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4.8 9
by Jeannette Angell

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Professor by day, callgirl by night - a true story Jenny is left penniless by an ex-boyfriend and, in order to make ends meet, she finds herself juggling two lives - respected college-lecturer by day and $200-an-hour high class callgirl 'Tia' by night. Tia's clients range from the pitiful to the downright disturbing: there's the man obsessed with wearing her underwear


Professor by day, callgirl by night - a true story Jenny is left penniless by an ex-boyfriend and, in order to make ends meet, she finds herself juggling two lives - respected college-lecturer by day and $200-an-hour high class callgirl 'Tia' by night. Tia's clients range from the pitiful to the downright disturbing: there's the man obsessed with wearing her underwear, the client who wants her to pretend to be his mother and the punter who gets his kicks from inflicting pain. Tia is paid to fulfil all kinds of desires. Despite her madam's protection, Tia is drawn into a world of increasing danger, trying to dodge undercover cops, resist the temptation of drugs and, most of all, avoid falling in love with the wrong man. As Jenny juggles the twin roles of professor and prostitute, the eventual strain of keeping her life secret from friends and family forces her to re-examine everything - before her two worlds inevitably collide!

Editorial Reviews

http://www.jeannetteangell.com/index.php?page=reviews - Phyllis M. Potter
"Both academically and professionally, this author knows her subject -- and that is what makes this account of her three years as a $200-an-hour Boston call girl worth the read. Angell provides an intelligent, well-articulated perspective that challenges established assumptions."
Kirkus Reviews
"An engrossing, no-holds-barred story of a college lecturer by day and a callgirl by night."
The Blue Iris Journal - Claire Krulikowski
Prior to writing Callgirl, Jeannette Angell had been writing fiction, with four books published in the last 10 years. In Callgirl, though, Angell breaks the mold to share a true, personal story with insight, grit, humor, and a fine writer's expertise of the three years when she was teaching courses at universities in Boston during the day and working as a call girl at night.
Callgirl is an intimate glimpse into a world not many people, least of all the clients, has ever seen or understood.
Review - Publishers Weekly
"The characters who populate this tour are often sympathetic, as is Angell, though her repeated assurances sometimes ring hollow in the face of her after-hours job's drug use, abuse and manipulative behavior."
The Austin Chronicle - Shawn Badgley
"Callgirl will likely explode onto the book-club network."

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Jeannette Angell is a novelist, playwright, short story writer and poet. She is a member of the National Writer's Union, the Author's Guild, and the Dramatists' Guild. Jeannette is a founding member of the prestigious Commercial Street Writers Workshop.

