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Can America Survive?: Startling Revelations and Promises of Hope
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Can America Survive?: Startling Revelations and Promises of Hope

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by John Hagee

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This paperback version of Pastor John Hagee's newest book has ripped-from-the-headlines updates. New material has been added regarding the death of the dollar, a nuclear Iran, and the rejection of Israel. Further, this New York Times best-selling author says the United States is heading into a “Perfect Storm.” Titanic. John F. Kennedy’s


This paperback version of Pastor John Hagee's newest book has ripped-from-the-headlines updates. New material has been added regarding the death of the dollar, a nuclear Iran, and the rejection of Israel. Further, this New York Times best-selling author says the United States is heading into a “Perfect Storm.” Titanic. John F. Kennedy’s assassination. 9/11. John Hagee maintains that these American tragedies all have one element in common: they were unthinkable. And in the opening pages of his newest book, Can America Survive? Hagee uses these tragedies to prove two points: that the unthinkable can happen and, given the right conditions, the unthinkable can quickly become the inevitable.

In Can America Survive? Hagee asserts that the seeds for tragedy are once again being sown, evidenced by the disturbing economic, geopolitical, and religious trends that now threaten to dismantle the very nation itself. “Think it can’t happen?” Hagee asks in a theme repeated throughout the book. “Think again.” Indeed, Hagee presents alarming examples of recent events, current research, scientific evidence, and biblical prophecy that are gathering to create a “perfect storm” that could bring down the “unsinkable” United States of America including:

  • The U.S.’s negligent handling of Israel, and history’s evidence of the danger to any nation that challenges Israel’s God-mandated right to exist
  • The dangerous belittling of Iran’s nuclear threat by careless spy agencies—and the super-weapon that could stop the U.S. in its tracks instantly
  • The chilling biblical prophecy that confirms Iran as one of six countries that will form an Islamic military force “as a cloud to cover the land”
  • The real $2.5 trillion price tag of healthcare reform, the international currency shifts, and the national economic trends that are poised to bring about the death of the American dollar
  • The criminalization of Christianity around the world;
Can America Survive? is not just a warning. It is a wake-up call and a rallying cry to Christian citizens everywhere to prevent the next unthinkable American disaster. After all, as Hagee points out, “those who do not remember the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them in the future.” Think it can’t happen? Think again.

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Anatomy of Disaster!

Where were you the day John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas, Texas? If you were alive on planet Earth, you know exactly where you were and what you were doing when Walter Cronkite took off his thick black glasses and announced to America, “John F. Kennedy, president of the United States, died at 1:00 p.m. Central Standard Time.”

He paused and looked again at the studio clock. “Some thirty-eight minutes ago.” The seasoned newscaster momentarily lost his composure, winced, and cleared his throat before resuming with the observation that Vice President Lyndon Johnson would take the oath of office to become the thirty-sixth president of the United States.

The heart of America was broken!

We had been swept up in the dream that was Camelot. We wept as a nation when Jackie walked into the Capitol Rotunda with Caroline and kissed the flag-draped coffin of JFK. His cortege of matched, prancing black horses pulled the caisson past the White House and the Capitol for the final time while John-John saluted his father and our president with a final farewell. It was a tragic and heartbreaking moment in history America will never forget! There is no greater agony of the soul than to live in the wonder of what might have been.

Where were you on 9/11?

What did you feel when you watched radical Islamic terrorists fly hijacked commercial airlines as missiles of death into the Twin Towers in New York City?

What did you feel when you saw fellow Americans jumping to their horrific and gruesome deaths from hundreds of feet in the air in a futile attempt to escape the blazing inferno?

Every living soul was someone’s beloved father or mother, someone’s loving husband or wife, someone’s cherished son or daughter that would never come home again. Their families would forever after gather on special days of celebration—Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries—and look with pain and heartache at their pictures with tearful eyes knowing that the nightmare of 9/11 would never end in their lifetime.

What did you feel as you watched the Twin Towers implode, floor after floor, and in a handful of thundering seconds see concrete, steel, and the lives of three thousand fellow Americans crushed together into an eternal monument of pain and suffering.

