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Cameo and the Highwayman

Cameo and the Highwayman

5.0 4
by Dawn McCullough-White
The land of Shandow is a place of arctic cold. It was the scene of the bloody revolution, and is the location of the item Cameo's master wants so badly.

In the dark of winter a vampire lies in wait...

...Opal is unable to run from his past... and Cameo must make a choice that will cost her the last shred of humanity she has left.



The land of Shandow is a place of arctic cold. It was the scene of the bloody revolution, and is the location of the item Cameo's master wants so badly.

In the dark of winter a vampire lies in wait...

...Opal is unable to run from his past... and Cameo must make a choice that will cost her the last shred of humanity she has left.

Book Two in The Trilogy of Shadows

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Trilogy of Shadows Book 2 , #2
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Meet the Author

Dawn McCullough-White writes dark, urban fantasy and is the author of the Trilogy of Shadows series. Book One "Cameo the Assassin" and Book Two "Cameo and the Highwayman" are currently available in paperback and on Nook. Dawn lives in Rochester, NY with her husband and son.

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Cameo and the Highwayman 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Jaidis More than 1 year ago
I recently finished reading the first book in the Cameo series, Cameo and the Assassin, and had to immediately jump into the next book in the series, Cameo and the Highwayman, wanting to know what was going to happen next. The second books picks up where the first left off and continues to move at the same great action packed pace. Opal, the highwayman, is drawn to Cameo and almost instantly falls for her and yearns for her affection in return. Cameo slowly comes around to the idea, wanting to have the companion that she has desperately longed for, but knows that her feelings for others can only be used against her. As the story progresses, Cameo is taken captive by another vampire, Edel, who was created by the same vampire Haffef. While Cameo is trapped with Edel, Opal's true identity is revealed and his main concern is not that he will surely be killed for his past, but that he will lose the affection of Cameo. Through the twists and turns of the story, Cameo and Opal both come to the realization that they are broken and well suited for each other. I can only hope that Dawn McCullough-White will continue the Cameo series, and this reviewer will be one of the first in line to continue on Cameo's journey with her!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
sunshinejenn03 More than 1 year ago
Sometimes I get lucky and get two 5-star books in a row. This is one of those times. Cameo the Assassin sets the backdrop and begins weaving a story. In Cameo and the Highwayman, Ms. McCullough-White masterfully executes a follow-up that expands exponentially on the first. It's twisted, it's dark, it's witty and it's written to keep you reading. The plot is engaging and fast-paced, making it incredibly difficult to put down. Most of all, it is FUN. I finished this book in just over 24 hours. Cameo continues to long for a piece of herself stolen long ago: her humanity. She has a hard time reconciling with herself that she may not be the monster she's always thought she was. She reiterates every now and then, that she "doesn't kill everyone" she comes across. Opal, for all his selfish, materialistic ways, certainly is a more complex character than originally led to believe. While I really liked him in the first book, I loved him in this one. His dark humor and vanity often made me giggle out loud and frankly, he's a charming sort of person. Who doesn't like charming?! He's obviously uncomfortable returning to Shandow...who was he before his life as a highwayman with a penchant for fine clothes, jewelry, women and drink? Kyrian surprised me...in a good way. The book is not religious, or at least I didn't get any overly-religious vibes, and yet, Kyrian mysteriously is a more powerful entity than I anticipated. He's genuinely a good person, which seems to be in direct conflict with Black Opal, a fact that does not go unmentioned on several occasions (and often provides for entertaining repartee between he and Opal). And while he doesn't necessarily voice his disdain for the misdeeds of his little ragtag group, it's obvious he is uncomfortable with the crimes they've committed. Yet that doesn't make him like them any less or deter him from trying to exert a positive influence. Edel the Vampire seems much like Cameo; frustrated with what was taken from him, and determined to spend his eternity battling his vampiric ways. He's moody, stubborn, good-hearted... It's obvious in his treatment of Chester, his zombie servant, that he loves him so inexplicably (at least until he explains why). Edel seems bent on "saving" Cameo, yet Cameo is not someone who wants to be saved, I think. The only person who can save her is herself and this is her journey of self-discovery after years of feeling dead inside. And Jules...Jules! I'm not sure yet what to make of Jules, except - I think he's unsure of himself and what he wants. He's obviously lived his life serving others and now that he's free of Wick, he doesn't know what to do with himself. Does he really hate Cameo as he always implies? I don't think he does, but there is always time to prove me wrong. This series has certainly taken me on a journey I did NOT expect, from the very beginning. The characters are so intriguing, the plot is just fantastic and I can't get enough. It's action-packed and quick and if you haven't heeded my recommendation yet to grab these up, get to it! You will not be disappointed.
JEJohnson More than 1 year ago
An excellent follow up to the first book in the series, Cameo the Assassin. In this installment, Cameo's story continues right where it left off in the first book. There seems to be less action as this story begins, but the reader learns more about the main characters involved, especially Black Opal and the past he would like to forget. Although this part of the story is a bit darker and calls upon our protagonist to make greater sacrifices, the author continues to develop her characters and leaves the reader longing to learn more about them (I personally would like to know more about Kyrian and what role he will ultimately play). I eagerly look forward to the next installment in the Cameo books and am keeping my fingers crossed that the sacrifices made by our main characters will pay off in the end.