California: A Multicultural Documentary History / Edition 1

California: A Multicultural Documentary History / Edition 1

by Lauren Coodley

ISBN-10: 0131884107

ISBN-13: 9780131884106

Pub. Date: 01/22/2008

Publisher: Pearson Higher Education

California : A Multicultural Documentary History is a primary source reader that focuses on the diverse experiences of all groups included in the histories of California: Filipino Americans, farmworkers, Japanese farmers, African-American civil rights activists, and more. Blending documents from both public and private spheres, this

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California : A Multicultural Documentary History is a primary source reader that focuses on the diverse experiences of all groups included in the histories of California: Filipino Americans, farmworkers, Japanese farmers, African-American civil rights activists, and more. Blending documents from both public and private spheres, this collection not only successfully holds the attention of her students, but also constructs a more complete understanding of the people and events that created and shaped California.

After decades of teaching the history of California using standard textbooks, author Lauren Coodley found that students responded more attentively to a mix of traditional historical documents and stories and images related by everyday people. When she couldn’t find a collection of documents that suited her students’ needs, she set out to make her own. These stories and pictures help students investigate and contemplate how and why events take place, just as if they leafed through a parents’ scrapbook or listened to the oral histories of their grandparents.

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Table of Contents

Chapter One

The Song she Got from the Hawk: Indigenous Life

1-1 Seasonal Round

1-2 Baskets

1-3 Girl Who Married a Rattlesnake, Charley Brown, Pomo

1-4 Indigenous woman with Basket

1-5 Summons to a Mourning Ceremony, Chief Yanapayak

1-6 Crossing the Bay

1-7 Indigenous Tools

1-8 A Doctor Acquires Power

Chapter Two

The Region of the Earthly Paradise: Spanish Conquest 1690-1821

2-1 Title Page, The Labors of the VeryBrave Knight Esplandian, Garci Rodriguez de Montalvo, 1510

2-2 Th e Labors of the Very Brave Knight Esplandian, Garci Rodriguez de Montalvo, 1510

2-3 Official Account of the Rodriguez Cabrillo Expedition

2-4 Quotation by Franciscan Mystic, Geronimo de Mendieta (1525-1604).

2-5 A Letter from Vizcaino to King Felipe III of Spain

2-6 Painting, How Two Indians, Fr. Ignacio Tirsch, S. J.

2-7 Painting, Picture of the Dresses, Fr. Ignacio Tirsch, S. J.

2-8 Letter by Luis Jayme, San Diego, October 17, 1772

2-9 The Journals of Jean Francois de la Perouse

2-10 Chupa Mirtos Watercolors , Fr. Ignacio Tirsch, S. J.

2-11 Spanish California Census of 1798

2-12 Coyote by Jose Del Pozo

Chapter Three

Long Live the Mexican Empire: l820-l848

3-1 Image of Father Duran and An Indigenous Child

3-2 Excerpt from Don Pio Pico’s Historical Narrative

3-3 Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo

3-4 Cayetano Juarez and Son

3-5 Christina Delgado Land Grant, 1834.

3-6 Description of Christina Delgado’s Land Grant

3-7 Life on a California Rancho, Jose Del Carmen Lugo, 1840

3-8 Painting, Bear/ Bull: 3 Men and Bear

3-9 Painting, Bear/ Bull: Mexican men on Horses and Bull

3-10 Field hands identified as Californios on the porch of the former San Fernando Mission

3-11 Laborers, Adobe brick makers at Casa Verdugo.

3-12 Neophyte Indian serving as a zanjero

3-13 Cattle Brands, 1819

3-14 Excerpt from Andrew Garriga’s Compilation of Herbs and Remedies Used by the Indians and Spanish Californians

3-15 Times gone by in Alta California, Juana Machado, 1837

Chapter Four

The Road to California Will be Open to Us: American Settlement l840-l849

4-1 Excerpt from letter by Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, l84l.

