Canadian History for Dummies / Edition 1

Canadian History for Dummies / Edition 1

by Will Ferguson

ISBN-10: 1894413199

ISBN-13: 9781894413190

Pub. Date: 09/20/2002

Publisher: Wiley

More than 250 Web sites included!

Bone up on the essentials of Canada's history.

Full of great Canadian quotes and quips, this book takes you on a tour of dates, events, leaders, and themes that together tell Canada's story. From the Seven Years' War to the Quiet Revolution, this is your complete guide to Canada's rollicking past. Hang on--it's a wild


More than 250 Web sites included!

Bone up on the essentials of Canada's history.

Full of great Canadian quotes and quips, this book takes you on a tour of dates, events, leaders, and themes that together tell Canada's story. From the Seven Years' War to the Quiet Revolution, this is your complete guide to Canada's rollicking past. Hang on--it's a wild ride!


  • Canada's greatest leaders
  • Why Canada opted for evolution over revolution
  • How Canada became a savvy peacekeeping nation
  • Lesser-known characters from Canada's past
  • That Canadian history rocks

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For Dummies Series
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Older Edition
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Table of Contents

About This Book
How This Book Is Organized
Part I: When Worlds Collide
Part II: The Rise of New France
Part III: The Fall of New France
Part IV: Canada: The Failed Republic?
Part V: The Roads to Confederation
Part VI: The End of "English" Canada
Part VII: Dark Days
Part VIII: Noisy Evolution
Part IX: The Part of Tens
Icons Used In This Book
A Final Note
Part I: When Worlds Collide
Chapter 1: First Nations
People of the Longhouse
* The Great Law of Peace * Romans of the New World * Clan mothers and Faithkeepers People of the North Woods * On the coast * The canoe as Canadian icon * The wild man of the forest * A northern empire
People of the Plains * The buffalo hunt * Waste not, want not * The medicine bundle * The Sun Dance
People of the Pacific Northwest * Of noblemen and slaves * The culture and philosophy of the potlatch * The impact of white society on the potlatch
Caught in between: People of the Plateau
People of the Far North * Northern hunters * Further examples of Inuit ingenuity
Chapter 2: First Contact
The Vikings
The Diffusionists Are Coming!
The Three Big C's * John Cabot and the cod * Cartier's first voyage: Laying claim * Cartier's second voyage: Down the St. Lawrence * Cartier's third voyage: Fake as a Canadian diamond * Champlain to the rescue
The Quest for a Northwest Passage * Fool's gold: The voyages of Martin Frobisher * The lonely fate of Henry Hudson
Rule Britannia! An Empire Founded by Fog? * The two Gs
The Beothuk * Slow death * But was it genocide?
Part II: The Rise of New France (1608-1701)
Chapter 3: The Early Years
Life and Times of Samuel Champlain * Iroquois versus Canadien: The lines are drawn * Coureurs de bois and voyageurs * The first habitant * Company of One Hundred * The Kirke brothers take Quebec * The death of Champlain
Black Robes * Impact of the Jesuits * Ste. Marie Among the Hurons * Apocalypse then: The fall of Huronia * The Canadian martyrs
Meanwhile, Back in Acadia * Membertou: The unsung Father of Acadia? * Argall attacks! * The Acadian Civil War
Chapter 4: Life in New France
Of Myth and Men: The Battle of Long Sault
A Royal Province * Mercantilism and triangular trade * The Great Intendant * The empire strikes back * Filles du roi
Feudalism: Canadian style * The seigneurial system
Church and State * The bishop and the widow * Mere d'Youville and the Grey Nuns
Chapter 5: The Fur Wars
A Northern Shortcut * Voyage of the Nonsuch * Here before Christ
Company of the North * North America's first commando raid * You take the river, I'll take the bay
A Tale of Two Travellers * "The boy Kelsey" * La Salle
Return of the Iroquois * The Lachine massacre * "For God and King!"
Phips and Frontenac * The Frontenac massacres * A monumental clash of egos
Iberville the Swashbuckler * Rampage in Avalon * Hampshire and the Pelican
Peace at Last?
Part III: The Fall of New France (1701-1766)
Chapter 6: Acadia
The Final Conquest of Acadia * The capture of Port Royal * The Iroquois come to Nova Scotia * 1713: The Treaty of Utrecht
Louisberg * White elephant? * A thriving community (in spite of everything)
Acadia: The Golden Years * The neutral French * A landscape transformed: The Acadian dikes
Cold War in Acadia * Warden of the North: The founding of Halifax * The Mi'kmaq resistance * The cold war heats up