Brave New York City firefighters dashed into the blazing inferno and gave their lives trying to save the lives of others. “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends” (John 15:13 NKJV).

They gave their all without hesitation. They died and will forever remain American heroes. We make a living by what we get out of life, but we make a life by what we give. No man was ever honored by what he received. Honor is the reward for what he gave. The New York City firefighters gave their all!

Do you remember American citizens running in terror down the streets of New York City, screaming as a massive mushroom cloud of dust from the Twin Towers filled the air and turned a golden day into darkest night? For the first time since the British burned the White House in 1813, we had been attacked in the continental United States—the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The American illusion of being untouchable by foreign military powers was shattered in a day by the agents of radical Islam. America would never be the same!

It couldn’t happen… but it did happen!


On April 12, 1912, the Titanic raced through the icy waters of the Atlantic trying to set a new transatlantic speed record. This mountain of steel and mechanical genius had been pronounced “the unsinkable ship!”

Minutes before the Titanic struck the iceberg, some of the richest and most powerful people in the world danced the night away, unaware that disaster was imminent and that the Angel of Death was aboard. They would have gladly traded their power and their fortunes for a crude lifeboat, but none was available for the more than 1,500 souls who drowned in the frigid waters of the Atlantic on this night of unspeakable disaster.

The demons of denial pushed the agony and horror off the celebrated ship. Even after striking the iceberg and with the ship sinking by the head and taking on tons of water, Mr. J. Bruce Ismay, president of the company that owned the Titanic, pledged to his powerful passengers: “Not to worry, all is well. This ship is unsinkable and it’s clear as far as the eye can see.”

That message was so desired by the masses that twenty-four hours after the Titanic was at the bottom of the ocean, twenty-four hours after 1,522 souls had slipped into eternity the headlines in the New York paper screamed: “All Saved from Titanic After Collision.”

Telegrams were received reading, “All Titanic Passengers Are Safe!” Another telegram read, “The Virginian Is Towing Titanic into Halifax.” There was a total and complete denial of reality.

It couldn’t happen… but it did happen!

The unthinkable horror became reality.

The unbelievable nightmare was a fact!

How did it happen?

Why did it happen?

It happened because a perfect storm of human error driven by the winds of complacency and overconfidence birthed an unspeakable disaster.

First, the well-known fact that there were not enough lifeboats—because the Titanic was said to be “unsinkable,” which proved to be absolutely false—led to the deaths of many souls.

Second, there was no one to receive the distress signal from the Titanic as it was sinking because all ships closed their telegraph systems at midnight. This maritime law was promptly changed after the Titanic disaster so that all ships at sea would have an operator on duty twenty-four hours a day.

Third, had there been a ship nearby, the Titanic had no red flares that were the international maritime signal for “emergency” or “need help.” The Titanic had only white phosphorus flares used for many things, but never danger.

Think of it!

If they had had but one red flare, the ship California, which was less than ten miles away, might have seen it. It could have come quickly to the rescue and not one life would have been lost. One red flare could have saved 1,522 lives!

Fourth, there were no binoculars available to the watchmen in the crow’s nest staring into the frigid and clear night looking for any sign of danger. When the watchmen spotted the massive iceberg by natural sight, it was too late.

With one pair of binoculars, they could have seen the iceberg in plenty of time to turn the ship away from danger and the certain death lurking beneath the icy water. One set of binoculars could have saved 1,522 lives.

Last, it was customary for all ships to measure the water temperature when in this part of the ocean. Water in the 30-degree range meant icebergs were near. They read water temperature by dropping a canvas bag overboard by rope and reading the seawater with a thermometer. The temperature of the seawater was then entered into the logbook for the captain of the ship to read.

In Senate hearings, it was discovered that the rope that let the canvas bag overboard was too short to reach the water in the ocean. It was too short because this was the largest ship in the world. The crew made a small but deadly miscalculation.

The seaman in charge of taking the temperature of the seawater filled the canvas bag with drinking water taken from the ship. When the captain read the temperature report in the log, there was absolutely no concern of danger.

Think of it!

Fifteen hundred and twenty-two of the most powerful people on the earth could have been saved if the rope had been long enough.

Why do I belabor this point?

