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Calder's Rose

Calder's Rose

5.0 6
by Kate Angell

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Dorchester Publishing Company, Inc.
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4.20(w) x 6.94(h) x 0.89(d)

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Calder's Rose 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Devin James has been very successful in her historical/western romance series involving a strong heroine character named Rose Coltraine. Rose is a saloon proprietress, but unlike most women in this position, Rose is a prim and proper miss. In fact, she is the most respected woman in town. ............... Shane McNamara has also been very successful in his western series which involves a tough gunslinger named Dare Calder. Hot bedroom scenes are scattered throughout each book. Calder never has trouble getting any woman he wants into bed and he never looks back once he has taken them to bed. .................... The two authors are a lot like their characters. Devin and Rose are sweet, honest, and looks for romance. Shane and Calder want only to slip into the sheets with a different woman every night. Normally Devin and Shane would have nothing to do with each other. However, Silver Star Publishing decided they would collaborate on a book. Their two main characters are to meet and share an adventure together. So the two authors are thrown together in a private cabin on a private Florida beach, given a SHORT deadline, and told to go to work. .................. This is much easier commanded than done. Shane insists that Rose slip into bed with Calder. HIS fans expect it. After all, no female can resist the gunslinger. Devin insists that Calder woo Rose and forget any hanky-panky with saloon owner. After all, HER fans expect Rose to be treated like a true lady. The two authors clash on every single thing. Their heated anger and stress (A.K.A. passionate feelings for their characters) ends up actually bringing the two main characters to life (sort of). Rose and Calder decide to take the making of the novel into their own hands! ..................... ***** This is mainly a modern contemporary romance however, there is a touch of paranormal as the story goes along. No ghosts, vampires, or other overly used props in this tale though. I am told that authors come to care deeply for their characters. This story proves it. An interesting twist for romance fans. *****
Guest More than 1 year ago
Writers always complain that their characters come alive and take over their books. Those books are generally the ones that become keepers, because you don't have 'paper dolls' the writer pushed around on paper, but living, breathing people that make the reader care. Well, witty Kate Angell had picked up that gauntlet and run with it, giving a keeper for your shelf and an engaging new voice in romance. Shane McNamara is the author of 'Texas West' series staring his gamma rouge gunslinger Dare Calder. Shane ends up with a contract for a new book - but this book is to be written by two people, merging two different series. Devin James writes the Scarlet Garter Series, staring her prim, virginal Rose Coltraine. Each of them has poured a lot of themselves into their characters, which spells trouble as both writers have only 6 weeks to turn out a book staring both Dare and Rose. Shane is a player who loves fun, junk food, t-shirts from every pub in the world and writes at night. Devin loves to work in the daytime, adores gourmet jellybeans and is quite determined that scoundrel Dare Calder leaves her Miss Rose in her self-contained, virginal state. As the two fuss and fight, they find their characters have to step in and take control to see Calder's Rose written properly. It's a super read, full of humour, emotions, a brilliant take on the writing process all writers face. Angell treads the light fantastic with a grace that is amazing for a first time book. This books will leave you with a big smile in your heart and rushing to find Angell's next book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I¿ve just read Calder¿s Rose by Kate Angell. I thought it was a really good romance with a paranormal twist (fictional characters come to life temporarily). A brief summary: Shane McNamara is a writer of a series of western books featuring Dare Calder, a gunslinger. Devin James is a writer of a series of western books featuring Rose Coltraine, a saloon owner. Their publisher convinces them to combine the two series for the next book. So, they are living together for six weeks in order to write the book together. Both Shane & Devin have vastly different writing habits and personalities. The trade-offs that they make with one another are very entertaining. Also, I loved Shane¿s T-shirt slogans - they are hilarious.
Guest More than 1 year ago
CALDERS ROSE is a wonderful and funny contemporary romance with a neat paranormal element. When western writer Shane McNamara is teamed up with romance author Devin James, the sparks fly. They have completely different writing styles, and opposing viewpoints on how the two main characters should behave in the book they're supposed to be writing. Shane and Devin are also opposites in real life: Shane is a hunky, `live-it-up¿ type of a guy who wears T-shirts with wild slogans, and Devin is button-down-shirt conservative, and wears her hair in a tight braid. While Shane rises to the challenge of loosening up his writing partner, the characters of their book, Rose and Calder, realize they¿re going to have to take matters in hand to get the book written, and come to life in a unique paranormal twist. Warm, witty, and sexy, this book is a definite keeper.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Devin James and Shane McNamara share two things in common. They both write western novels. However, the genre has room for plenty of styles with Devin and Shane on opposite spectrums when it comes to the lead protagonist. Devin¿s novels star a prim virginal female finding love while Shane¿s tales center on a macho gun-blazing male who sleeps around........ Editor Angela Reims decides that collaboration between Devin and Shane will mean big bucks for everyone involved. However, neither author can stand the other as they argue over whether Rose Coltraine will fall into bed with Dare Calder especially in the first few chapters. As the lead characters of the novel written in hell play matchmaker, Devin and Shane begin to see the full depth of their writing partner. Soon this blossoms into love, but will either admit that they want a lifetime partnership after their constant brawls as a writing team?........ CALDER¿S ROSE is an entertaining tale that ¿breaks¿ the wall with a book within a book. The lead couple(s) are fun as ¿real¿ life imitates art when the protagonists fuss, fight, and fall in love. Though the ¿four¿ prime players behave too stereotyped that ironically emphasizes the extreme differences between them as they star in a satirical look at western and western romance novels. This novel is fun enjoyable and entertaining. This is a five star read.......... Harriet Klausner