4-2 Drawing of overland trip

4-3 Proclamation by Thomas AP Catesby Jones, Commander in Chief of the U.S. Naval Forces, to the People of the

Californias, l842

4-4 Response by Antonio Maria Osio, l842

4-5 Antonio Maria Osio

4-6 Indigenous Woman Warm Springs

4-7 Excerpt from George C. Yount and His Chronicles of the West

4-8 Life in California Before the Gold Discovery, John Bidwell, 1890

4-9 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 1848

4-10 California Constitution

Chapter Five

Cooking Eggs at Three Dollars a Dozen: Gold Rush and Immigation l849-l869

5-1 Trip around the Horn

5-2 Painting, Crossing the Isthmus

5-3 Excerpts from Carrie Williams Diary, 1858-1864

5-4 Excerpt from Fingers to Finger Bowls: Gold Rush Recipes

5-5 Daguerreotype, 1852

5-6 An excerpt from the Daily Alta California,1849

5-7 Daguerreotype, Miners near Auburn

5-8 Foreign Miner’s Tax, 1852

5-9 Early Vallejo, The “Old Stone House”

5-10 Joaquin Miller, from My Life Among the Indians

5-11 Sam Pitt

5-12 Bogus Charley

5-13 Travel Suggestions for Stagecoach Passengers, 1864

5-14 Terminus Railroad

5-15 Mary Ellen Pleasant

5-16 Mary Ellen Pleasant, court document

5-17 Susheel Bibbs as Mary Ellen Pleasant

Chapter Six

A Thousand Plows: Farming and Citizenship 1870-1900

6-1 Excerpt from William H B’s Personal Observations on Conduct of Modoc War

6-2 Donald McKay

6-3 Modoc War

6-4 Excerpt from Menefee, Historical and Descriptive Sketchbook of Napa, Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino, 1873

6-5 Children Dressed as Indians, 1895

6-6 Letter, HH J, 248, March l2, l883

6-7 HHJ

6-8 Ruth Berg Longhurst, 1895

6-9 Excerpt from Roughing It by Mark Twain, 1872

6-10 Excerpt from Adobe Days by Sarah Bixby Smith, l925

6-11 Wheat threasing

6-12 High Speed Train, 1869

6-13 Diary of Vacaville Farmer, Elise Buckingham

6-14 Drying Raisins

6-15 California Exhibits at Chicago Columbian Exposition, 1894

6-16 Cherry Picking

6-17 Chinese Family

6-18 Cartoon of Anti-Chinese Riots, 1870’s

6-19 Fireman and Callboy photo

6-20 Map of anti-chinese violence

6-21 Vallejo Steam Laundry

6-22 1896 Suffragists

Chapter Seven

Buffalo Soldiers in the Heart of America: Progressives and Empire l900-l9l4

7-1 Document, “Kill everyone over 10”

7-2 Document, Colonial Expansion, October 1898

7-3 Mel Orpilla, Offspring buffalo soldier/Filipino woman

7-4 Portuguese Picnic

7-5 Circus in Vallejo

7-6 Girls at Vallejo School photo

7-7 Maud Younger, The Diary of an Amateur Waitress, 1907

7-8 Maud Younger

7-9 Photo of first women voting, 1912

7-10 Chinese man with political button

7-11 Edwards Francis Adams statement against Recall Legislation.

7-12 Mortimer Downing, Report on Wheatland Riot, Solidarity, January 3, l9l4

7-13 John Muir and William Kent in Muir Woods, 1908

7-14 Yone Noguchi poem, “I Hear You Call Pine Tree”

Chapter Eight

Feathery Almond Trees against a Lavender Horizon: The Great War and its Aftermath l9l5-l929

8-1 “California Colors” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman Forerunner 6 (April 1915)

8-2 Joseph Alexander

8-3 Pan Pacific Exhibition

8-4 Excerpt from To the American Indian: Reminiscences of a Yurok Woman, Lucy Thompson, 1916

8-5 Dorothy Day report document on Tom Mooney, 1937

8-6 Poster of Monticello Steamship Strike, 1916

8-7 Draftees on Court House steps

8-8 Armistice Day Parade

8-9 “Sisters All,” Susan Minor, Overland Monthly, 73, May l9l9.

