Call of the Sun: A Woman's Journey to the Heart of Wisdom

Call of the Sun: A Woman's Journey to the Heart of Wisdom

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by Surya Green
The Call of the Sun is the true story of Surya Green, American-born writer and journalist, whose life changes forever when at age 33 she experiences spiritual awakening. That occurs, astonishingly, with the help of our Sun in the sky. The Sun calls out to Surya (then known as Norma), and inspires her to realize our Sun is a spiritual identity. This wondrous


The Call of the Sun is the true story of Surya Green, American-born writer and journalist, whose life changes forever when at age 33 she experiences spiritual awakening. That occurs, astonishingly, with the help of our Sun in the sky. The Sun calls out to Surya (then known as Norma), and inspires her to realize our Sun is a spiritual identity. This wondrous discovery opens the writer to the consciousness the Sun.

The Call of the Sun is organized in four sections: The Awakening, The Transformation, The Task, The Continuity

The Awakening takes place during the writer's visit to India on journalistic assignment. While staying in Pondicherry at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram she is, to her utter amazement, called by the Sun. When she visits the sacred Hindu city of Benares, the Sun starts to speak. Further conversations follow in the holy pilgrimage sites of Sarnath and Vrindavan. Not only does the writer have inspirational meetings with the Sun, but also she encounters such remarkable persons as the Mother of Pondicherry, J. Krishnamurti, and Buckminster Fuller. By her return to her place of residence in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the writer has a new name: Surya, Sanskrit for "the Sun the Source".

The Transformation takes place for the most part in the old center of Amsterdam, where the writer turns her canalside flat into her personal temple to the Divine, much to the skepticism of her friends, acquaintances, and journalistic colleagues. Step by step, reborn Surya Green undergoes a conscious transition "from secular to spiritual", with all the pleasures and the pains thereof.

As if by greater design, there appears in her life the Sun-master Sri Swami Purna. Not coincidentally, Sri Swami Purna comes from the Surya-vansa, the solar race of India. Under Swami Purna's special kind of guidance, as described in the book through Surya's personal experiences, there begins for her a unique spiritual training. The deeper meanings of karma, reincarnation, and The Divine Plan become clear to her.

The Task starts to manifest. Having dedicated her pen in service to the worldwide spiritual renaissance and planetary transformation taking place, Surya now "spiritualizes" her work. As "journalist of the spiritual", she becomes familiar with the many traditions and paths leading to Self-realization. Spiritual teachers of both East and West generously give themselves to her tape recorder, camera and notebook. Spiritual leaders who appear in this section include Tibetan buddhist tulku Gyalwa Karmapa XVI, Christian mystic Martinus of Denmark, Sufi mystic Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, Sri Swami Ranganathananda of the Ramakrishna Order; yoga masters Sri Swami Satchidananda, Yogi Bhajan, and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Their messages of wisdom interweave in the text with the writer's transformational experiences and insights.

The Continuity marks the next unfoldment in the writer's task. She reaches the stage where she is ripe to communicate the Sun-revelation she has been nurturing over the years. For this purpose Surya receives encouragement from Sri Swami Purna, who confirms it is time to restore the Law of the Sun. In London she has a series of meetings with Irina Tweedie, Sufi master attuned with the immortal Himalayan masters; further insight is gained into the Divine Plan and the public emergence of those spiritual elders who work selflessly for its manifestation. Surya is led to the spiritual pioneering work of the Russian-born mystic Madame HP Blavatsky, who in the late 19th century revealed to the modern world the existence of World Teacher Maitreya.

Surya experiences the continuity in the transmission of the ageless esoteric knowledge and wisdom, from ancient days up until now. She opens the door to the future by introducing her readers to Sun-master Maitreya, Sun-consciousness, Sun-knowledge, and the Age of the Sun. She makes the pioneering suggestion that human beings can transform and renew planet Earth when they attune with and apply the Sun's energies, while also accepting the Sun-principle of giving and sharing.

This inspiring, true story of Surya Green's awakening to Sun-consciousness and her subsequent spiritual transformation, her close and profound association with Sri Swami Purna and her recognition of Sun-master Maitreya, as well as her meetings with remarkable spiritual personages, is written in flowing, down-to-earth English. The book reads like a novel.

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Before dawn I woke up for no apparent reason. Lying there in the dark, I realized with a startle that I was not alone.

Turning on the table lamp, I noticed nothing unusual and switched it off again. The sensation persisted that somebody or something was in the room. What force had entered here? A powerful presence, invisible but ever so real, surrounded me. On all sides I felt an extraordinary calm which, at the same time, was alive with such an intensity it became virtually tangible. It embraced me, revitalized and uplifted me, letting me recognize my own smallness, a tiny piece of a much larger whole. Here was another intimation that beyond what we see with our eyes there exists a greater reality.

