Call Center Success

Call Center Success

by Lloyd C. Finch

ISBN-10: 1560525789

ISBN-13: 9781560525783

Pub. Date: 08/28/2000

Publisher: Crisp Publications, Inc.

Master the skills needed to face the challenges of a Customer Service Representative position.  See more details below


Master the skills needed to face the challenges of a Customer Service Representative position.

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Crisp Publications, Inc.
Publication date:
Crisp Fifty-Minute Book Series
Edition description:
New Edition
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8.05(w) x 10.01(h) x 0.31(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: THE CSR-A Powerful Voice The CSR's Valuable Role First Impressions Count The Call Center Challenge The Quality Call Chapter 2: Gaining the Professional Edge Six Elements of Professionalism Element 1: Manage the Customer Call Element 2: Know Your Products and Services Element 3: Be a Team Player Element 4: Remain Customer Focused Element 5: Take Responsibility Element 6: Make a Commitment Chapter 3: The All-Important Customer Recognizing the Customer's Style Tailoring Your Responses Guidelines for Analytical and Assertive Customers Understanding Your Own Behavioral Style Eight Customer Needs Chapter 4: Building Your communication Skills Ten Essential communication Skills Skill 1: Listening Effectively Skill 2: Extending Common Courtesy Skill 3: Avoiding Statements that Give the Wrong Impression Skill 4: Using the Customer's Language Skill 5: Gathering Customer Information Skill 6: Satisfying the Angry Customer Skill 7: Managing Technology Skill 8: Writing Effective Email Skill 9: Mental Scripting Skill 10: Closing the Conversation Chapter 5: Attitude - Your Most Important Asset Shaping Your Attitude Choosing a Positive Attitude The Impact of Stress on Your Attitude The Call Center Workload Avoiding Office Gossip and Drama Chapter 6: A Plan for Self Improvement Three Steps to Self Improvement Step 1: Take Stock of Your Skills Step 2: Define Your Objectives Step 3: Develop Your Action Plan

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