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Callgirl 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ms. Angell's book is a fast read done in a style that makes you feel as if you are listening to a friend over coffee. I found her insight into the profession reflective of what I had learned from interacting with those involved in prostitution. She manages to not only give insight on the impact and meaning of the career to her, but also to others who participated for reasons of their own. An excellent study of both the professionals and the clients involved in the business.
Guest More than 1 year ago
From this book I received a finer appreciation for callgirls and for the services they provide. They think deeply about the ethical issues involved in their worrk, and they strive to give the best possible performance possible. Angell could have been clearer in her contrasting callgirls to hookers. In the final analysis, what is the difference between the two? She never adequately answered that question. Her description of her different relationships captivated me. In parfticular, her relationship with Sophie was very forceful. That was a turning-point for her, helping her to realize what could happen if she wasn't careful. She was able to finally disengage from Sophie, and eventually leave from the escort service. As a result of her three year stint with Peach, she became more perceptive, and better able to teach. She also talked about mens' gullibility, how her clients believed all the compliments she gave them. Men need to be stroked. Men need to be told repeatedly that the world revolves around them. Women who understand this fact are adored by men. Angell admitted to her own gullibility, most poignantly with the Pakistani Harvard student named 'Kai' who seduced her into having sex with him free of charge. Kai's performance was sensational, and Angell fell for it. She deserves a lot of credit for giving a belanced portrayal of herself, both as callgirl and professor.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Callgirl is no ordinary tell-all book, and Jeannette Angell no ordinary writer. The French-born author - who earned her Master of Divinity degree at Yale and her doctorate in social anthropology from Boston University - had just begun a new semester teaching a series of college lectures when a live-in boyfriend vanished, wiping out her bank account and prepaid salary. Boston's rent wasn't cheap, and she needed money, fast. She answered an ad by a mid-level escort service, and spent the next three years working as a $200-an-hour Boston callgirl by night and university lecturer by day. Callgirl is a studious account of those years and a behind-the-scenes look at one of America's most mysterious and misunderstood professions. Callgirl also takes a thought-provoking look at a common assertion - that men who employ prostitutes are normal but the women who engage in the trade are not. Angell successfully breaks down many stereotypes in a page-turning memoir one won't easily forget.
Guest More than 1 year ago
On Saturday I promised myself that if I finished a chore, I would get to start reading CALLGIRL, sitting brand new on my shelf. Chore done, I opened the book¿and couldn¿t put it down. A cliché come true. I finished that night before bed. The author¿s first-hand, frank account of the escort trade, of the business aspects and the intriguing characters and the risks and rewards, would by itself be riveting reading, but what adds unique depth is the interweaving of a second world, the one in which the author is a respected college professor who teaches, among other things, a course on prostitution. The author, who is now a writer and wife, makes it clear she has no regrets for her past ¿other¿ life, and presents cogent arguments to legalize prostitution. The following day, I gave the book to my wife. She couldn¿t put it down either.
Guest More than 1 year ago
An excellant story of an academic over achiever that justifies leading a double life to pay the bills until that permanent professorship is garnered. Wrestling with the internal arguement of 'I like sex so why shouldn't I get paid for it?', Jen spins a well crafted tale of how an intelligent 'good girl' can lose her bearings when the money, drugs and alcohol come easy and the 'clients' are upper middleclass. Whether the realization that an arrest will destroy her 'real' career or relationships are doomed to failure when your part-time job is the oldest profession, Jen breaks away and puts the 'nightlife' behind her. Tantalizing, intriguing, informative, factual and emotional are just a few of the words to describe it and, Ladies, if you want to know what your man's fantasies are, this should be your handbook.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Call Girl' is a story more women could tell than just Jeannette Angell - if only they had her literary skill and her backbone! As a baby boomer, I myself got through my first university degree as a topless dancer in Boston's 'Combat Zone' and I'm only sorry I didn't know about the escort option! I was making $25 a night - a very long night - while Angell was pulling in $140 an hour. If we would all admit it, there are many women, both educated and not, both beautiful and not, who have taken up some form of sex working because of the money, the hours and the skill set. The demand by men is only exceeded by their hypocrisy. Given opportunities to make decent money with flexible hours, many of us might have welcomed greater professional choice. But not all of us can create a magical reading moment out of the experience. I read 'Call Girl' over a vacation weekend, and could hardly put it down. Her witty client sketches, her honest grappling with the contradictions of teaching at a prestige university during the day while being a prostitute at night and her frank approach to all the implications for her life made for a super read. I particularly admired her lack of self-pity when a rascal ex-lover absconded with her bank account leaving her to find her own solution. As a much published writer, Angell's prose is as smooth and slick as the charm with which she handled clients. In today's judgmental and repressive society, I recommend you buy this for all your friends as a holiday gift, to both educate and entertain them.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Callgirl was a Good Read, and it was hard to put down. I'd not read anything like this before, so it was interesting, and sometimes kind of disgusting at the same time. As I read it, I kept thinking, 'what would the writer's mother think, of this part time callgirl job?' Trying to put myself in the author's shoes was difficult to do. I don't think the book was written as porn or erotica material. It didn't even read as a book with 'shock value.' Assuming it is truly a non-fiction book, makes it even more interesting. It left me thinking several things. First of all, the author writes a good book. It kept me reading until I was done. And then I kept thinking as the story went on, 'I sure hope my daughters would never have to go this route in life.' All in all, a good read. I will read a future book that Angell writes, simply because this book, was so readable.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jeannette Angell has out done herself with the creation of CallGirl. Not only was this book thouroughly researched - it is a can't put it down page turner that leaves the reader wondering what Jen's/Tia's next call will be. Will she get hurt physically or emotionally? Will the law catch up with her? Will her academic colleagues discover her secret life? Will she ever feel that she is a real person and find true happiness? CallGirl makes the readere also think about a touchy subject - should prostitution be legalized or not? Angell proves that escort services are far more safer for the CallGirl as well as her customer. I repeat -you go girl!! I can't wait to read Madam!!!!!!!!! S.J. LeMonde'
Guest More than 1 year ago
Opraph exposed it all. The lies, deceit, education, etc. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. I've read a novel called LUST OF THE FLESH by Beverly Rolyat. I'm sure readers everywhere will enjoy this pageturning novel.