The Expulsion of the Acadians * At Grand Pre * The voyages * "A criminal soul"
The Return of the Acadians
Chapter 7: The Conquest
The Shooting Starts * Council at Alexandria * France's Native allies * Early French victories
The Fall of Louisbourg
1759: The Battle for Quebec * Key Players * The British armada arrives * Summer of terror * On the Plains of Abraham
Endgame * Counterattack * Amherst arrives-- finally * The Battle of Signal Hill
Chapter 8: Aftermath
Canada under British Military Rule
1763: The Treaty of Paris
The Pontiac Rebellion * The great alliance * Biological warfare
The Royal Proclamation
Canada under Civil Rule * The birth of English Canada? * An ominous prediction
Part IV: Canada: The Failed Republic? (1766-1838)
Chapter 9: Canada and the American Revolution
The Pot Boils Over * The Quebec Act * "Join us!"
1775: The Invasion of Canada * The capture of Montreal * The siege of Quebec City
Nova Scotia: The Fourteenth Colony?
A Tale of Two Islands * P.E.I.: "Land of the absentee landlord" * Newfoundland: "The neglected outpost"
The Loyalists * the great exodus * The Black Loyalists * New Brunswick: The Loyalist province * The Treaty of Paris (not to be confused with the Treaty of Paris) * The Revolution and the Iroquois Confederacy
Upper Canada is Created * The Constitutional Act of 1791 * The "hyperactive" Father of Upper Canada * Simcoe and the slaves
Into the Interior * The North West Company * Jay's Treaty * "Un homme du nord!"
On the Pacific Coast * James Cook * The Nootka confrontation * Vancouver and Quadra
Chapter 10: The War of 1812
The Lead-up to War * The Louisiana Purchase * Governor Craig's "Reign of Terror" * Overland to the Pacific * "Free trade and sailor's rights!" * A mere matter of marching
The War in Upper Canada * Brock and Tecumseh: "Walking tall" * "Join us!" (Part two) * The capture of Detroit * The capture of York (Toronto) * Laura Secord: "The Americans are coming!"
The War in Lower Canada * The Battle of Chateauguay * The Battle of Crysler's Farm
Along the Seacoast * Shannon and the Chesapeake * Burn, Washington! Burn! * The Battle of New Orleans
So Who Did Win?
Lord Selkirk and the Pemmican Wars
Chapter 11: The Rebellions of 1837
NWC + HBC = Monopoly
Lead-up to Rebellion * Political faultlines * Government by clique
The Rebellion in Lower Canada * Papineau the patriote * The Battle of St-Denis * The Battle of St-Eustache * Les freres chasseurs * "Lord Satan"
The Rebellion in Upper Canada * Mackenzie the muckraker * "Galloping Head" * Montgomery's Tavern * "Remember the Caroline!"
So What Was the Point?
Part V: The Roads to Confederation (1838-1891)
Chapter 12: The Fight for Responsible Government
Lord Durham: Mission Impossible * "Radical Jack" tours the colonies * The Durham Report * "Defeats as glorious as victories" * The Act of Union
Triumph of the Moderates * LaFontaine and Baldwin * The Montreal riots * Joseph Howe and the bloodless coup * United Canada: A report card on unity
Gold Colony: British Columbia Is Born * Fort Victoria: An island toehold * "54.40 or Fight!" * Gold on the Fraser * The Cariboo Road * The hangin' judge * Responsible government? In B.C.?
Chapter 13: The Confederation Waltz
Causes of Confederation * The U.S. Civil War * The impending end of free trade * The railway revolution * Stalemate in the Province of Canada * The great coalition
Blueprint for a Nation * The Charlottetown Conference * The Quebec Conference: 72 Resolutions
Reaction and Resistance * Fenians to the rescue! * The BNA Act is passed * Canada's first separatist movement
The Fathers of Confederation
Chapter 14: From Sea to Sea
Growing Pains * Louis Riel and the Red River Resistance * B.C. comes onboard * The numbered treaties * The Mounties * P.E.I. joins Canada * The Pacific Scandal
The Return of John A. * "Honest Sandy" * The National Policy * The great railway * Mowat and Mercier
The North-West Rebellion * Gabriel Dumont and the return of Louis Riel * Battle of Duck Lake * Poundmaker and Big Bear * CPR to the rescue! * The Battle of Batoche * The execution of Louis Riel
John A.'s Last Campaign
Part VI: The End of "English" Canada (1891-1929)
Laurier: Re-Inventing Canada * The Manitoba School Question * "Peasants in sheepskin coats" * Alberta and Saskatchewan
Klondike Gold * The Alaska boundary dispute * Bernier to Dickens: Canada's northern colony
Canada and the Empire * "An everlasting 'No'" * The Boer War * Free trade and a tinpot navy
Chapter 16: Borden and the Great War