Because America, believed to be the most powerful and “unsinkable” nation on the face of the earth, is now racing across the stage of history in a similar perfect storm—this one driven by the winds of political correctness, economic meltdowns leading to the death of the dollar, the rejection of Israel, the maniacal nuclear ambitions of the theocratic dictatorship in Iran, the ten prophetic signs that we are the terminal generation now being fulfilled in Bible prophecy for the first time in world history, and the very real fact that in the near future planet Earth is going to experience, on a specific day, global ecological disaster in which one-third of humanity will die.

Could this specific day be 12/12/12? Before you throw this book into the fire, read the final chapter. The concepts are not mine, but those of St. John on the Isle of Patmos in the book of Revelation.

So the four angels, who had been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, were released to kill a third of mankind.

—Revelation 9:15 NKJV

Think it can’t happen?

Think again!

St. John the Revelator confirms to his readers in all generations that follow him until the end of days …

These words are faithful and true … Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book.

—Revelation 22:6-7 NKJV

America and Western civilization have made and are making a series of serious blunders that are now pushing America in the twenty-first century toward the edge of the abyss. It is far more than a banking crisis!

It is far more than just a credit crunch!

It is a perfect storm that has been brewing for centuries that is about to explode in all its fury affecting the lives of every person on planet Earth.


In America, we are watching the death of capitalism and the birth of European socialism; because of our titanic debt, we are watching the death of the dollar. The birth of nuclear warfare in the Middle East with a nuclear Iran will change the world forever!

We are watching the birth of a shadow government of Czars that are not answerable to Congress and therefore escape the protections of the Constitution of the United States. This is not a government of “We the People.” We are watching the birth of a New World Order where nations surrender their sovereignty and follow a Global Czar that will be the world’s new Caesar. The Bible calls him the Antichrist.

With geopolitical and financial danger signals in abundance the word of absolute denial we get from Washington is “All is well, America is the unsinkable nation, entertain yourselves by shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic while the band plays on.”

Think it can’t happen?

Think again!

Consider the following facts: Our recent credit crisis has revealed that the Federal Reserve, which no one in America controls, has loaned $2 trillion in the span of two months but will not tell us to whom they loaned the money. Who asked for it? Who authorized the loan? You, the taxpayers of America, will most certainly pay for it.

America has ceased to be a producer nation and has become a consumer nation. Think what that could mean in a time of war for our national defense when we have to get what we need to defend ourselves from a nation or nations hostile to the United States.

We have intentionally dumbed down our schools, ignored our history, and no longer teach our students the founding principles of America. Students graduate who cannot read, write, or speak intelligently. A significant percentage do not graduate from high school, thus forever joining the legions of the unemployed and poverty-stricken who will be slaves of the state for life!

America lives under the iron fist of judicial tyranny. Federal judges who are not elected by the people rule over the will of the people after they go to the polls and vote. We do not have a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Why can’t we have the right to vote federal judges off the bench?

The prophet Isaiah writes:

Woe to those who decree unrighteous decrees, Who write misfortune, Which they have prescribed.

—Isaiah 10:1 NKJV

Abortion is an unrighteous decree!

Roe v. Wade has made it possible for 40 million babies to be murdered in the wombs of their mothers. Mother Teresa said, “The nation that kills its unborn has lost its soul.” I agree!

Think about it!

Forty million souls is a river of blood that cries out to God for justice.

Then the LORD said to Cain … “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground. “

—Genesis 4:9-10 NKJV

A new CNN poll finds that 61 percent of Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortion. But we know from comments of top White House officials that the president himself will intervene behind the scenes to make sure that ObamaCare subsidizes abortion on demand. (The poll also found that 63 percent of Americans think that abortion should be illegal in most cases.)1 Let me tell you why Social Security is broken and will remain broken. Abortion!

The Baby Boomers are retiring and there is no “next generation” to pay the tab for Social Security. They have been killed under the banner of the “right to choose.”

This infamous law that celebrates death over life will be one of the principal causes for the death of the dollar! Why? Because capitalism thrives on supply and demand! If there is no demand for a product, the economic engines of America stop!

