Calico's Cousins: Cats from Around the World

Calico's Cousins: Cats from Around the World

by Phyllis Limbacher Tildes
Fabulous felines from around the world are brought to life in this family album featuring striking paintings of over 20 unique and beautiful cat breeds. Full color.


Fabulous felines from around the world are brought to life in this family album featuring striking paintings of over 20 unique and beautiful cat breeds. Full color.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Leila Toledo
As an avid cat lover and a believer in the great intelligence of cats I particularly enjoyed Calico, the cat, giving his/her rendition of cousins from around the world. He/she describes the cousins and how they came to be domesticated, their markings, color, body structure, uniqueness and some of their personality traits. Several American breeds are included, the Maine Coon with it's large bushy tail, the short legged munchkin and of course the domestic longhairs and shorthairs. The exotic breeds, the Japanese Bobtail, Siamese, Scottish Fold, Persian Abyssinian and Russian Blue are also included. At the end there is a map with the list of cats featured in the book. The reader is given an opportunity to identify the country of each cat breed. This gives an added bonus of learning geography while learning about cat breeds.
School Library Journal
Gr 2-4-Calico acts as a feline Roger Caras to introduce some two dozen breeds of cats. From ancient relatives like the Egyptian Mau to the more modern Scottish Folds, and including such genetic peculiarities as the Munchkin and the Sphynx, Calico presents snippets of information about the cats' geographical/historical origins, physical characteristics, and temperament. Tildes's soft watercolors portray this array of felines in standard colorations and in settings evocative of their national origins. A final global map invites young ailurophiles to locate the origins of their favorites. The attractive picture-book format and simple text will entice youngsters, and the accurate descriptions will satisfy their curiosity and spur them on to more difficult sources. A pleasant parade of pussycats.-Patricia Manning, formerly at Eastchester Public Library, NY
Kirkus Reviews
Calico the cat introduces 22 varieties of domestic cats from around the world. The familiar Persian, Siamese, and American Shorthair are here as well as the more exotic Chartreux, Birman, Munchkin, and Sphynx. For each one Tildes provides a brief paragraph of information accompanied by a charming full-color picture; Calico appears on each page as a thumb-sized guide. While serious cat fanciers will want more specific information than is given here, children will enjoy browsing this introduction, which concludes with a map indicating where different breeds originated. (Picture book. 6-9) .

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4 - 8 Years

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Phyllis Limbacher Tildes is the author/illustrator of ANIMALS IN CAMOUFLAGE, BABY ANIMALS BLACK AND WHITE, as well as the illustrator of APPLES and PUMPKINS. She lives in Savannah, Georgia.

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