Marching Off to War * "Back by Christmas!" * Enemy aliens * Gas attack at Ypres * Battle of the Somme * Vimy Ridge * Passchendaele * In the air
The Conscription Crisis * Union government * "The Prussians next door"
Canada's 100 Days * Breakthrough at Amiens * November 11
Canada and the Empire: Revised * "Transforming the British Empire" * Canada and the League of Nations * The political impact of World War I: A recap
Chapter 17: On the Homefront
The Labour Movement * One Big Union * The Winnipeg General Strike
The Women's Movement * "The demon rum" * "Hyenas in petticoats" * Angels or equals? * The Persons Case
King the Conciliator * The King-Byng thing * "Not a single Indian remaining" * Pier 21
Part VII: Dark Days (1929-1959)
The Great Depression * "Bonfire Bennett" to the rescue! * On to Ottawa * A deathbed conversion? * "King or Chaos!"
Political upheaval * The red menace * The CCF and the Regina Manifesto * "Bible Bill" * Union Nationale * Mitch and Duff * Federal-provincial relations (yawn)
Chapter 19: World War II
On the Battlefield * Hong Kong * Dieppe * The Road to Ortona * D-Day
On the Homefront * Conscription crisis (part two) * Canada and the Holocaust * Japanese Canadians and the war
Chapter 20: Canada and the Cold War
The Post-War Years * Keynesian economics * "The Man in the Mask" * Displaced persons * The Universal Declaration of Human Rights * The King legacy
Canada as a Middle Power * NATO * Newfoundland joins Canada (or is it the other way around?) * The Indian Act of 1951 * Korea: Canada's forgotten war * Missile trackers amid the tundra * Keeping the peace: The Suez Crisis * Farewell to Uncle Louis
Diefenbaker: Renegade in Power * The 15 percent promise * The Arrow * The Canadian Bill of Rights * Farewell to the Chief
Part VIII: Noisy Evolution (1960-2000)
Chapter 21: The Battle for Quebec
The Quiet Revolution
Pearson: Peacemaker as PM * The Vietnam War: "You peed on my rug!" * Redefining Canada * Canada's flag * The status of women * 1967: The last good year? * "Vive le Quebec libre!" * B&B and "the Three Wise Men"
The Philosopher King * Trudeaumania * The Official Languages Act of 1969 * The White Paper on Indian Affairs * The October Crisis * Multiculturalism: The new ideal? * Bill 22 * The PQ in power * Bill 101 * The Berger Commission * Sleeping with the elephant: The rise of economic nationalism * Joe Who?
Chapter 22: A Charter Country
Round Two * The 1980 referendum * The Constitution Act of 1982 * The impact of the Charter * Western alienation, or "that #%@!*" Trudeau!"
The Trudeau Legacy
Chapter 23: "Yankee Doodle Dandy": The Mulroney Years
"Canada is open for business" * The Shamrock Summit * Free Trade and the GST
On a World Stage * Whose passage? * The last cod
Native Land Claims * James Bay * The Penner Report * The Sechelt Band Agreement * The Lubicon Cree
The Constitutional Can of Worms * "A distinct society" * The Meech Lake Accord * Opposition to Meech * Bill 178 * New kids on the block * A fateful boast * "No, Mr. Speaker" * The Charlottetown Accord
The West Wants In and the East Wants Out
RCAP and the Shoot-Out at the Oka Corral
The Voter Revolt of 1993
The Mulroney Legacy
Chapter 24: Where Do We Go From Here?
The End of Canada? * The 1995 Referendum * Plan B * The Supreme Court ruling * The Clarity Bill
NAFTA: From Eaton's to Wal-Mart?
Native Settlements in the 1990s * The scandal of Canada's residential schools * The Nisga's Agreement * Nunavut
APEC and the Pepper Spray
Hard Right: The Canadian Alliance
Lyin' Jean?
Canada: Still Number One
Part IX: The Part of Tens
Chapter 25: Ten Great Canadian Quotations-- Pre- and Post-Confederation
Chapter 26: Five Importand English and French Pairs
Wolfe & Montcalm
Mackenzie & Papineau
Baldwin & LaFontaine
Macdonald & Cartier
Mulroney & Bouchard
Chapter 27: Ten Important Aboriginal Leaders
Big Bear
Frederick Loft
Elijah Harper
John Amagoalik
Chapter 28: Ten Political Firsts for Canadian Women
Emily Murphy
Louise McKinney
Agnes Macphail
Cairine Wilson
Ellen Fairclough
Charlotte Whitton
Jeanne Sauve
Audrey McLaughlin
Rita Johnston
Kim Campbell
Chapter 29: The Ten Prime Ministers You Need to Know
John A. Macdonald: (C: 1867-73, 1878-91)
Wilfred Laurier: (L: 1896-1911)
Robert Borden: (C: 1911-20)
William Lyon Mackenzie King: (L: 1921-30, 1935-48; with a brief interruption in 1926)
R.B. Bennett: (C: 1930-35)
Louis St. Laurent: (L: 1948-57)
John Diefenbaker: (C: 1957-63)
Lester "Mike" Pearson: (L: 1963-68)
Pierre Trudeau: (L: 1968-79, 1980-84)
Brian Mulroney: (C: 1984-93)
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