Fact! There will be no demand from 40 million Americans for new homes, new cars, or college educations. Why? They have been murdered through abortion!

Our universities and colleges are now filled with students recruited from foreign countries. They have no love or loyalty to America. They come from the global community with the “One World” view. They could not care less if America surrenders its sovereignty to the United Nations, and they are here by the millions. Is the big picture coming together?

We have mainstreamed Marxist organizations, like ACORN, which are corrupting the political process of fair and open elections. Even after being caught on film educating prostitutes and their pimps on how to dodge taxation from the IRS and how to run a brothel with underage children, some U.S. congressmen defend this toxic and corrupt organization. Why do they have such a vested interest in the preservation of Acorn?

Why doesn’t someone in Congress call for a full investigation by the FBI?

If there is no confidence in the political process through which we elect our leaders, there can be no confidence in government.


Long before America was founded, the Greeks decided that a democracy could never work. Their logic was that once the citizens discovered they could vote themselves money from the public treasury, their numbers and demands would grow until they outnumbered the financial producers in any democracy, bringing bankruptcy to the state. We are at that point in America! The welfare state has far more voters than those who pay taxes to pay for the demands of the welfare legions.

Washington’s present solution is to tax those who are working day and night and to give it to people who are sometimes social parasites, who are able to work but refuse to do so. It’s a numbers con game where the producers cannot reverse the burden of extreme taxation because the consumers are demanding more … more … more, and Congress, desiring to be reelected, gives them more. What happens when the producers stop producing? What happens when Washington runs out of other people’s money to spend?

Consider the fact that there are about 8 million people in New York City, more or less. The vast majority of all taxes for New York City are paid by fewer than 45,000 people. The New York Post reports that almost two million New Yorkers fled the state over the past decade. They’re leaving for new jobs, lower taxes, and better opportunities. Simply put, the state is in a self-inflicted economic death spiral that won’t be solved by resorting to Albany’s usual tricks.

Anyone who can read a newspaper knows that California is swimming in an ocean of debt.

We have reached a point in our national economy where the consumers outvote the producers and a change from the socialistic concept will not be possible. Remember: the government that’s big enough to give you everything is big enough to take everything from you. You cannot tax your way to wealth. Socialism has failed in Europe and will fail miserably in the United States.

We are facing a nuclear war in the Middle East as Iran threatens to “wipe Israel off the map” and then release a sophisticated series of terrorist attacks against America via sleeper cells which are already here.

Our president has been much tougher on Israel than he has been on either Iran or North Korea, which is launching missiles at will, or Russia, which has bluffed America into backing away from the European missile shield, and Venezuela, whose leader Hugo Chavez never misses an opportunity to demonize America.


Why are we so tough toward our “only friend in the Middle East,” while apologizing for America’s strength before nations sworn to our destruction?

On November 18, 2009, America read this glaring headline: “Obama Calls Israeli Settlement Building in East Jerusalem ‘Dangerous.’ ”

President Obama called it “dangerous” that Israel plans to add nine hundred new apartments to an existing Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem, an area Palestinians hoped to claim as their capital absent a peace agreement with Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that building permits were permitted for construction in Gilo for what would be upscale dwellings in the lower-middle-class neighborhood.

The U.S. administration has roundly criticized the decision to expand the neighborhood, a point of bitter contention for Palestinians who wish to make East Jerusalem, as well as other sites holy to Jews, Muslims, and Christians, part of its capital in the future.2

There is a clear and inconvenient truth about Israel that America and Europe need to remember. That truth is: Israel is a sovereign nation and not a vassal state of the United States. It does not need the approval of the White House or the U.S. State Department to build in its capital city. This land was given to Israel by covenant from God Almighty to Abraham 3,500 years ago and that covenant stands today!

The president of the United States does not have the authority to tell the Jewish people they cannot live in East Jerusalem, their own capital, and/or in Judea and Samaria, where Jews have lived for millennia.


Our health care system is broken, and the government wants complete control over your medical future. Just for good order, let’s review the U.S. government track record for managing mega-corporations. Remember that health care is going to control 20 percent of America’s income. This is HUGE!

  • Medicare … BROKE!
  • Medicaid … BROKE!
  • Social Security … BROKE!
  • Amtrak … BROKE!
  • Health care … you guess!