Totally awake, I was directed by a wondrous impulse to go outdoors. Quickly making myself ready, I left my room. In the street I wondered where I was heading at that early hour. What was I doing? A bright light flashed in the darkness. It happened so fast. What was it? The afterglow stayed at my third eye. My feet started to move as if they had a mind of their own. Breathless, I hastened through the pre-sunrise streets while around me swelled a chorus of birds, greeting the new day. Aah, now I knew where I was being guided. Turning a corner I saw, spread out in front of me, the sea.

By the water, an unusual high-pitched tone seized my attention. At that very second, the first ray appeared. Has the sunrise a sound? The rays multiplied as the sun rose magnificently into full view. My excitement mounted while the brilliant disk grew with awe-inspiring beauty.

As I continued looking, engrossed in the glorious spectacle, the sun took on the features of a face! Transparent, all radiance. Then the sun became a mirror, for the face now looked very much like my own, only infinitely more luminous. Light flooded me and joy pulsed through every cell of my body.

There had to be a meaning to this and a purpose, a firm conviction assured me. Were answers to my lifelong questions finally being supplied? I was so grateful.

At the guesthouse, just as I was about to enter my room, Sivadass came out of his. I always encountered him when I needed to talk. 'You look radiant,' he remarked.

I've just had a meeting with the sun!' I blurted out….

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Ram Dass
Ram Dass, spiritual teacher
Surya is, of course, a fine writer and I hope her book will be made available to the wider public.
Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan
b>Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, Sufi master
Very interesting personal logbook of a pilgrim culling any possible clue to a higher wisdom.
Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi
Rabbi Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi, New Age pioneer
Traveling with Surya Green will help you to wake up and see you are a member of the sun family.
Irina Tweedie
Surya Green's mystical experiences are the real stuff of the soul, and she has the power to express them in words. It is wonderful she has written this book. Whatever can increase faith in the world is precious, a gift of God. Her book will serve a lot of people.
—(Irina Tweedie, author of Chasm of Fire and Daughter of Fire)
Surya Green
The Sun is shining stronger in this 11th year of peaked solar storm activity, and more people are experiencing this fact, finding our Sun to be brighter, harder to look at. All over the world there have been unusual increases in hot sunny temperatures, even off-season. To some observers the Sun's colors are changing, and scientists are busy measuring the Sun's "heartbeat" and "singing sound". There is definitely something going on under the Sun.

According to me, we on planet Earth are heading towards a global Age of the Sun. I envision this as a new time in which human beings will consciously benefit from the Sun's renewing energies, both physical and spiritual. The planet will be transformed and renewed by solar energy.

My gratitude goes to the Sun for having awakened me to this positive vision of the Earth's sunny future. To share this positive vision with others, I wrote The Call of the Sun. I am grateful to the publishers who first brought out the book, but it is fitting that the edition is now solely in the hands of the non-profit foundation Sun Conscious.

Sun Conscious maintains that Sun-knowledge has to be shared in the same manner that the Sun shines for everyone. This principle enables all people regardless of their race, skin color, religion, sex, age, social status, ethnic background or economic situation to have equal access to the Sun's energy.

To help the foundation carry out its work in the world, I am happy to waive royalties and to have book income used to transmit the Sun-revelation.

Also, I thank all online bookshops which have given Sun Conscious the opportunity to offer The Call of the Sun to the reading public. In advance I thank any readers who will be in touch with Sun Conscious about their own Sun-experiences. The Global Age of the Sun begins with each one of us becoming conscious of the Sun's deeper message and meaning.

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Call of the Sun: A Woman's Journey to the Heart of Wisdom 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago

I recommend everyone to read The Call of the Sun written by Surya Green. The Call of the Sun is the enthralling story of a woman on her way to true spiritual attainment. With great journalistic acumen and veracity, she sets out to learn from spiritual leaders all over the world. As a reader you will feel humbled by all the writer has to endure in order to persevere in her aspirations. Never does she succumb to worldly pleasures that, especially with an impressive academic background like hers, would have been ready at hand at all times.

This book can be a real Sun-eye-opener motivating you to go further in your spiritual unfoldment. For those of you who are however merely interested in good reading: Suryan style (as referred to by some) reads pleasantly and clearly stems from an amazingly talented writing mind and soul.

I have had the great honor and pleasure of spending many quality hours with the writer and have experienced that here is a woman who not only writes about spirituality but also over the years has come to the point where she truly lives the Words.