8-10 Jesusita Torres, farmworker

8-11 Excerpt from Ernesto Galarzo, “On the Edge of the Barrio”

8-12 Letter by Upton Sinclair about San Pedro, 1923

8-13 Upton Sinclair’s Singing Jailbirds performance

8-14 Poster of Singing Jailbirds, 1924

8-15 Dedication Ceremony, Liberty Hill, 1998

8-16 Bernardo Bachelor

8-17 Tamborelli Sisters

8-18 Behrens Sweetshop

8-19 Baseball Broadcast

8-20 Main Street in Locke, California

8-21 Ground Breaking for Carquinez Bridge

8-22 “Life Among the Oil Fields,” Hisayo Yamamoto DeSoto, 1979

8-23 Oil Fields, Santa Barbara

Chapter Nine-I Produce, I Defend: Depression and The New Deal 1929-1940

9-1 Edith Gentry

9-2 “Recollections of a Valley Past,” 1985

9-3 Cortez community, Turlock Melon Carnival

9-4 Cortez community, Sam Kuwahara

9-5 Cortez community, baseball team

9-6 “The Thief” by Carlos Bulosan in On Becoming Filipino

9-7 Homeless shelter, Santa Barbara

9-8 Women sewing in day work relief program, Santa Barbara

9-9 Poem, “First Spring in California 1936” by Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel

9-10 Song, “Arizona,” American Memory Project

9-11 Shafter farm labor camp musical recording session

9-12 Outstretched Hands by Otto Hagel

9-13 June Stephenson memoir, l934 strike

9-14 Bill Bailey

9-15 Bill Bailey’s house

9-16 Elaine Black Yoneda memoir, 1934 strike

9-17 Funeral March, woodcut by Adelyne Cross Erickson

9-18 Carmen Escobar, 1936

9-19 Carmen Escobar with negotiating committee, cannery workers

9-20 Oral history, Ann Milam, ILWU Dispatcher, February l996

9-21 Salinas lettuce strike, Hansel Meith

9-22 EPIC pamphlet

9-23 EPIC poster

9-24 EPIC dollar

9-25 Mural by Helen K. Forbes, Susanville Post Office

9-26 Helen Douglass visiting New Deal project

9-27 Excerpt article by Joseph Danysh, l976

9-28 Seven Card Stud with Manangs Wild, Vangie Buell

9-29 Vangie Buell

9-30 Movie theatre Vallejo

Chapter Ten

You Are Helping to Make History: World War II 1941-1946

10.1 Air raid warning

10-2 So what’s the worst that could happen?, Geri DiGiornio

10-3 Mitsuye Endo

10-4 Testimony of Akemi Kikumura, Through Harsh Winters: The Life of a Japanese Immigrant Woman

10-5 Bracero-Vega family

10-6 Gary Soto, A Red Palm

10-7 Filipino regiment

10-8 Brownies in Vallejo

10-9 Chochis and the movies at Sanfer, Mary Ellen Ponce, l984

10-10 Vallejo, “Helping to Make History”

10-11 Margaret Almstrom

10-12 Fanny Walker memoir from ILWU Dispatcher, February l996

10-13 Vallejo parade

10-14 Maxine Meyers letters, Richmond Times, October 11, 2000

10-15 Horsemeat

10-16 Sybil Lewis memoir

10-l7 Joseph James

10-18 Ethel Gary

10-l9 Interview with Billie Hendricks, March 2005

10-20 Billie Roberts Hendricks and daughter Sallie, February l945

10-21 Local 6 women, Labor Day Parade, San Francisco, l945

10-22 Paul Robeson, San Francisco

10-23 Howard Baskin

Chapter Eleven

A Cold War at Home: l946-l965

11-1 “The Grine: Refugees from the Holocaust,” interviews by Kenneth Kahn

11-2 Photos and text from Chavez Ravine: A Los Angeles Story, Don Normark

11-3 Photos and text from Chavez Ravine: A Los Angeles Story, Don Normark

11-4 Photos and text from Chavez Ravine: A Los Angeles Story, Don Normark

11-5 Photos and text from Chavez Ravine: A Los Angeles Story, Don Normark

11-6 Toribio, “A Pickle for the Sun,” by Bill Sorro

11-7 Ricardo Alvarado, Jackson Nook

11-8 Mare Island workforce

11-9 Blacklist—Evelyn Velson

11-10 Evelyn Velson and husband Charles, mid-1950s

11-11 Women on Strike for Peace

11-12 Non-signers of Levering Act (LARC)