Dr. Jeffery Flier’s op-ed article in the Wall Street Journal diagnosed the Democrats’ health care “reform” legislation. Here are some key excerpts:

As the controversy heads toward a conclusion in Washington, it appears that the people who favor the legislation are engaged in collective denial … In discussions with dozens of health-care leaders and economists, I find near unanimity of opinion that … the final legislation … will markedly accelerate national health-care spending rather than restrain it. Likewise, nearly all agree that the legislation would do little or nothing to improve quality … Worse, the legislation would undermine any potential for real innovation … by overregulating the health-care system … there are important lessons to be learned from recent experience with reform in Massachusetts. Here, insurance mandates similar to those proposed in the Federal legislation increased total spending.3

In case you’re wondering, Dr. Flier is not on the payroll of some right-wing think tank; he’s the dean of Harvard Medical School.

If the government gets control of the health care system, you can expect long delays for medical treatment. I get calls on a regular basis from friends in Canada, where socialized medicine reigns, asking for my help to get them into American medical facilities.

When you have a deadly cancer attacking your body and you can’t get into a hospital for months, it’s a death sentence.

In recent days, the Wall Street Journal’s website has posted two columns that have exposed the glaring contradictions of the health care policy now being proposed before Congress.

In the first column, Peter Suderman notes that in our federalist system of government the states have been called “laboratories of democracy” free to try “novel social and economic experiments without risk to the rest of the country.” Several states have already experimented with key elements of the proposed health care policy, and the results are not good.

The second column by Peter Suderman, entitled “Obama’s War on Specialists,” was an analysis of how the proposed health care plan will impact any American suffering from heart disease, cancer, or any ailment requiring a specialist. Here is what it said:

Democrats are systematically attacking specific medical fields like cardiology and oncology … trying to engineer a “cheaper” system so that government can afford to buy health care for all … even if the price is fewer and less innovative ways of extending and improving lives … the increase in specialists has tracked advances over 50 years in medical science and technology. Democrats look at these advancements and see only the cost, not the benefits.

Markets are supposed to determine the composition of the workforce, not a command medical economy run out of Washington … Americans might take a different view of health care “reform” if they understood that it means snuffing out the best medicine.

This is a very important point that cannot be ignored. Last year, the director of the Congressional Budget Office told Congress, “In explaining why health costs rose over the past several decades, most analysts agree that the most important factor has been the emergence, adoption and widespread diffusion of new medical technologies and services”4 (emphasis added). Do we want to save money by going back to 1970s technology, by denying MRIs, mammograms for women until they are fifty, and life-saving drugs like the socialized “command medical economies” in Europe?

The Washington Times recently pointed out a new study by the University of Pennsylvania which shows that for the eight most common types of cancer, Americans have dramatically higher survival rates than Europeans. The study indicated, “For all malignancies, the five-year survival rate for men is 66.3 percent in America. In Europe, it is only 47.3 percent. The rate is 63 percent for women in America, but only 55 percent for European women.” The lives these statistics represent are yours and mine!

It’s your life that’s on the line in the health care “reform” being presently considered in Washington, DC.


Our military is breaking down! We are fighting two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, and our economic engines are sputtering. General Stanley McChrystal has asked the president for 40,000 more troops in Afghanistan and as of this date, none has been sent.

U.S. Army Major Nidal Hasan has just murdered thirteen soldiers in cold blood at Fort Hood while shouting “Allahu Akbar” and firing his semi-automatic weapon, injuring thirty more. Military suicides and stress disorders are running off the chart.

Was Major Nidal Hasan a psycho under too much stress or was he a radical Islamo-fascist who was only practicing his faith? In chapter 2, I’ll give you fourteen facts concerning this situation and let you decide.

What is the solution?

Could it be that too few are being required to do too much for too long?

The rights and privileges of veterans are being revoked, and the care of our military personnel is being conducted in rat-infested facilities that are substandard in third world countries. This is not the way to treat our heroes. This is not the mark of greatness.

General McChrystal, who was appointed by President Obama, is credited with capturing Saddam Hussein and killing the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The general told CBS reporter David Martin that he had talked to the president one time in seventy days.

