The Cambridge History of Spanish Literature

The Cambridge History of Spanish Literature

by David T. Gies

A comprehensive and stimulating history of eleven centuries of Spanish literature, now in paperback.See more details below


A comprehensive and stimulating history of eleven centuries of Spanish literature, now in paperback.

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Table of Contents

Part I. Introduction David T. Gies; Part II. History and Canonicity: 1. Literary history and canon formation Wadda Ríos Font; Part III. The Medieval Period: 2. Medieval Spanish literature in the twenty-first century John Dagenais; 3. Beginnings Maria Rosa Menocal; 4. The poetry of medieval Spain Andrew M. Beresford; 5. Medieval Spanish prose James Burke; 6. The medieval theater: between Scriptura and Teatrica Charlotte Stern; Part IV. Early Modern Spain: Renaissance and Baroque: 7. Renaissance and Baroque: continuity and transformation in early modern Spain Jeremy Robbins; 8. Religious literature in early modern Spain Alison P. Weber; 9. Renaissance poetry Julian Weiss; 10. Antecedents of the novel in sixteenth-century Spain E. Michael Gerli; 11. Miguel de Cervantes Anthony J. Close; 12. The making of Baroque poetry Mary R. Gaylord; 13. The development of national theater Margaret Greer; 14. Lope Félix de Vega Carpio Victor Dixon; 15. Pedro Calderón de la Barca Evangelina Rodríguez Cuadros; 16. Didactic prose, history, politics, life writing, convent writing, Crónicas de Indias Jorge Checa; Part V. The Enlightenment and Neoclassicism: 17. Spain and enlightenment Philip Deacon; 18. Eighteenth-century neoclassicism Philip Deacon; 19. Eighteenth-century prose writing Joaquín Álvarez Barrientos; 20. Eighteenth-century poetry Joaquín Álvarez Barrientos; 21. Neoclassicial vs. popular theater Joaquín Álvarez Barrientos; Part VI. The Forging of a Nation: the Nineteenth Century: 22. Romanticism in Spain Derek Flitter; 23. The theater in Romantic Spain David T. Gies; 24. Martino José de Larra Gregorio C. Martín; 25. Romantic poetry Susan Kirkpatrick; 26. Romantic prose, journalism and Costumbrismo Michael Iarocci; 27. Benito Pérez Galdós Harriet S. Turner; 28. The realist novel Stephen Miller; 29. The naturalist novel Stephen Miller; 30. The theater in post-Romantic Spain David T. Gies; 31. Poetry in the second half of the nineteenth century María Ángeles Naval; Part VII. The Modern, Modernismo, and the Turn of the Century: 32. Nineteenth-century women writers Lou Charnon-Deutsch; 33. The Catalan Renaixença Joan Ramon Resina; 34. Great masters of Spanish modernism Nil Santiáñez; 35. The poetry of Modernismo in Spain Richard Cardwell; 36. Modernism in Catalonia Joan Ramon Resina; 37. Modernist narrative in the nineteen-twenties C. A. Longhurst; 38. Noucentisme Joan Ramon Resina; 39. Ideas, aesthetics, historical studies Nelson Orringer; 40. The Catalan avant-garde Joan Ramon Resina; Part VIII. Twentieth-Century Spain and the Civil War: 41. Poetry between 1920–40 Enric Bou; 42. Prose: early twentieth century Nigel Dennis; 43. The commercial stage, 1900–36 Dru Dougherty; 44. Theatrical reform and renewal, 1900–36 Dru Dougherty; 45. Federico García Lorca Andrew A. Anderson; Part IX. In and out of Franco Spain: 46. The literature of Franco Spain, 1939–75 Michael Ugarte; 47. Twentieth-century literature in exile José María Naharro Calderón; 48. Prose in Franco Spain Janet Perez; 49. Poetry in Franco Spain Guillermo Carnero; 50. Theater in Franco Spain Martha Halsey; 51. Film censorship under Franco, 1937–75 Marvin D'Lugo; Part X. Post-Franco Spanish Literature and Film: 52. Spanish literature between the Franco and post-Franco eras José Carlos Mainer; 53. Post-Franco poetry Juan Cano Ballesta; 54. Post-Franco prose Brad Epps; 55. Post-Franco theater Sharon Feldman; 56. Spanish literature and the language of the new media Susan Martin-Marquez; Bibliography.

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