11-13 Poster, “Save this Right Hand’ by Rockwell Kent

11-14 Community Service Organization registering voters in Fifties

11-15 “The Republic of Burma Shave,” by Richard Katrovas, 1985

11-16 “A Juk Sing Opera,” by Genny Lim, l988

11-17 John Becker “An Air that Kills”

11-18 Family pumpkin center

11-19 Don Hevernor, auto training teacher

11-20 Tony Magnatay

11-21 George and Mary Ellen Boyet’s wedding, 1963

11-22 Karese Young

11-23 Woman picketing Elks, l964

11-24 Mario Savio by Ronald Riesterer, 1964

Chapter Twelve

A Front Row Seat Watching the World Change 1965-1980

12-1 Gary Soto,“Field”

12-2 Excerpt from Silver Cloud Café, “Zeferino’s Fathers,” Alfredo Vea, l996

12-3 Cesar Chavez, “The Organizer’s Tale”

12-4 End of Cesar Chavez fast

12-5 Jose Garcia, ID card

12-6 UCLA Daily Bruin, Grape Strikers May 2, l966

12-7 Dorothy Day, l973

12-8 Ronald Riesterer, Students Holding Signs, l967

12-9 Angela Davis, 1974

12-10 Nacio Jan Brown, “High School Students”

12-11 The Turning Point, Abraham Ignacio Jr.

12-12 Nacio Jan Brown, “Demonstrators Beaten,” 1969

12-13 Napa Register, 1969 “Faculty Strike”

12-14 Mel Orpilla, Desegregated Neighborhood, Vallejo

12-l5 Alcatraz Occupation

12-l6 Alcatraz Proclamation

12-l7 “My Manong Dad, War Bride Mom, and Maverick Me,” Teresta Bautista

12-l8 Chicano Moratorium, l970

12-19 Blankfort, Anti War March by Servicemen, 1969

12-20 Blankfort, Ron Kovic, California Vets Office, l97l

12-21 Pam Brooks memoir, l970

12-22 Cady Cade, TWA stewardesses, l973

12-23 Sudie Pollock photo, women’s history awards

12-24 Sawyer Tannery, 1978

12-25 Longshoreman’s anti-Nixon demo, l973

12-26 Poster, Support Kentucky Miners

Chapter Thirteen

l980-2000 “Life is a Great and Mighty March”

13-1 Carithers strikers

13-2 Carithers strikers marching back into work

13-3 “Two Brothers: Two Filipino American Perspectives,” James Sobredo, 2004

13-4 “Ray Gunn, Geri DiGiornio

13-5 Nuclear Freeze demonstration, l983

13-6 “The Great Peace March,” Holly Near, 1983

13-7 S.F. march against apartheid, l985

13-8 “Saving the Bay” by Gulick, Kerr, McLaughlin, Berkeley, l988

13- 9 Luis Valdez memoir

13-10 Cesar Chavez “Farmworkers at Risk,” l993

13-11 Prop. 13, Neil Pierce, July 1998, Planning Report, Metropolitan Forum Project

13-12 “Causes of L.A. Riots,” testimony by Maxine Waters, Senate Banking Committee, 1992

13-13 The Ten Million Flames of Los Angeles: A New Year’s Poem, l994, Amy Uyematsu

13-14 Excerpt from Janet Stickmon memoir, Crushing Soft Rubies, 2005

l3-15 Janet Stickmon

13-16 Judi Bari, Obituary by Holly Near, 1998

13-17 Mel Orpilla, 1995 Protest of picture bride story

13-18 “What Happens When a Manang Dies,” Jeannette Lazam

13-19 Supreme Court Justice Rose Bird memorial comments, 1999

13-20 Supreme Court Justice Rose Bird

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