This revelation comes amid the explosive publication of a classified report written by the general that said the war in Afghanistan “will likely result in failure” if more troops are not added next year.

Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John R. Bolton said the lack of communication with the general was indicative of Mr. Obama’s misplaced priorities.5


A portrait of our food supply can be seen on national television with Sean Hannity of Fox News talking to thousands of American farmers who are out of work and cannot produce on their farms because the federal government has turned off the water to save a two-inch minnow that feeds the salmon in Washington State.

Think about it!

Farms in California that are usually lush and green with vegetables now look like a dry and barren desert. Farmers who want to work can’t work because environmental extremists see a two-inch minnow as having more value than human life.

Everyone who eats has an interest in agriculture! Reduced farming will lead to food shortages, food shortages will lead to food fights, rioting, and martial law.


Wake up, America! This is not going to happen … it is happening right now.

Through tax-and-cap and a plethora of other methods to increase your taxation, people will stop working, work less, or lie to the IRS about their taxes to survive. You can’t spend your way to wealth, and taxation shuts down the economic engines of any family or nation.

Simply stated, America’s present economic crisis was caused by widespread greed in government and on Wall Street. That corruption has not been corrected and cannot be legislated out of existence. Our economic future is very uncertain!

Could the reason why America’s financial masterminds are announcing that the financial crisis is over be because they are standing on the crow’s nest staring into the future without binoculars? Lurking just ahead of America and the world, a radical Islamic terrorist attack that could make 9/11 pale by comparison or an attack on several American cities simultaneously that will shake the economic foundations of the nation.


Within the past few days of this writing, the FBI has arrested radical Islamic terrorists making bombs for Denver, Dallas, and New York. Congratulations to the FBI for its fantastic efforts to keep us safe.

The worst nightmare for the intelligence community has become reality: American Muslims going abroad to be trained in the art of terror to return home and kill us as a tribute to their theology of death. Or homegrown radical Muslims like Major Hasan.

Think the unthinkable!

In the near future a nuclear Iran, whose passion is to utterly destroy America and Israel, will have the power to do the “unthinkable.”

The New York Times reports:

The Israelis have argued that there will be little or no warning time before Iran completes building an actual weapon, especially if Iran has hidden facilities. Israeli officials cite two secret programs in Iran, Project 110 and Project 111, the code names for what are believed to be the warhead design programs run by Mohsen Fakrizadeh.

Israeli officials say privately that the Obama administration is deluding itself in thinking that diplomacy will persuade Iran to give up its nuclear program. Even inside the White House, some officials think Mr. Obama’s diplomatic effort will prove fruitless.6

The only thing that can prevent the imminent nuclear attack on America, Europe, and Israel is to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear nation. The best way to win a nuclear war is to make sure it never starts.

America’s government does not presently have the will to face down Iran with the military option. Can it be that Europe and America will stand down and let one of the smallest nations on Earth, Israel, attempt mission impossible to save themselves from a nuclear holocaust and give Western civilization a very brief time to solve the problem?

Think the unthinkable! Think about a day in the near future when you may see a screaming headline on your newspaper: “Nuclear Bombs Crush Seven American Cities!”

Millions dead … chaos reigns.

Think it can’t happen? Think again!

Paul L. Williams, a former consultant to the FBI on terrorism, claims these seven cities as being New York, Miami, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington, DC. He warns that the attacks are planned to occur simultaneously at the seven cities.

Paul Williams indicates “that there is empirical proof that al-Qaeda possesses nukes. British agents posing as recruits infiltrated al-Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan in 2000. In another instance, an al-Qaeda operative was arrested at Ramallah with a tactical nuke strapped to his back.”7

If you are having trouble believing that teams of terrorists maintaining a nuclear weapon in the United States wouldn’t be detected, think about this. Williams reports that there isn’t just one team, but at least seven. They are working with mosques and Islamic centers. In the United States, a federal judge will not provide any FBI or law enforcement agent with a warrant to search a mosque or an Islamic center for any reason since such places are listed as “houses of worship.”8

Intelligence experts believe Iran has developed the technology to unleash an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) designed to be used against America in a time of war.

