The Cambridge History of English Literature, 1660?1780 / Edition 1

The Cambridge History of English Literature, 1660?1780 / Edition 1

by John Richetti

ISBN-10: 1107604591

ISBN-13: 9781107604599

Pub. Date: 02/29/2012

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

A collaborative account of eighteenth-century writing in all its genres and forms.  See more details below


A collaborative account of eighteenth-century writing in all its genres and forms.

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Cambridge University Press
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The New Cambridge History of English Literature
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Introduction John Richetti; Part I. Literary Production and Dissemination: Changing Audiences and Emerging Media: 1. Publishing and bookselling, 1660–1780 James Raven; 2. The social world of authorship, 1660–1714 Dustin Griffin; 3. Popular entertainment and instruction, literary and dramatic: chapbooks, advice books, almanacs, ballads, farces, pantomimes, prints and shows Lance Bertelsen; 4. Novels on the market William B. Warner; Part II. Literary Genres: Adaptation and Reformation: 5. Restoration and early eighteenth-century drama Harold Love; 6. Dryden and the poetic career Steven Zwicker; 7. Political, satirical, didactic and lyric poetry (I): from the Restoration to the death of Pope J. Paul Hunter; 8. Eighteenth-century women poets Paula Backscheider; 9. Systems satire: Michael Seidel; 10. Persistence, adaptations and transformations in pastoral and georgic poetry David Fairer; 11. Political, satirical, didactic and lyric poetry (II): after Pope John Sitter; 12. Drama and theatre in the mid- and later eighteenth century Robert D. Hume; 13. Scottish poetry and regional literary expression Fiona Stafford; Part III. Literature and Intellectual Life: The Production and Transmission of Culture: 14. History and literature, 1660–1780 Karen O'Brien; 15. A preliminary discourse on philosophy and literature Michael Prince; 16. British and European literature and thought Jeffrey Barnouw; 17. Religion and literature Isabel Rivers; 18. Literary criticism and the rise of national literary history Lawrence Lipking; 19. Augustan England and British America William C. Dowling; Part IV. Literature and Social and Institutional Change: 20. The eighteenth-century periodical essay Robert De Maria; 21. Public opinion and the political pamphlet R. A. Downie; 22. Sentimental fiction: ethics, social critique and philanthropy Thomas Keymer; 23. Folklore, antiquarianism, scholarship and high literary culture Robert Folkenflik; Part V. Literary Genres: Transformation and New Forms of Expressiveness: 24. Personal letters Patricia Spacks; 25. Diary and autobiography Stuart Sherman; 26. The Gothic novel Terry Castle; 27. Eighteenth-century travel literature Carole Fabricant; 28. Women novelists, 1740s–1780s Felicity Nussbaum; 29. Burke and the uses of eloquence: political prose in the 1770s and 1780s Frans de Bruyn; Part VI. Conclusion: 30. More is different: literary change in the mid- and late eighteenth century Clifford Siskin; Chronology; Biography.

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