Camp Skin Graft ! Now Wave

Camp Skin Graft ! Now Wave


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Skin Graft Records


  1. My Name In Italics  -  Browns
  2. Missouri Twist  -  U.S. Maple
  3. Demonic Velocities  -  Flying Luttenbachers
  4. Plague of Frogs  -  Lake of Dracula
  5. Skeleton King  -  Yona-Kit
  6. Riddler 5  -  You Fantastic!
  7. Zombie Tube  -  UFO or Die
  8. The Beeper Gets Digested  -  Zeek Sheck Care Co.
  9. You're Just To Scared, Boy  -  Telepath
  10. Nande  -  Shakuhachi Surprise
  11. Zoo, No Vacancy  -  Strangulated Beatoffs
  12. Satan's Pool Party  -  Monitor Radio
  13. Insouciance  -  Monitor Radio
  14. Bewilderbeast  -  Flossie & The Unicorns
  15. Chewing Gum From Outer Space  -  Shorty
  16. Mitzy Lodge  -  Shorty
  17. One, Two, Many  -  Zzzzz
  18. Filet of Nod  -  Denison-Kimball Trio
  19. Framed  -  Denison-Kimball Trio
  20. Hydromasgroningem  -  Akaten
  21. Iatham's Snipe  -  Akaten
  22. Pikadom  -  Last of SG's
  23. Bye To Bags  -  Last of SG's
  24. S171  -  Mount Shasta
  25. Windshear  -  Quintron
  26. Bug Attack  -  Quintron
  27. 69 Annee Erotique  -  Nood Ham
  28. Tokyo Santa  -  Nood Ham
  29. Flash Fire  -  Tortured Machine
  30. F.O.J.K.  -  Space Streakings
  31. Terminal Hz  -  F-Stein
  32. Unreleased Track  -  F-Stein
  33. Likeness  -  Brise-Glace

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Duane Denison   Guitar
John Forbes   Guitar,Vocals
Jim O'Rourke   Guitar
Stuffy   Synthesizer,Drums
Johnson   Vocals
Bobby Conn   Guitar,Vocals,Rhythm
Thymme Jones   Drums
Captain Insect   Bass,Vocals
Karate Condor   Guitar,Vocals,Vocoder
Jeff Libersher   Guitar
Tatsuya Yoshida   Drums,Vocals
Weasel Walter   Drums
Screaming Stomach   Guitar,Trumpet,Vocals
Kame Bazooka   Guitar,Alto Saxophone,Vocals
Bill Pisarri   Bass
Sudoh Toshiaki   Drums
Darin Gray   Electric Bass
John Dieterich   Guitar
Tim Garrigan   Guitar
Nick Sakes   Guitar,Vocals
Mark Shippy   Guitar
Pat Samson   Drums
Todd Rittman   Guitar
Sasaki Hisashi   Bass,Vocals
Yasuko O.   Vocals
Chris Block   Bass
Chuck Falzone   Guitar
Tabata Mara   Guitar
Emily O'Hara   Bass
Blake Flemming   Drums
Chad Popple   Drums
James Kimball   Drums
Browns   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Electric Guitar
Princess Pandora Stardust   Guitar,Vocals
Pat Frantom   Bass
Jenny White   Bass
Jazuyuki K. Null   Guitar,Vocals
Jason Benson   Drums
Carl Brueggen   Guitar
Todd Lamperelli   Drums
Super Droozi   Guitar
Rika MM   Bass

Technical Credits

Jim O'Rourke   Mastering
Captain Insect   Programming
Miss Pussycat   Management

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