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Children's Literature - Joyce Rice
The name Camaro was taken from a French word meaning "companion" or "pal." It was designed by Chevrolet and first built in 1966. Many people thought the Camaro was designed to copy the Ford Mustang, introduced just two years earlier, but Chevrolet actually built the Camaro to replace the Corvair. The fastest Camaro, the Z-28, was built in 1967 and 1968. Because these cars could go up to 150 miles per hour, they were not sold to the public. Most of the Z-28s were sold for professional racing. The "Great American Muscle Cars" series is a perfect choice for reluctant readers whose interest in cars has been awakened, but whose reading skills may be still developing. The 24-page book covers the history, design and performance of this well loved car.

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Gareth Stevens Publishing
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Great American Muscle Cars Series
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7.62(w) x 7.40(h) x 0.29(d)
Age Range:
6 - 9 Years

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