-God true stories in contemporary performances for adults. Reneaux's lively school concerts and family shows delighted audiences of all ages with her multicultural mix of Southern folktales and music, as well as her original stories and songs.
Known for her soulful singing and her gift for telling stories in original songs, Reneaux stories capture the rich rhythms and sounds of her native South. Her songwriting has reminded critics of artists like David Wilcox and Mary Chapin Carpenter, while her bluesy voice has inspired comparisons with Grammy Award winner Bonnie Raitt.

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