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Cancer, Stress, and Death / Edition 2

Cancer, Stress, and Death / Edition 2

by Stacey B. Day

ISBN-10: 0306421879

ISBN-13: 9780306421877

Pub. Date: 04/30/1986

Publisher: Springer US

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Springer US
Publication date:
Edition description:
2nd ed. 1986
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6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.24(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Stress as a Cause of Disease.- 1. Stress, Cancer, and the Mind.- 2. Stress, Hormone Responses, and Cancer.- 3. Stress, the Immune System, and Cancer.- 4. Psychological Factors in the Causation and Course of Cancer.- 5. Recent Biopsychosociological Approaches to Cancer Study in Japan.- 6. The Homeostatic Significance of the Death-Life Cycle Dynamics in Mental Functions.- 7. The Patient as a Communicator.- 8. The Cancer Patient as Educator and Counselor.- 9. Stress, Cancer: Stress Modulation of the Metastatic Process.- 10. Hospice Care in North America.- 11. Advanced Malignant Disease, Pain, Physical Deterioration, and Death.- 12. To Live Cancer with Love.- 13. Anticipatory Grief, Stress, and the Surrogate Griever.- 14. Self-Help and Hubris in Cancer Care.- 15. Stress, Cancer, Death—A Pediatric Perspective.- 16. Models of Group Intervention for Cancer Patients and Families.- 17. Telling the Truth to the Dying Patient.- 18. The Pastoral Physician: Cancer and Psychospiritual Care.- 19. Progress in Biopsychosocial Approaches to Cancer in Northern Europe (Finland).- 20. Early Family Attitudes and the Stress Process—A Life-Span and Personological Model of Host-Tumor Relationships: Biopsychosocial Research on Cancer and Stress in Central Europe.- 21. The Biopsychosocial Way as a Clinical Mode for Handling Critical Disease Problems in Tropical West Africa.- 22. Some Thoughts on the Endemiology of Cancer.- 23. The Introduction of Occidental and Oriental Approaches in Biopsychosocial Medicine.- 24. Discussion.- 25. Death Not the Mysterium Tremendum: A Summary Overview.

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