Here’s what the EMP does. This electromagnetic blanket does not kill people … it kills electrons. In short, it stops every form of electricity instantly and for months, maybe years. Here’s how it could be used against America in warfare.

A fake satellite crossing over America at the height of 280 miles suddenly explodes over the Great Plains of the United States, releasing several pounds of enriched plutonium, blanketing the United States of America with gamma rays. Instantly, in a fraction of a second, all electrical power is cut off, and cut off for months.

No lights or refrigerators will work in your home. Every ounce of food you have will rot in your freezer. Your car won’t work because it starts with electricity. Trucks won’t work, meaning transportation bringing you everything you use will stop. All machinery will stop. The radio and television stations will go off the air. Planes that are in flight will crash because their electronic systems will fail. The missile systems will fail to function. We will cease to be a superpower in a fraction of a second.

The president will not be able to communicate with his military people in the field because the phones will not work. America’s refineries will shut down. There will be no gas and no oil. The gas at the service station won’t be available because those pumps get the gas out of the ground with electricity. Computers won’t work, which means city, state, and government offices will be shut down. There will be a nationwide food and gas shortage within a few days.

You say this can’t happen?

The enemies of democracy are planning it right now! It’s not new. It’s been talked about for decades. Only now, rogue states have the ability to put this weapon to use, and it will happen unless they are stopped by force.

Can Iran do it?

Our government says yes. Iran is presently ruled by a theocratic dictatorship under Ahmadinejad who would be more than willing to use those weapons to destroy America and Israel.

The Congressional Report reads: “Even primitive scud missiles could be used for this purpose (electronic blankets). And top U.S. intelligence officials reminded members of Congress that there is a glut of these missiles on the world market. They are currently being bought and sold for about $100,000 apiece.”9

Think about that!

This great, magnificent, “unsinkable” nation so technically oriented has created an obvious Achilles’ heel: electricity. With one $100,000 missile fired from a used submarine two hundred miles offshore and a few pounds of enriched plutonium exploding over the United States, every form of electricity would stop instantly and for months. In one second, we would be living in the nineteenth century. Military experts believe that Iran would launch this electronic blanket as the opening shot of a nuclear war.

9/11 proved that radical Islam has the will to kill us. When Iran gets nuclear weapons they will have the power to kill us. Headlines that you could read in the near future will be a global game changer: IRAN HAS NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

Think it can’t happen?

It probably already has!

In the following chapter some very creditable people believe it has … everyone except America.

© 2010 Pastor John Hagee

Meet the Author

Pastor John Hagee is the founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, a non-denominational evangelical church with more than 19,000 active members. He is the founder and chairman of Christians United for Israel. He is also the president and C.E.O. of John Hagee Ministries, which telecasts his national radio and television ministry throughout America and can be seen weekly in 99 million homes and in more than 200 nations worldwide.

John Hagee graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, then earned his Masters Degree from North Texas University. He received his Theological Studies from Southwestern Assemblies of God University and an Honorary Doctorates from Oral Roberts University, Canada Christian College, and from Netanya Academic College in Israel. He is the author of twenty-two major books including two New York Times bestsellers.

Pastor John Hagee and his wife Diana Castro Hagee have been blessed with five children and twelve grandchildren.

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I could not put this book down... a friend suggest I read it, and he was right. It is a very good book explaining the book of Revalation in todays language. What to expect and when to expect it. EXCELLANT BOOK.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"can america survive" is a very hard to put down bestseller. pastor john hagee uses very resourcful scripture and some very fasinating research into world affairs showing how america is at a cross roads and this book gives many awnsers to alot of the tough questians for the beliver and the unbeliver I really apprieate this great lookand study into the end times this is truly one of the greatest topics of conversations this will be a great help for me and I will be recamending it to my friends for a possible bible study. great gift idea.
wingtweet More than 1 year ago
It was profoundly welcomed as our nation tetters on the brink of economical disaster. A disaster brought on by none other than, "we the people". America can change and survive, but first, "we the people", must acquire the wisdom by looking back to the blueprints of the intentions of our nations founding fathers. A powerful read that will leave you filled with hope for the future.
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