Canadian Nursing: Issues and Perspectives / Edition 2

Canadian Nursing: Issues and Perspectives / Edition 2

by Janet Ross Kerr

ISBN-10: 0801662745

ISBN-13: 9780801662744

Pub. Date: 01/28/1991

Publisher: Mosby, Incorporated

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Mosby, Incorporated
Publication date:
Edition description:
Older Edition
Age Range:
18 Years

Table of Contents

1Early Nursing in Canada, 1600 to 1760: A Legacy for the Future3
2Nursing in Canada from 1760 to the Present: The Transition to Modern Nursing11
3Professionalization in Canadian Nursing23
4The Role of the Canadian Nurses Association in the Development of Nursing in Canada31
5The Professional Image: Impact and Strategies for Change54
6Nursing and Feminism67
7Men in Nursing74
8Knowledge Development in Nursing85
9Theory Testing and Theory Building: Research in Nursing105
10Research-Mindedness in the Profession118
11The Financing of Nursing Research in Canada135
12Scope of Research in Nursing Practice146
13Utilizing Research Findings in Practice: Issues and Strategies162
14Quality of Care: Where Have We Come From - Where Are We Going?182
15From Shortage to Oversupply: The Nursing Work Force Pendulum196
16Political Awareness in Nursing208
17The Organization and Financing of Health Care: Issues for Nursing216
18Organizing for Nursing Care: Primary Nursing, Traditional Approaches, or Both?228
19The Practising Nurse and the Law241
20Ethical Issues and Dilemmas in Nursing Practice251
21Emergence of Nursing Unions as a Social Force in Canada268
22Unionism and Professionalism: Conflicting or Compatible Processes282
23The Origins of Nursing Education in Canada: An Overview of the Emergence and Growth of Diploma Programs: 1874 to 1974291
24A Historical Approach to the Evolution of University Nursing Education in Canada: 1919 to 1974306
25Entry to Practice: Striving for the Baccalaureate Standard321
26Collaboration Between Nursing Education and Nursing Practice for Quality Nursing Care, Education, and Research334
27Monitoring Standards in Nursing Education350
28Credentialing in Nursing363
29Developing Specialty Certificate Programs with Credit toward the Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing373
30Distance Education in Nursing: Increasing Accessibility of Degree Programs381
31Primary Health Care: The Means for Reaching Nursing's Potential in Achieving Health for All390
32The Growth of Graduate Education in Nursing in Canada407
33International Nursing: Looking Beyond Our Borders427
34Looking Ahead441

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